Birthday Shenanigans: a Golden Girls celebration

Four independent, different-natured, comical, female friends tackle a big city in style and solidarity–There was only ever one possibility for my New York City birthday theme: The Golden Girls.
Did you think I was going to say Sex In the City? Sorry to disappoint, but with all due respect, those aren’t my girls. My history with The Golden Girls is a little bit storied. I sang the theme song constantly when the show originally aired during my youth. As an adult, my close friends and I realized we all adored the show, identified with the characters and quoted it religiously. I would catch the reruns on the Lifetime network occasionally, but it wasn’t until I was 33 and receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer that I really needed The Girls.

Such incredibly talented comediennes.

The night I arrived home after a surgical procedure in 2011, I was in pain, scared, and feeling sorry for myself. Unable to sleep, I settled on a Golden Girls marathon on tv and found myself laughing heartily even though it physically hurt to do so. I was somehow cheered and comforted by these women and the shenanigans they got into during their golden years. I turned to other childhood comforts during my recovery, but watching The Golden Girls became a nearly nightly routine I used to fall asleep. I must have watched every episode at least three times over. Something about viewing these characters gave me hope for the future; I wanted to grow old just to see if I could turn out as fabulously funny as they did!
Fast forward several years to my planned birthday trip to New York City. Thanks to The Golden Girls’ pop culture renaissance, I was able to find some cute themed merchandise on Etsy. Starting with these sticker quotes from ShopMaDesigns featuring sassy sayings from the beloved characters. They were a big hit and got us into the spirit of the show during our first night in NYC.
Personal favorites include:

  • “Why don’t I just wear a sign that says, too ugly to live?” Dorothy to Blanche/Rose.
  • “Eat dirt and die trash!” Blanche to Dorothy (nobody can cut a friend down like these ladies)
  • “Go to sleep sweetheart, pray for brains.” Dorothy to Rose
  • “Remember these sage words: You’re old, you sag, get over it.” Sophia to Blanche
  • “It’s like life is a giant weenie roast and I’m the biggest weenie!” Rose

I put together a few GG themed packages as gifts, too. The simple design of these greeting cards, also from Shop Ma Designs, featuring the iconic character likenesses of Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia grabbed my attention.

For my lovably acerbic “Dorothy” friend who I can’t live without.
For the positive “Rose” I’m fortunate enough to have in my life.
And to my wise friend (and excellent cook) “Sophia”, who I want to be when I grow up;)

You know if I’m gifting, some good smellies must be included. Super Tarts’ Golden Melts wax collection is well-designed and I adore the way each character’s scent turned out.

If you’ve noticed the absence of a Blanche themed gift, I’ll give you three guesses to who is represented by Blanche in my group?? And I don’t want to hear it, because I’m certain the only reason I’m Blanche is because I am the youngest!
Every golden gal wannabe needs her mug of coffee to sip from while dishing around the kitchen table. There’s lots of themed drink ware out there, but I liked the design and Crate and Barrel brand mugs from Pick Me Cups.


Threw in a Goat Milk Soap store bath bomb for good measure.

Stopping short of making character face masks for us to wear; would that have been over-the-top? I wanted to cap off our trip memorably in true Golden Girls fashion. For our last evening, I scheduled a surprise excursion to the Rue La Rue Cafe in upper Manhattan.

Owned by Rue McClanahan’s son and featuring memorabilia from the set of the show, and on throughout Rue’s career; it’s truly a must for Golden Girls aficionados to pay homage to the fab foursome. And it was incredibly cute, with yummy food, staffed by friendly, artistic employees, while the television show played perfectly in the background on a big screen.

The wall of Rue was a treasure. Photo R.H.
Complete with wallpaper from Blanche’s boudoir and the kitchen wall phone.

There was so much more, including many of Rue’s costumes, a stage with piano and every souvenir a diehard fan could wish for; from character bags of coffee, to candles depicting the fabulous four in roles of saints. I’m delighted we were able to visit. It provided a sweet ending to my birthday festivities and our trip.


I plan to stay golden into my forties and beyond:)

9 thoughts on “Birthday Shenanigans: a Golden Girls celebration

  1. This is the sweetest, most well thought out, cutest birthday celebration EVER!!!! I love how detailed and creative you are. It sounds like it was a beautiful birthday and I am so happy you have these wonderful memories now. ❤ May you and your Golden Girls crew have many more adventures in the future!


    1. Thank you, lol. Forty year-olds who have themed birthdays, that’s a thing, right? There was a lot of hustle and bustle during the trip, so it looks more organized than it was during. Credit goes to my husband for finding the restaurant. It was a 35 min ride out, but such a gem! Great memories, thanks again for your kind words:)


  2. You got to visit the Rue La Rue Cafe!? I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! Oh how neat!!! What a wonderful birthday!! I just adore the Golden Girls so this whole post is just incredible.
    I am so glad the Girls were there during the hard times in life to give you that needed positive.
    I also love your creative your themed packages were too!


    1. They were indeed a positive and Golden Girls are just so me, I had to do it. I realized while writing this post that we visited on the anniversary of Rue’s death-it was meant to be, I think. Also, that cheesecake was some of the best I’ve had, I’m not a big cheesecake eater, but again, while you’re at Rue La Rue-you get the cheesecake! Thank you:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, how could you not eat cheesecake!? Ugh, cheesecake sounds amazing now.
        I’ve got in the habit of watching GG almost every afternoon and weekend. It’s just so comforting. I’ve rewatched it now who knows how many times

        Liked by 1 person

  3. The Golden Girls! How wonderful. 🙂 I remember watching it with my parents when I was a kid; how fun, all these sassy old broads living together, eating cheesecake and gabbing! That restaurant sounds so wonderful – I love it when a theme place actually does it up right.

    Ugh, and the little themed wax packages you made up are so stinkin’ cute – what an adorable idea. I like that you’re the Blanche. I think I’d be the Dorothy in any group – quick with the sarcastic, droll comment.


    1. They were some crazy broads come to think of it, but their friendship and support of each other seemed special.
      The Rue La Rue was special too-done up very right, unpretentious and charming.
      You would be the Dorothy! I have an element of her, but my friend who you remind me so much of is the Dorothy, of course:)

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