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Bookmarks may not be the subscription plan of the coolest kids, but for a bona-fide book geek, like myself, it’s a fun monthly reward to look forward to. You can’t help but acquire numerous bookmarks working in a library, which means I have one for nearly every book I own. Then again, can one really ever have too much adorable book merch?

The Crafted Van is a print company out of Vancouver, Canada I found through Instagram. Their sweet, occasionally tongue-in-cheek designs caught my eye.

Created by a two-woman team, Diana Luong and Erica Carreras, friends who opened the Crafted Van Etsy shop in October 2013. Per their website “Diana creates the designs while Erica handles all the production magic. We experimented with tons of different products before falling in love with magnetic bookmarks and fridge magnets! Outside of craftedvan, Diana is a designer and Erica is a registered nurse, resulting in a perfect mix of love, creativity and care in all of our creations.” A sampling from their shop is pictured below.

From mason jars to mermaids, wanderlust to washi tape, every hobby-related object and interest is on offer as a bookmark for it’s collector to acquire. In the etsy shop you’ll find an array of jumbo bookmarks, including many cat and dog breeds, and of course the ubiquitous smiling poop pile. I love the concept of the mini-sets of famous city icons of NYC, London, and others.

The CV Read Happy Plan is separate in that you must register for it on a cratejoy website. Once there, you can pick your plan, and which style of markers you wish to receive. There is a planner-obsessed subscription, a book nerd plan or both! I chose the book nerd 3 month plan for around $33.00 shipped, or $11.00 U.S. per month.

February’s theme: Once Upon a Time


Each coordinated wax-sealed envelope holds 3-4 magnetic bookmarks and a mini art print or 2 bookmarks and a greeting card.

February’s exclusive set was a charming take on fairytale symbols. I love the fact that it included not only the princess, but the impish royal jester rather than prince charming. My little noble woman is just gonna have to be content with her frog and live happily ever now.


Both the front and back sides sport detailed designs on all the bookmarks. Each theme has two shades of a featured color and an accent.


The frog measures the largest at 2 inches wide/1.5 in. tall. He’s pretty happy doing his job.

March: Sweet Dreams


Purple isn’t my thing, but anything to do with napping sure is. March’s theme brought an adorable pair of chubby-cheeked baby birds, a sleepy kitty and a snoring pillow, complete with a bedtime read and nightcap.


Each envelope contains a description card highlighting the monthly theme. The one above also provided a note about a packaging switch.

20170412_150125 (1)

Trying to stay awake to read but falling asleep if I’m too comfy, I can relate pretty hard to that pillow.

April: Spring Showers


April’s subscription was the first to include a greeting card. Depicting a white bunny surrounded by green veggies declaring, “You make me hoppy.” There are other punny cards available in the etsy shop. Not sure why the bunny’s holding a can in his paw, or what he’s drinking, but overall, this theme covered Spring, Easter and Earth Day nicely.



Snails are cute, as are slugs in my opinion. This googly-eyed, mushroom growing guy is my fave design, so far.

Nearly everything about the Read Happy plan is worth it. I enjoy the surprise, the exclusive designs, and supporting a small female-led business. In future orders I hope to see the introduction of a third color, maybe even a rainbow theme and I’m longing for a fridge magnet. They make cute little presents and using them has actually made me read happier, can’t beat that!


4 thoughts on “The Crafted Van-Read Happy plan

  1. These are too cute to boot! I just love the themes of each one but I would have to say my favorite also being the last one, the Earth day themed one. Gotta love the mushroom and little Larry the snail! He just looks like a Larry. 😊
    This is the perfect subscription for librarians and reader bugs a like! I may have to look into this for my mom.


  2. How charming! I love bookmarks – even just dangling out the spine of a book while it sits on the shelf, they’re still pretty cool. I’ve been trying not to drop mad money on paper products on Etsy and other places, and this is not helping!


    1. I know what ya mean. Etsy is a dangerous browsing spot, but this little monthly envelope really brightens me up and feeds my bookish obsession, relatively inexpensively.

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