Lasting Scent Candles: Way waylaid review

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In January, a fellow waxie posted a pic of her Lasting Scent Candles order, online. I’d heard of the popular brand previously, but wasn’t aware of the store opening because updates are made soley through Facebook. Unable to resist the wicked temptress of catching a hard-to-get brand’s opening, I made an impulsive decision to order. Results revealed below.

Lessons from my Lasting Scent Candles order:

  • It’s unwise to make impromptu orders for a first transaction with a shop, picking at random while knowing nothing of scents offered, turn around time, or having a scent list in mind.
  • I probably don’t have the required patience for a 9 week TAT and I will likely forget what I’ve ordered.


  • Expectations of greatness may lead to disappointment upon first sniff.
  • If that happens, always take a second sniff. Lukewarm about my order when it arrived, partly because I was given an incorrect scent, but also hadn’t received a packing slip. After checking my original order confirmation in Paypal to clear up confusion, I let it sit for awhile. When I returned to it, most of the scents improved in my estimation.
  • Strange soy wax consistency here, super soft and squishy!


  • Not all ambers are equal, but amber and vanilla do make a glorious combination eventually. Starting with half of a 1.5 oz. melt (using the whole scent shot is recommended by LSC) then adding the other half. About 30 minutes before I was able to detect the fragrance, but then, a warm comforting veil of amber descended upon the room like a blanket. Oh so sweet and cozy, if subtle. Better for a small space, performance-wise.


  • I had no recollection of ordering a scent titled Spunky Monkey Bread. After double-checking, it turns out I had and I’m happy I did. Major yes to these honeyed peaches and spice, yes to gooey bread, yes to this sweet nectar-of-the-gods, best-peach-smell ever-to-cross-the-path-of-my-nose. Described as, sticky pull apart bread filled in the center with a peach compote and topped with a sugary glaze. Um, yes!
    1/2 a melt worked perfectly with delicious throw on this one.


  • Lemon Custard Cookies is the one I was sent, in error, for the Creamy Lemon Chai Latte. Out on a limb with the lemon latte pick, this is probably the better scent. My nose seems to have an aversion to lemon bakery notes lately, however, so into the giveaway stash this goes.
  • Pam, the vendor behind LSC, was prompt and professional in dealing with the mistake, once I got around to emailing the customer service contact. She responded in hours and refunded the cost of the scent shot.
  •  By waiting so long to ask about an incorrect order, I missed out on a chance to try the correct one. Pam explained she waits a period of time before selling RTS after shipping out preorders in case of mistakes. Lesson learned.
  • Passionate-Comforting Lavender scent…with Crushed Patchouli Leaves, a hint of Sandalwood, Sweet Neroli, and Woods with a touch of Agave Nectar and Orange Blossom.
  • I should love this based on these oils, but on cold throw, the only note that came out was a generic patchouli. It bloomed into a sweet, gentle floral when warmed. Perhaps too mild, I crave more spice, less powder from Nag Champa types. Guess I like a little more champa, but a pleasant background scent.


20170416_093537 (1)

  • These two I (weirdly) did not enjoy. Sweet DreamsPink sugar, lavender, sticky sweet marshmallows.  Purple Haze– Mint Mallow Creme and sprinkled delicate Lavender Buds on top. All notes I’m pretty fond of; however, something smelled off with the mallow, kind of syrupy and gummy.
  • I knew not all mints are for me, I learned neither are all marshmallow scents, maybe not all lavenders? 

2 full-sized! generous samples came with:


  • Me thinks there’s wintergreen in Below Zero, but also a rustic woods and icy mint I’m digging. Reserving judgement till after melting.
  • Strawberry Crunch Muffins smells just like my Strawberry Shortcake doll from childhood! The addition of the crunchy bread pairs well enough to make me like a strawberry scent, it’s that good.
  • Having learned I really don’t have to fall into the ‘must order every hyped vendor with rare restocks trap’, I will likely order from LSC again, gotta get more Spunky Monkey Bread!

9 thoughts on “Lasting Scent Candles: Way waylaid review

  1. Too bad you didn’t enjoy your LSC order. Not every vendor is for every person but this is one of my faves. The wax is super soft, like Glitterati. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. ❤


    1. Agreed, I found it strange that the scents I didn’t care for were those I normally love, but thought the fruity were amazing! Is the loaf you got as soft as the wax cups? If so, it must cut like butter😊


      1. Yes, the loafs and brittle are soft too. Definitely easy to cut but also messy/squishy. I don’t mind but I could see others minding. But better than microwaving loaves in order to cut them. That seems weird to me. I would be afraid some of the FO would dissipate. But different strokes 🙂


  2. I’ve never tried this vendor so I wouldn’t be able to share my opinions but it seems from what I’ve read that your order is a little all over the place. A little shocked you are willing to order again with what all the bad scents but good for you wanting to give it another try and finding a scent that is worth going in for again and trying a new vendor and waiting the long TAT! Hope it works out for you the second go around


    1. I need to refrain from jumping in on so many vendors I don’t know about, but I had heard such rave reviews…maybe my expectations were too high?
      I have no plans to order anytime soon, and I don’t follow them so I’d likely miss it anyway. I tell you though, I’d get the Monkey Bread in a loaf!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow that is saying something for YOU to get something in a loaf! Must be super super Yummy!! 😊
        Yeah I’m not sure how I’d feel about the wax being super soft and sticky.. I’m more of a hard wax type of gal so it’s not so messy. The less messy the better!

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  3. Good point, I’ve been peeling the leftover wax out my warmers with my fingernails for each LSC tart. The throw seemed to be the same as harder wax, though.


  4. Oh balls, I’m sorry to hear this order didn’t live up to your expectations. A couple of years ago, just as I was dipping my toe into this vendor wax stuff, I attempted to take part in Rosegirls’ disastrous – and ultimately final – customs order. The site was swamped and they shut everything down within about 45 seconds of opening, wiping out my entire cart just as I was about to press the “Submit Order” button. I was RAGINGLY MAD at the time, but it was ultimately for the best – that would have been my first order with Rosegirls, it was absolutely huge (about $350; I’m an idiot) and it was filled with scents that, it turns out, I do not care for! About a year later I started picking up some of their samplers and then figured out what I liked and didn’t based on those. Always best to go on the smaller side, although really, your order wasn’t massive – but I get it. It’s such a bummer when things don’t turn out (particularly after you’ve paid quite a lot and waited two months.)

    I don’t care for squishy wax either – it gets everywhere, and it’s really hard to photograph nicely for blogging purposes. Those labels are just the cutest, though, and I like the convenience of the little cups.


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