April: Best & Best

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This mish mash of fragrant goodness represents some of the best melts I’ve experienced in quite awhile and they couldn’t be more different! Spring has carried lovely scents my way, ergo these melts are a must for April’s recap.

Best fragrances of the month year:

20170419_143152 (2)
I only melted the tail if you must know.

Balance and Glow- Candles from the Keeping Room (gifted)-Delicate honey blossoms kissed with sunny citrus, infused with lavender and Echinacea blooms. Ribbons of raw vanilla and honeycomb wrap the scent in sheer delight.

Not explicit in the description, but this is an amazing tea scent. When melted, my husband searched me out just to tell me how good it was. Not dripping with honey, but lightly sweet and invigorating. Imagine sipping a green tea Starbucks refresher, but better, with added herbal essence. No tea scent I’ve tried comes close to this uplifting brew.20170427_084647

Fresh cucumber and Pink sugarRosegirls chunks.

Though I’ve melted this beloved vendor before, I made my first official Rosegirls pre-order last month. Honestly, they all rocked my world, but this simple blend became a fast favorite. Cotton candy perfumed berries and carmelized sugar entwines with crisp, crunchy garden cucumber. Though cucumbers may not be for everyone, this blend works. And I’m not the only one who thinks it, as I’ve read others rave about it’s distinctive scent. Fresh, identifiable, sweet and relaxing.

20170414_191636The Golden EggThe Bathing Garden reviewed here. Sugared marzipan atop dainty almond pastry filled with vanilla bean rose cream. I doled these eggs out like a wax easter bunny. They were such a hit with my entire family and melt like a dream.

Speaking of The Bathing Garden…20170415_203620

Sugared Pie Crust- The Bathing Garden

This exquisite pie-shaped sample didn’t last 24 hours in my house before I had to try it. My nose was rewarded with warm flaky dough, baked to golden perfection, sprinkled with a dusting of sugar crystals. The blue-ribbon worthy top note is a dash of salt, just like in an authentic pie crust. SPC is the current scent of the month bundle for TBG and the first I’ve had to strrrugggle to resist.

Spunky Monkey Bread- Lasting Scent Candles reviewed here, SPM was the winning scent from my not totally successful LSC haul. And yes, I have no shame in admitting I’d snap this up in a loaf if I ever got the chance. Pure peach perfection.

White Gardenia fragrance plug-in-Yankee Candle Peach, Berry, Clove top notes, with Gardenia, Jasmine, Lily, Freesia and a base of musk.

I’ve never touted a fragrance plug-in before, but this performs too well not to. Diffusing near the garbage bin in my kitchen and every time I walk by I think, who gathered the bouquet of fresh flowers? Dizzy, intoxicating botanical perfume tones.

20170429_154425Water Garden- Yankee Candle (gifted) water flowers, melon and musk. This takes me back to the floating water gardens of Jardin Botanique in Montreal. Green pools, misty droplets of hothouse air, water lillies, aquatic hyacinths and delicate fern fronds. The epitome of a fresh spring scent. I can’t say how long it’s been since I was excited about a candle from Yankee.


Way to chisel my heart of stone:

At our annual Speech Night fundraiser held in early April, our graduating seniors surprised us. Whereas, typically after the performances my husband, the coach, gives a few closing remarks on the individual seniors and their accomplishments. This year, the seniors delivered brief letters to both of us, acknowledging how speech has changed their lives, what they’ve gained and how they will miss it, us, each other.

I can’t express how it touched my heart to hear those heartfelt words of admiration and gratitude for the commitment we make to our team. I’ve spoken an awful lot of them because they are so special to us. Painful as it is to see these students go, I’m honored and grateful to be a part of their successes, their failures, and a cherished piece of their teenaged lives.

New method of Easter egg decorating: Using shaving or whipped cream, who knew? 

My niece did (those are her hands) and suggested using as an alternative method for dyeing eggs. It takes food coloring, some practice and a lot of cool whip! All worth it to create these artistic eggs. Tip: for a marbled pattern, skim the egg across the swirls, don’t over blend. For a soft watercolor effect, submerge the egg in well-blended colors.

Read: “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. Listening to the audio of this tightly woven book kept my mind focused on the workday commutes. I plan to review sometime soon if I can do it justice.

Throwback to the early days of dating:20170429_152742After striking a deal to fix up his old acoustic guitar, my husband’s been breaking out in impromptu serenades. Not since the days of early wooing, ages ago, have I been treated to 90’s classic renditions of “Glycerine,” “I’m Free” and “Please Do Not Go” by Bush, Oasis and the Violent Femmes respectively. It’s been sweet, mood-boosting nostalgia and I think it’s kinda cool.

I’ve already touched on the lows of this month and sense a slow shift towards feeling more like myself. It’s been a hard climb, but I’ll take it because I have to. 

What have you treasured lately? Any new beginnings or bittersweet endings on the horizon?

11 thoughts on “April: Best & Best

  1. Those eggs, bunny shape and pie are just everything though! Too fun!
    Yes indeed you have had a great melting month. Lots of yummy smells! I also had to resist the Sugared Pie Crust from TBG as it sounded absolutely amazing.


    1. Me-oh-my, I love that pie. If I wasn’t saving for my trip, I’d be all about that bundle. It was a happy melting month indeed-I hope May’s melts prove just as good for us:)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What an incredibly lovely thing for your students to do – it’s really just so nice to be recognized for a job well done, particularly by – gasp! – teenagers, who by definition are just mostly up their own butts 24 hours a day. That was really sweet. 🙂

    Sugared pie crust? I was all over that one – I sprung for ze bundle. That little pie wedge was just calling to me. I think it’s going to be amazing in the sugar scrub.

    Bush? Violent Femmes? Oasis? Holy ’90s alert! Looks like somebody’s spouse likes their maudlin ’90s tunes. 🙂 I should talk – I listen to Oasis probably every day (they were THE WORST live, but I still love ’em.) I like that you get serenaded. 🙂


    1. Sandra, I was nearly a puddle from their words, being included in their sentiment. In high school, I was surviving, slightly rebelling. Meanwhile these kids are thriving, pulling off amazing feats of talent, skill, art, kicking ass, taking names and handling rejection better than I ever could.

      Melts, shmelts let’s talk 90’s music. (Though I hope to see delicious pie photos when you get your haul)

      2 yrs younger than the Mister means I was into pop-alt bands like Bush. He loved Oasis and verifies what a complete mess they were live. At the concert he went to, one of the bros. Gallagher got hit w/a beer can and retaliated by sticking his whammy bar on reverb and holding it up to the amp for pain-inducing feedback. What a couple of jack-assess! We’re both huge Femmes fans and hope to see them in the Rock hall someday. I do enjoy a serenade, it makes me feel all floaty:)


      1. Oh, Oasis. The Brothers Gallagher are such obnoxious prats. I saw them, it turns out, two shows before they ultimately broke up for good, and it was quite apparent that they just loathed each other. And the rest of the band? What rest of the band? Those guys may as well have not even been there. The audience may as well not have been there! They were spectacularly disengaged, all while being the loudest band I’ve ever heard. Total wall of noise. I was deeply annoyed after, but I’m not quite sure what I was expecting – I’m not sure they’ve ever been known for their high energy stage shows.

        Still, Jack. Asses.


  3. How kind of your kids to let you and your husband know just how much you mean to them. That is what makes all the hard work and (sometimes) heartache worth it. You are a great role model and I bet a joy to be around.

    You have some great melts listed there, lady. Balance and Glow IS a beautiful tea scent. So happy you brought that to my attention. I knew it smelled familiar but I just could not put my finger on it. I ended up buying a bag of that and liked it though I did share some. I have that Golden Egg scent in my melting basket, about to get melted. Looking forward to it!

    How sweet of your husband to play for you. Adam used to play the banjo but he doesn’t pull it out anymore. Glad to hear your month is going well and you are feeling more yourself. ❤

    New beginnings? Summer! Bittersweet endings? The end of my first school year at Magnolia Montessori. It has been sweet and I will miss the 6th graders who are moving onto their next school.


  4. That means so much, Julie:) Though I wouldn’t say I’m a joy to be around by any stretch of the definition. What I’ll say is that coaching is a stressful, time-consuming, sometimes thankless experience, in the past the pressure has made me an uptight coach. The last couple years, I’ve loosened up, enjoyed the kids more which has strengthened our connection, leading to their surprising, emotional tribute. It felt great!

    Balance and Glow is simply beautiful, thank you for sharing, I’ll be ordering in the future.
    Oh my goodness, I’m a banjo groupie! The sound of the strumming is my favorite part. I hope he brings that bad boy out and strikes a tune, soon.

    I really like the Montessori philosophy from what I know of it. I hope it was a good year for you, I know just what you mean about parting with those middle schoolers, they’ll be nearly grown up when you run into them again. Gah, I’m glad coaching gives me the opportunity to continue to work with kids, or else I’d really miss it.


  5. Cheers to a happy and light spring. I hope the boost continues and you are feeling less foggy and gray. I do think that started for me about 6 months ago and it sure does feel good. It is such a relief to feel yourself coming back.
    I love your Mister. That makes me smile so much. (and brings a tiny tear lol)
    Love the sound of these wax favorites but I also am saving for a very special trip and will have to wait! 😉
    30 days!!!!!!


    1. You are sweet buddy, it brings a tear to my eye too (mostly for lost youth). Funny you mentioned it though, bc when Shel read it, he said “You make me sound great, but we can’t fool your friends who know me!”
      Oh, resisting the wax is so hard!!! You know I have more of all these scents except Balance n Glow, I’ll keep some for you.
      PS 30! I’m not ready


      1. hey thanks~ Aw, Shel always has high points from the Harks. We are big fans. lol
        I am not ready either! Mucho shopping to do to prep some outfits. 🙂

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