Nerdy Post-Anniversary box review

Non-nerds might be asking, what is a Nerdy Post box? Luckily for you, I am nerd enough to receive this subscription box as a birthday present (ahem…40th no less) to keep you informed.


Nerdy Post is a subscription box service for paper goods and the like, featuring fandoms from books, TV and movies. Each month, a different theme is created and announced (to know if you should order, or skip the box for that month). Four standard items come in every box:

  • 8.5 x 11 High Quality Print
  • Auto grade sticker
  • Double sided bookmark
  • Color in postcard

along with a few of the following: buttons, mini prints, notebooks, sticky notes, temporary tattoos, koozies, coasters, magnets, lapel pins, etc.

First made aware of NP by discovering its primary designer on Instagram. Alexis creates mesmerizing hand-lettering videos, usually depicting book quotes, with major skill and stunning flourishes. As the 1-year anniversary box themes started being revealed in May, including Hamilton, Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice, I also began dropping hints to family members about what a fun little birthday present it would make. My sister took the bait, ordering before May 31st. The boxes began shipping mid-month and I received mine June 20th. Subscription is $13.95 plus shipping.


I was surprised and freaking delighted to open the box and find the first item was wax melts! I believe it’s the first time wax was included in a Nerdy Post, a good sign that I was going to enjoy the contents.

Not having heard of the NerdWicks brand, I looked them up and found out they operate from Akron, Ohio. We’re practically neighbors! I’ll be checking out more of their fandom-themed merchandise when the shop reopens after the July 4th holiday. 


Salt + Burn- smells like apples, bourbon and Hellfire. This is a reference to the Supernatural tv show. I’ve never watched, sorry, but apparently the ghost hunting hunks use salt to repel spirits and burn corpses. I’m sure it makes perfect sense to SPN fans.

The scent itself is devilishly good. Strong cinnamon red hots, with an infusion of bourbon-soaked baked apples. Well-balanced, the sticky apples aren’t too boozy and give the red hots a spiced bubbling brew to fade into, so as not to overwhelm. The wax felt around .5 oz, so the throw didn’t carry far, but it was enough to know I want more. An absolute future purchase.


The description card explains the contents and symbolism of the items for the month. Very helpful because I didn’t recognize all of the quotes and needed a reference card to parse out what was what.

Each box includes a color-in post card depicting the theme. My enjoyment of coloring and post cards is satisfied here, I’ll have fun making use of it. 


The next items I grabbed came out together. Recognizing the Stranger Things reference, I thought the cloth was just a nod to Lucas’, I’m taking on the bad-guys bandana. Turns out, it was the Harry Potter item that I will get to later.


The waffle coaster featuring the iconic ST quote integrated into the iconic ST symbol made me smile, however, as a functioning coaster, it’s pretty impractical. The print is paper glued over a cork coaster. Because paper wouldn’t last long as cold drink absorption, it must be merely decorative. Maybe I’ll apply a clear glaze to fortify it.


Unrolling the 8.5 x 11 print, I didn’t place the quote immediately, although, it rings similar bells to an MLK quote. The description card lists the origin as the cult favorite show, Firefly. This made me happy because my husband is a Firefly fan and I think the print will fit into his classroom next fall. At the beginning of the year, he assigns each student to select a favorite meaningful quote to present to the class and hang on the bulletin board for the year. As the resident nerd-teacher, a Firefly poster will only help to upgrade this status at school.


The fat bookmark, as it’s called, features double-sided artwork. Horizontally, Star Wars is represented by a Leia-esque stormtrooper surrounded by colorful planets and the Millennium Falcon. I actually consider the simple quote to be very touching, especially since it comes from Annakin’s mother as he leaves her forever. Designed by Ink and Wonder.


The reverse has a vertical quote by the Twelfth doctor, from Doctor Who. I haven’t watched any of the latest installment, but apparently 12 is a less cheeky, more encouraging Doctor than the 11th, who will always be my doctor. I hope to catch up with the series if it returns to Netflix.20170623_180053

Ooh, you know I adore bookmarks and I’m pretty satisfied with these four designs. Left side a. is my favorite, from the Hobbit: “The World is not in your Books and Maps, it’s Out There.”- Gandalf. The great wizard is well-quoted for a reason and I like the sentiment imploring readers to stick the bookmark in the page and remember to get out and explore. The mountainous landscape with fire-breathing dragon artwork created by Sorry for Wasting Paint.

Right side a. quotes the snarky Tony Stark. Iron Man happens to be one of my favorite Marvel heroes. The stylized font reads: “Let’s face it, this is not the worst thing you’ve caught me doing.” Amber recommends readers hold the bookmark in someone’s face if they don’t feel like conversing while reading.


Left side b. I was surprised to see the Pride and Prejudice quote featured Mary Bennet rather than Elizabeth, but I think it encapsulates Mary perfectly and she’d be quite proud to know her words were on a bookmark. Design credit: Her Bookish Things.

Right side b. Lilo and Stitch “This is your badness level, it’s unusually high for someone your size.” It’s been a long time but I do remember an affection for the cute, trouble-making Stitch.

So far, so good with the previous items, but the next few felt a little disappointing:


The left mini-print is a Game of Thrones quote referring to Samwell Tarly. Now I really like Samwell and I understand it’s about getting lost in books, but I was hoping for an edgier, more recognizable, world of GOT design. This one could apply to any bookish character from nearly anything. 

Right mini-print side a. has an old-fashioned book page style, by It’s Laura Crow. A story concerning Moriarty, Sherlock’s nemesis, is featured. Not sure if it’s taken from the BBC show or an artist interpretation, but I’m just not overly excited about a Sherlock item starring Moriarty, worthy villain though he may be.


Above is the Hamilton item that I was looking forward to most. A great quote from the opening number was selected but although the design is flawlessly executed, nothing about it reads Hamilton to me. The coloring is taken from the costumes, but I would have enjoyed an actual costume depiction better, or the iconic black star on gold background. I realize the artists are limited by licensing restrictions and designs can only feature allusions to the work, I just wished for stronger Hamilton allusion here.


Same for the generic design of the Chronicles of Narnia sticker. Who doesn’t love a classic Aslan quote? Again, props for the lettering skills. Unfortunately, the design is lacking any recognizable story characteristics.


I’m undecided on the Harry Potter item. Partially my fault for misreading the teaser clue as saying a journal would be the HP piece. (It was only given in the golden ticket item, randomly placed in a few boxes each month). The design definitely reads Harry Potter, crammed with iconic series symbols, from the horcuxes to Dobby’s sock. I like the print, but can’t see myself wearing it as a hair scrunchie or bracelet. Maybe inspiration will strike as a better use for it, currently it sits on my HP shelf. 


Nerdy post is a good value, this box equaled about a dollar apiece, especially if you are into paper products as I am. My mild rating is for the lack of integration of materials to it’s source inspiration in some cases. The favorites being the wax and the bookmarks, which I already seek out and collect means I probably won’t resubscribe. Nerdy Post also has a t-shirt subscription service, Nerdy Tees, that could be worth checking out. Which of these items would you be most excited to receive?


7 thoughts on “Nerdy Post-Anniversary box review

  1. How cool and different! Maybe clear modge podge over the coaster? It’s too neat not to use or display at the least!
    Very neat that they included a wax melt!! Sounds yummy and almost like a good transition into fall scent.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! That modge podge stuff is what I need. I’m not crafty at all, but I’m sure that could work, thank you. That wax, both scent and design was pretty cool, I definitely need more of that scent for fall. And I love the idea of supporting a business so close to home-I predict you’ll see some more NerdWicks from me. Have a nice week, buddy:)

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    1. GOT sucker as well, I’m stoked for the show to return soon! Those wax melts totally made my day, I laughed out loud that, of course, there were wax melts to be tried:)

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  2. Well, that all looks like a delightful box of nerdery. I clearly LOVE that Stranger Thangs’ coaster. Trying not to get too excited for the new season, even though it’s starting on my wedding anniversary, which is clearly a sign of some kind, no?

    And I love that there was a wax melt in this box – super cool. My husband would be into that – he watched Supernatural for the first few seasons. And yup, sure thing, the boys of Hunkernatural dose their world pretty liberally with salt (apparently a pretty effective anti-demonite.)


    1. It was fun to dig through for pop culture treasures. Super excited for Stranger Things to return here too. You already know I do believe you’re strange for a Halloween wedding /anniv., but awesome too.

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