Project Wax-candle countdown

In May’s BoB post, Lauren, of Lolo Loves Scents, posed the project wax question; essentially asking if we’ve ever had so much wax product that we felt a purge was needed before acquiring more. My answer is~oh yes, yes I have. It’s been ongoing at a snail’s pace since January and I’ve finally acquired enough ’empties’ to update.

Note that I don’t normally post my empties because I don’t like to see them myself. Something about viewing all of those empty plastic bags, cups and jars makes me cringe at the conspicuous consumption. Inevitably, I start to wonder if all of that plastic is getting recycled, which leads to worry about the environment, which leads to overwrought visions of apocalyptic doom, and honestly, people don’t need to hear about my neuroses. I recognize the benefits of posting photos of one’s empties though, it absolutely holds you accountable, as it’s hard to deny visual proof.


I started off with a 5:1 ratio of using up jars to adding new, the baby steps approach. With only one semi-sale purchase from Bath and Body Works, I was feeling good. My winter candles lasted through most of spring, but at least I burned my quota. Then one night in March, I got an email for a random $9.50 B&BW’s candle sale and ended up with 3 unintended additions. Major impulse buys that I’m mostly happy with. At least the 3-wicks can be used quickly, compared to the single wick jars from Yankee which take FOREVER.


I can’t really explain these last two buys, except I got all squealy when I spotted retired, masculine Evening Air for $13 at TJMAXX and this DW home scent is the first Eucalyptus I’ve enjoyed. I didn’t want to chance passing up that lightning in a bottle (jar).

I’m pretty satisfied with this progress actually, because many of these are retired scents that would be hard to repurchase. The old Jay would have burned these 2 or 3 times and packed ’em up for next year. The old Jay foolishly thought she could keep buying candles without finishing them and it would cause no storage/hoarding issues whatsoever.

Tell me I’m not the only one who struggles with so much wax, be it melts or candles, that a “project wax depletion” is required. I’ve since graduated to 10:1 ratio. I declare I won’t get another jar till I’ve used up 10 older ones. 10, I say!

5 thoughts on “Project Wax-candle countdown

  1. Hey, neurose it up – there’s legitimately a lot of packaging that goes into some of this stuff. Even commonly recycled things like the glass jars from the candles, I wonder if they’re all actually getting recycled, or do people use them afterwards, and what about those people who have 100-strong candle collections? And that’s just too much thought about packaging, really. I like tarts a bit more for that reason, in that they don’t have tons of packaging, but it’s still so, so much. Yikes, now I’m thinking about all that plastic, too! It’s so much easier not to think and worry!

    But best of continued luck with your purge. It’s always nice to actually use up the things you buy. 🙂


    1. That’s the thing about neuroses, they can’t be helped. No matter how functional and/or logical I may usually be, thinking about all of the packaging puts me in distress. Mounds of it has got to add up somewhere.
      I am one of those 100+ candle collection people (mostly acquired as an employee)-hence project wax. Thanks for the luck, I’ll need it!


  2. You are doing a fabulous job! And you are 100% correct, those Yankee’s take forever to burn through! While the BBWs last me about a week. Keep on keepin’ on. And much like you I am not really a fan of looking at wrappers and trash but it does feel good to use the things that were bought and catalog it in some way. I like repurposing my cute BBW glass jars into planters but the rest get the old recycle bin.


    1. Great idea on the little planters! I will give that a try. This gal is a huge cataloguer, but now I’m excited about using up the stash. I had to start looking at it as a challenge to myself. Posting project wax increased my motivation, now I just need the actual hours at home to burn em.


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