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Beads of sweat appeared as my hot little hands hovered over our laptop keyboard on Saturday morning. Months of dreaming up fragrance blends, list making and revising all led up to this moment; the Sniff My Tarts 30 minute custom opening.

20170521_080552As a first time custom wax customer, I was anxious about ordering for many reasons, from computer glitches to untested blending skills. Luckily, I wasn’t going into SMT completely nose-blind. My lovely blogger friends shared some of their custom blends, giving me a generous taste of SMT’s scent offerings. I’d also have been much more in the dark if one of my besties hadn’t joined the Facebook group just to keep me updated on the custom news front-that’s friendship! She is very welcome to any of these, assuming they work out.

Order 1: The Spring/Summerish order

8 oz chunk pie:

*Barbershop overpour, Aveda rosemary mint, pink sugar

9 oz muffins:

*Blue Raspberry overpour, Sweet lavender, Cotton candy, Rosemary mint (inspired by a scent from Tori’s Tarts, not sure what the raspberry note was exactly but hoping this comes close)

10 oz No fuss chunks:
*Sun ripened raspberry overpour, fresh basil, spearmint (a collaboration w/my friend for a nice summery blend)

*Salty sea air overpour, Barbershop, Sandalwood

4 oz frosted cookies:

*Japanese cherry blossom, juicy grapefruit, pink cotton candy
*Apricot, swt lavender, angel food cake
*Sugared violets, vbn, blueberry noel (inspiration from Furianne, Liz’s blend)

Single scents:

Pink coconut
Lavender vanilla coconut milk
Vanilla baby powder

You can tell I started devising my customs during Springtime, with lots of herbal mint, floral and current favorite, shaving cream blends. I’m most excited for the chunk combos. I debated between blackberry and raspberry herbal mint, but thought the blackberry I tried was a little soft and might end up overpowered.

Noticing a lack of marine notes in the previous scents, I was overjoyed when Salty Sea Air popped up in the updated list. I have high hopes for that one.


Loved this divine blend of Mango sorbet, Coconut cream pie and Vanilla waffle cone. I would have ordered it too, if I hadn’t pre-ordered the exact same scent from The Fakery Bakery wax, coming in July.

I made two separate orders hoping to get my summery blends sooner and to be less overwhelmed with a monster pile of wax all at once. Time will tell if this method proves successful.

Unfortunately, I made a mistake when transferring my paper list to the online cart and forgot to include my Creamy coconut, Chai tea, Coconut latte blend. A bummer as I really wanted to try SMT’s new Creamy Coconut, also because I planned it with my husband’s scent preferences in mind. I couldn’t get to the second, later time slot opening and thought 3 orders would be a tad excessive.

Order 2: The Fallish/Winter order

8 oz chunk pies:

*Buttercream sprinkles overpour, peppermint swizzle sticks, cream soda

*Marshmallow Fireside overpour, Sweet lavender, peppermint swizzle sticks

10 oz No fuss chunks:

*Barbershop overpour, Dragon’s Blood chunks

*Pie crust overpour, fallen leaves, marshmallow noel (inspired by Super Tarts’ Misery scent, with added mallow)

9 oz muffins:

*Lord of Misrule overpour, sugared violets, pink sugar, vanilla smoothie (inspired by Electric Love by Bonjour Wax Co)

4 oz frosted cookies:

*Cranberry spice, apple cinnamon, whipped cream

*Toasted pistachio, vanilla sugar

Single scents:

Eggnog Bread


The above melt was a Lord of Misrule, peppermint swizzle sticks blend from a friend’s decorated wax cake. Melting it prompted me to include a second swizzle sticks pie. The little snowflake was revealed as the wax melted😊

Though I wanted one badly, I chose not to order a decorated wax cake. I’d rather spend the money on another combination instead, but I’m looking forward to seeing the beauty of these cakes as others receive them.

Now the long wait begins for my creations to be made. So does my summer wax ban, but at least it will be filled with visions of custom scents dancing in my head.

Okay ladies and gents, if any combo catches your eye, I’m very willing to trade for Creamy Coconut!

16 thoughts on “Sniff My Tarts-custom blend list

  1. Oooh, that Cranberry spice, apple cinnamon, whipped cream one sounds interesting! Hope they all turn out as wonderful as you imagined. I did not order.



    1. I hope so too Deb. In my head, they’re perfect, lol! SMT has a crazy amount of cranberry blends, hoping for a sweet, tart, creamy combo with this one, for fall melting of course. Maybe you’ll catch the blending bug the next time it rolls around.


  2. Sounds like it was intense! But you came out strong with lots of goodies! Hope they all turn out wonderful and as well as you hoped. I didn’t order this go around but I’ll save my blends for next time. Hopefully it won’t take the full 6 months.


    1. At least times were announced clearly ahead of time. I was just nervous bc minutes could=months when it comes to receiving them. I hope the 2 orders was a good idea. Can’t wait to hear about your blends when you do. I’ve already gotten a head start w/my forgotten Coconut blend😂

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      1. I was very tempted to go ahead and order, especially with their pink peppermint and Marshmallow Noel blends😍😍 I would probably want a cake or at least a pie in it. I was a little overwhelmed on what should be overpours and what I should get in what sizes but I’ll hopefully be a little more prepared next time!

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  3. Ummmmm… that MF/lavender/mint blend is slaying me! I did get a creamy coconut blend with pink sugar and sandalwood. Would you be willing to trade a piece? Mine were in the no-fuss chunks. ❤ I love that you jumped in and ordered. And HEY. I totally NEED to be on a mini summer wax ban. I have been a proper naughty lady. And I have to pay for some summer tutoring for my girls anyway… so it is for a good cause. Give me time to melt.


    1. Creamy coconut is the perfect addition to the PS/sandalwood blend, well done! You don’t even have to ask, my friend, I’ll gift you some or trade for whatever you want.
      Lol, I’m actually weirdly excited about the ban. I have a year’s worth of wax I need to get to, rather than add to. I’m hoping to discover forgotten gems. Good luck with the mini-ban.


  4. Wow, Jay, go big or go home! Although, my first SMT custom order was sort of likewise pie-in-the-sky – I had to try a bit of everything so I could find my favourites. I LOVE the sound of that Pie Crust/Leaves blend you’ve got going there – very nice. And I’m glad you enjoyed the Mango Sorbet custom; that one really turned out particularly well. I should have probably bought a second sheet cake in that blend, but I still have quite a bit from the first guy, and besides, I went mega mint this time (two mint sheet cakes, what exactly was I thinking?) And you’re not wrong about the Blackberry scent – it’s dee-licious (I don’t care for Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies – I prefer my fruits to be fruity) but very light. I think it would make a better overpour than chunks, actually. Still didn’t stop me from getting another blend this time (Blackberry, Ice Cream Cake Batter and Vanilla Waffle Cone, I think, which now that I’ve written it out, I just want to eat!) I can’t wait to see your order – now the fun waiting part begins!

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    1. Mega mint cakes!! I can’t wait till you get them and I get to see them. It’s strange how quickly I went from not knowing what to create, to having to cut my list down by 20 scents. As you say, you need to try a bit of it all, in order to find the faves;) I loved the pizelle fragrance note too, but have to save some blends for next time!


      1. Ooh, I hear you – it’s so easy to just go sky’s-the-limit. I had actually planned a very small order, but it got a bit rangy – wanted to try out quite a few single scents to see how they might operate as blenders later.


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