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20170426_114327There’s been a lot of Super Tarts action around these blogging parts. I may have been mightily influenced by Jess from The Meltdown Blog, Julie at The Redolent Mermaid and an IG friend who places a weekly (!) order. But for the frivolity of 3 orders in the space of a month, I have no one to blame but myself. Actually, maybe some blame is portioned to ST for having a bajillion scents I want to try, but never all in stock at the same time.

Pictured below is my first order since last summer, 6 clamshells from what I could catch of the Wizard of Oz release plus a couple I snagged for a friend. I must have been feeling blue with my mid-month clamshell order pictured above.20170426_115217Brandy offers a mind-boggling array of scent choices, notice how few repeat notes occur in the massive ST line-up. The scent collection is listed after each description to help with scent searching on the website. All clams are $4.00. Now then, let’s get to these 3 (gulp) orders, grouped by fragrance type:20170423_190343Masculine: a restock of these motivated my 2nd order last month.

Hades- Blue sugar and fireside (OUAT) If you’ve been reading the blog, you’ll recognize two of my current scent obsessions here. Brandy masters the cool cologne scents. Blue Sugar is fresh, delivers both sweet and spicy notes with an added touch of smoky mystery…mmm.

Isildur’s Heir- Frankincense, Myrrh, Green tweed, camu camu (LOTM) Frankincense is a hard to find scent. Lemony verbena refreshes while oud and amber transform the room with resinous spice. From the tweed, a dapper gentlemen’s soapy inhale emerges, then fades to a downy powder. Melting this felt very zen.20170423_190235Merlin- Silver Birch, Cashmere & Vetiver (OUAT) I adore woody cologne combos and Silver Birch is one of my favorite Yankee Candle scents. Merlin is grounded by exotic vetiver grasses and crisp green twigs, softened with lush amber vanilla cashmere, creating a magical blend.20170423_191029Beachy:

Iron Islands- (Game of Tarts) Dune grass, sea salt and teakwood. Grassy notes can be too harsh, and this one is for me. I wish it had a hay-like or cooler, beachy vibe, but on cold it’s a callow turf-like meadow. Those who love a dry grass note might enjoy it, though.20170423_190823Medusa- Sea Salt, Driftwood & oak moss (Olympian) At first pungent, the aged driftwood started pulling me in like the flowing current. The oak moss is perfumed, clingy, but not sharp. The presence of sea salt appears and disappears as does the rise and fall of the tides. Melts medium strength.

Posiedon-Blue Sugar, Cotton Candy, Sea Salt & Beachwood (Olympian)  Fabulous on my first impression melt of an hour, but by second melt, I don’t know what happened. Swifter than an angry ocean swell, an unpleasant sharpness cut through the sweetness; has anyone else had this happen? It hasn’t occurred with blue sugar or sea salt in other ST scents, so I suspect Beachwood is the culprit. I’ll experiment with melting a cube and timing exactly when it sours, maybe it can be saved for short melting stints when I don’t have much time. 

Likely wouldn’t repurchase any of the three above.20170423_191623Fruity:

Briarcliff-Mac Apple, Shaving Cream & Sea Salt (AHS) I had high hopes for this due to my love of Super Tart’s shaving cream and sea salt blends. Unfortunately, I forgot how dominant the macintosh apple can be. Its sweetness overpowered previous scents I’ve had, like Amityville, and I fear it will overpower again. Reserving final judgement till after melting, but I believe I’ll stay away from the mac apple in the future.

Dorothy-Cactus & Sea Salt, Camu Camu & Guava (Golden melts-currently sold out) Camu camu lends a splash of fruity juice to this ultra fresh blend. It’s clean with a tropical island vibe. Guava provides pink tartness, as refreshing as Dorothy’s retorts in the Golden Girls. The only repurchase in the bunch (ever from ST for me, actually, too many good choices).20170423_191804The Mindy Project- Blueberries, Mango chunks and a crisp White Sangria (Prime Time) Surprised that I haven’t heard any mention of this gorgeous scent. Crisp and refreshing as a berry cocktail sipped poolside, it’s sparkling but not fizzy, intoxicating, not boozy. No single note overpowers. This will be perfect on those scorching summer days.

No Ordinary Girl-Coconut cream, vanilla oak, tangerine and daisies (Wonderland Wax, currently sold out) Loved this so much on cold, though a little light. I thought it would be perfect on a hot spring day, however trying one cube, then two, it’s barely noticeable. Not sure what to make of it because it’s an anomaly for the usually great throw I’ve come to expect from ST.

If any readers have tried this scent with better results, please let me know. *I think it’s possible the oils leached into the packaging, because a plastic note resides where the scent used to be.20170426_121305Spicy:

Sirius-Blackberry, sandalwood and a hint of black pepper (Wizard’s Wax) With the famous blackberry, this fits into the fruity category but one cannot ignore the black pepper which is quite spicy. Warming releases a delicious plummy blackberry. Perfect choice for our movie night featuring Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Hey, there’s a collection I’d like to see Brandy formulate, maybe for the next installment.20170426_114504Scarecrow-Patchouli, sugar dusted wildberry mousse and sweet rain (Oz) My least favorite of any Super Tarts order. You know I love patchouli, however, one of these notes turns my stomach, possibly the sweet rain? I won’t be melting to find out. Ironically, my husband really likes it and has claimed it-I hope he melts it when I’m out of town.

Wizard-Toasted Mallow, Fireside & Cinnamon Sticks (Oz) Another unsuccessful Oz melt to me. Excited about these notes, but overwhelmed by the cinnamon sticks on cold throw. It’s the burn-your-nose-hairs kind I find too powerful to enjoy. Maybe the mallow comes through on warm? I’m sending to a friend who enjoys spicy cinnamon instead.20170426_114807Sweet:

Countess-Pistachio & Chai Sugar Milk (AHS currently sold out) Ooh, sweetened, spicy sugar milk is a favorite and this version is yummy. Nutty pistachio compliments but the sugar melts as thick as frosting. It’s so warm and comforting, love.

Cujo-Warm vanilla sugar, brown sugar figs and blackberry jam (Fright Night) An incredibly accurate Warm Vanilla Sugar dupe. No blackberry that I noticed, but the vanilla sugar is so concentrated, it dominates. Soft musk enhances the carmelization from the brown sugar hitting all of the sweet spots. Down to my last cube of this, will repurchase.20170426_114847Rosemary’s Baby-Bedtime Bath, Rosemary Mint and Herbal Lavender (Fright Night) Regretting not ordering this baby earlier, because of a bad first vendor melt with Rosemary Mint. After a year of vendor wax, I’m mad for these soothing notes. A bright mint balanced by the clean, romantic bedtime bath and punched up by the woody lavender. Well-balanced, not overly sweet.

Unfortunately no longer updating except Facebook, I’d heard through others, bam bags were announced as returning.

A handful of scents in $11.00 Bam bags are released for preorders for one day only, if you want a large portion of a scent you have to be quick to get it in the bags. I’d never gotten a chance to grab Tate or Violet separately, and I thought, what’s one more order?20170426_121028Tate/Violet– A blend of 2 highly sought after scents; Tate: Sweater Weather, Cotton Candy & Blackberry
Violet: Peppermint, Cotton Candy & Blackberry (AHS perpetually sold out)

I sneezed every time I brought a wax chunk close enough to sniff. Process of elimination led me to the peppermint. This makes sense because I sneeze any time I pop in a piece of peppermint gum, it just hadn’t occurred with a scent before.20170426_120914The same juicy blackberry is present here, but so too is a medicinal note that is amplified when melting. Again, I believe it’s the peppermint, combined with the cotton candy and berry resulting in a muddled cough syrup. This blend may be popular, but I don’t get it. I might try Tate individually if offered.20170423_161255Sample cubes with each order: 

Flame Princess-a generic fizzy fragrance

Ginny– happy to try, but it turns out I’m not keen on the Poppy perfume dupe.

Radley-Pear slices, brown sugar and chamomile, a glowing sweetness I enjoyed.

I’d love to say I have enough Super Tarts to last a year. But with the solid performing throw (in nearly all cases), the creative blends and irresistible nods to fandom, Super Tarts is my kryptonite. My to-try list keeps growing.

As always let me know your faves and which vendors you can’t resist, gotta rest my typing fingers now.

7 thoughts on “Wax Haul-Super Tarts

  1. Super Tarts!! Ahhh, my weakness. 😍 soo many good scents that I just keep finding more and more that I enjoy! I have got to get your package to you so you can sniff away at some ST cubes and try out some more so you can fall for them more. Love Hades, need to try merlin, also not sure on Tate and violet and what I’m going to do with my huge bag lol.
    Going to try to use it, hopefully my nose will adjust to it. Blue Sugar anything right now just like you.. and I’m loving the Collector I just got in on cold. Hopefully it will stay good on warm. Blue Sugar peppermint!
    I thought you liked minty scents? I had no idea they made you sneeze.


    1. No rush buddy, I won’t have yours out till next week or so, I’ll send you a dm when I do.
      Merlin is earthy, musky and cologne, not sure if it’s your type, but I’ll send you Dorothy to try-think you’ll like it.
      YES Collector is on my list along with many others. Do you think it’s the same peppermint as in Violet? or too hard to tell? I’ve given some Violet away but I’m not sure they’ll like it when melted. Different Strokes though, so who knows?

      Nope, no other peppermint wax or candle has ever made me sneeze. I still chew the gum, I just always sneeze once!
      Rosemary’s Baby, Dorothy and now Isildir’s Heir are in my top 5 STs so far. Oh, and Mystique I love, and Draco…so many.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t think it is the same peppermint but it could be hard to tell. It calls it a peppermint cream so I’m not sure? It’d good whichever it is.
        My favorites from ST right now are Tin Man, Emma Frost, Nightmare Before Christmas, Middle Earth, (starting to like Sam’s shire), Lord of Mordor, Lorelai, Sleepy Beauty, Mouse Ears, umm I’m sure there are more lol. And then I just placed another order.. oh dear. Lol.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I also agree on Rosemary’s Baby, it’s very relaxing and surprised I hadn’t tried it sooner. Now Blaircliff I liked at first, it wasn’t my favorite shaving cream but I liked. Than one day I was down to my last two pieces and I don’t know it just went funny on me. Smelled the whole room a funny smell.
    I have yet to try any of the Golden Girls collection, I know shame on me!! My favorite girls on the planet! But I’ll have to look again as really none of them just jump out at me but I’ll never know if I don’t try them.


  3. What a fabulous ST collection you have building there! I see many of my favorites and I also see some you have saved me money from trying. I was going to get Poseidon and a couple others but your review has me tucking those dollars back into my pocket… or simply replacing them with Sirius (which I was on the fence about but now want) and maybe Rosemary’s Baby. Do you find the Bedtime Bath part of that powdery or strong? I really do not like baby soap/lotion scents so that held me off initially. Wizard is still high on my wish list and if anything you have me wanting it more LOL! I used to get the plastic note from Brandy’s wax all the time years ago but it has gotten much better for me. I have been lured back. ❤


  4. I may not be the best person to ask because I totally enjoy that bedtime bath stuff. Rosemary Mint is dominant, but the BB IS there, not overly powdery but it changes, and happily for me, tones down the mint. I find my RM needs pink sugar or some other softener, then it’s a perfectly refreshing + soothing combo.
    I was baffled by Posiedon. I guess I’ve heard of scents changing but it was as if all sweetness disappeared for this overpowering sharp wood? Rarely do I turn off a scent, but I raced over to hit the switch on it.
    Ah, sorry friend! Should have sent you some Sirius-I like it, but on warm it’s a straightforward blackberry with a teeny hint of the other notes. I plan on adding some sandalwoood cubes to it my next melt.
    Glad you liked Wizard, enjoy that spice😊


  5. Holy haulage, and what a load of blue! Never tried it myself, but I’ve heard of that combo of Tate and Violet before – it’s always sounded like A LOT to me. But I like the sound of Tate as-is. Last year I melted this Rosegirls blend that has Sweater Weather in it in one room, and then in another I had a fruity-cotton candy blend going – where they met in the middle smelled INCREDIBLE! But blackberries are sometimes iffy for me – a lot of them lean towards that perfumey note in Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies, whereas I prefer straight up fruit. Mmm, sounds great, though, and looks super, too. Enjoy your smellies and don’t sweat the thrice-placed order too much!


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