The Bathing Garden-spring collection haul

As I witnessed all of the beautiful spring Bathing Garden orders roll in on social media the last couple weeks, I had far-fetched aspirations that mine might sneak a 5 week TAT instead of the usual 6. Alas, it was not meant to be, but when you’ve already waited 6 weeks, what’s a few more days?
I had more than my usual The Bathing Garden splendor to look forward to with this order; it was my largest one yet and there were one or two waxie Easter gifts inside. Not to mention, I’ve nearly finished my last sugar scrub and was craving a new shower scent. Luckily, it arrived in time, and in all it’s gorgeous spring glory. Initial impressions below, but will gladly update upon melting. Featuring a few of my great Aunt Jay’s Pysanky eggs.
Easter Basket-Fresh orange, cake, & vanilla layered with sugar crystals.

A pastel pink and orange dream which smells exactly like those creamy sherbet pushpops my siblings and I would run to our neighborhood ice cream truck to buy. A perfect scent for my sis, a Dreamsicle conniseur, who’s fallen hard for TBG. She’s generously shared some melts in the past, therefore, I might procure another cube or two. A few orange creamsicle types give me a headache, but I would sniff this vanilla clad Easter Basket all day.
Frolic-Blood orange patchouli fizz
Question asked of myself when ordering: Would I like blood orange patchouli fizz? Answer: Yes, yes I would!

Frolic dreamily carries me off to an opulent ballroom. Gilded chandeliers sparkle as sultry, exotic-smelling entertainers cavort to fervent music. A tangy punch of succulent blood oranges is spiked with bubbly champagne adding to the dizzy air of the couples gliding round. A scent that dances with fiery depth and sparkly effervescence makes a special occasion melt.
Gardenia Coconut Cream-White gardenia, shredded coconut, and creamy vanilla

Gardenias always sing of spring renewel. These blooms are bursting with aroma right off the bush, but the creamy coconut note is hiding. Holding the ornate clamshell at a particular angle to the nose reveals the delicate coconut flesh sprinkled on top. A sweet tropical perfume emerges which I hope isn’t overpowered by the heady floral notes when warmed.
Marshmallow Frosted Mango Tangerine-Mango and tangerine are frosted with yummy marshmallow fluff.

Fruity/bakery blends may not cause a stir in my world, but marshmallow scents are another beast altogether. Mallow fragrance carries a tang that fills my nose and throat in the most mouthwatering manner, and my hopes are for this marshmallow cream to capture my senses the same way. Zesty tangerine is softened by swirls of mango puree creating a uniquely balanced scent. Not too tart, a splash of juice and a hint of cream produce sweet, yummy goodness. One of my favorites from this order.

Neroli Orange Blossom-A beautiful true Mediterranean Orange Blossom scent.
I took an admitted risk with this fragrance, hoping for a breezy refreshing blend. Contrary to that is one of the most intense oils I’ve encountered thus far. Bitter neroli mixes with the cloying floral to conjure a pungent cloud that had me gulping for fresh air. If I was surrounded by this full-bodied scent, I’d hyperventilate and pass out. Not a repurchase, but eye-catching to look upon.
Ooh La La Wax Tart-Vanilla cream, white floral, and rich Tonka beans

As much as the previous scent pushed me away, this one drew me in. An authentic vanilla is difficult to capture unless it’s directly from the bean pods. A nod to that bean is present in the wax decoration and a hint obtained from the intial fragrance notes.
Being vanilla, it’s subtle to get much on cold sniff, but I know Shannon’s multi-layered blends flourish upon melting. I’m looking forward to those heart notes of Tonka bean to develop into a gourmand treat.
Parisian Strawberry Fields-Ripe strawberries blended with vanilla, mango, and peaches.

If you’re thinking, Jay ordered a strawberry scent, is she feeling alright? You would be right to wonder. My tastes have changed slightly this year, but not that much. Strawberry is one of my mom’s favorites, throw in the addition of Parisian anything and it’s a gift of gold. One I’m delighted to bestow to her this Easter.
The berry isn’t jammy or plummy, but clear and bright. Peach nectar adds refreshing frosty notes resulting in a smooth ‘pink drink’ concoction. Much more palatable than the gelatinous strawberry pie glaze present in many a berry scent.

The Golden Egg Shaped Tarts-Marzipan, Cassia, almond, and lemon; with hints of benzoin and rose candy.

Apprehensive over how this scent would turn out (I don’t even know what benzoin is) but very pleasantly surprised. How could I go wrong with Shannon’s artistic, vintage style packaging? I haven’t been this enthusiastic over colored eggs since I wore a frilly Easter dress with my hair in pigtails, and mine never looked this pretty.

Slightly off-smelling on cold throw, melting a chunk of Golden Egg determines it’s greatness. The sugared candy dough fondant melts away into radiant liquid magic. Delicate as almond puff pastry, laced with dark vanilla and golden honey. Gentle spices whisked with warming Cassia oil make an intoxicating brew. A bed of cream roses lingers on the air. It’s vibrant throw persisted several hours as I typed this post.

This fragrance offered in a lotion, would be perfection. Also, I sure hope someone is making puff pastry for Easter dessert because it’s all I can think about now.

Spring Fling Coconut Butter Sugar Scrub-A bright and sunny citrus blend with coconut frosted cupcakes.

My favorite purchase is this shower scrub. I plan to scrub myself into happy submission with all 8 oz. of this pillowy coconut butter balm. I’ve also sniffed the lid for at least an hour. Airy sponge cake, luscious coconut fruit whipped into cocobutter and that sweet, tangy pop of lemon in the base? Divine.
Let’s peruse this sample menagerie, shall we?

Rainbow Candy Cream Soda– Sadly, this full-sized rabbit didn’t make it unscathed, but with his head melting in one warmer and sweet hindquarters in another, it will feel just as festive.

A 3-D mini-egg in fruity Caterpillar Mischief. Bunnies in Alice in Lavenderland (could be worth breaking a wax ban for) and Looking Glass.
2-D eggs in Lavender Custard, an herbal flavor I’ve ‘heard tell’ about, and an unlabeled strawberry blend similar to the Parisian one. Perhaps I’ll melt this egg to give berry a go, probably not.

Three larger shapes: Scandalously Talking Floral Bomb, a cherry Bunny Whiskers peep and a heart in Old-Fashioned Valentine, which confused me a moment because I also received it as a sample with a November order.

These minis are just the darndest things! A chocolate ganache covered bundt in Eat Me, a raspberry pink swirled bonbon in Poppet’s Coaster Ride, and a teensy perfectly latticed pie-crust in…Sugared Pie Crust! Worth the whole 6 week, 3 day wait right there, folks.
My third ever TBG order exceeded expectations. I have a plan to dip my toes into bot summer collections too. I should just about have half of these samples used up by then.

10 thoughts on “The Bathing Garden-spring collection haul

    1. Test out the Mint Tea one I sent you, reason being, The Bathing Garden tends to have a distinct powdery undertone to her scents, if you can get past that note, you will probably like most of it. A friend of mine ordered some and her allergies were set off causing her to sneeze everywhere!
      That pie makes me want to set up a mini-tea party:)

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  1. Oh my, what a decadent and beautiful order! I love TBG and haven’t gotten to order in a while. Living vicariously through all the wonderful posts lately.


    1. It felt decadent, to order and receive. The samples are especially charming, I used the Sugared Pie Crust already-loved it!
      I got so carried away in March, I’ll be living the vicarious life as well. With your fab Destination Wax scents, too, till I feel like I can justify an order;)


  2. Your order looks so lovely! I’m glad it finally arrived so you can enjoy all those yummy goodies already! I’m so in love with my scrubs, and Spring Fling looks amazing – the little rabbit candy (candy?) embedded among all those little glittery bits? Ugh, too, too cute. I passed on the mango marshmallow one because I had a bad experience with that scent combo (with the tangerine) years ago, but you’re seriously making me reconsider things here; sounds scrumptious.

    And yes, it does look like we got similar samples! Except you got that little latticed pie, and it’s just the greatest wax tart ever – how adorable. I got the Sugared Pie Crust bundle, actually, so high hopes for that scent. I loved Caterpillar Mischief, too – did you care for that one? I sometimes don’t like apricot scents very much, but it’s fantastic, and the clamshell is so freakin’ cute. I think I like the look of this stuff almost more than the smell. Enjoy!


  3. Yes! The Spring Fling scrub is insanely good. I forgot to post my sample scrub in Life Is a Circus, which is cute, too. I know for me, the beauty of TBG’s product is more than 50% of its appeal, considering that I’ve struck out on the wax scents a few times. I’ve decided to order a scrub for each season though-I don’t want to be without one.
    You got the Sugared Pie Crust, I’m so pumped for you! It’s the only monthly bundle I’ve been interested in, yet. Last night as I melted SPC, I went to the site and hovered over it awhile, but I can’t do another order right now. I think you’ll love it, the sugar is prominent but there’s a dash of salt, just like in a real pie crust.
    A bad tangerine experience you say? Hey, I’ll send you a bit of Mango Tangerine fluff to try, no problem. I got a duplicate of that scent bc I was going to gift one before I thought the dreamsicle was a better choice. The fluff is different than other marshmallow I’ve tried, so I hope it’s good. I do like apricot and I’m actually considering an apricot/lavender/cake SMT custom. That’s my present wax addiction, planning customs. I hope I’m ready when it goes down.


  4. Jay!!! What a fabulous order!!!! I love reading about all these scents in your words. You ordered quite a few I didn’t. Neroli is a crazy one though. I had a sample of her Neroli soap years ago and it was too much for me so I have shied away. I am thrilled to read that you loved The Golden Egg once melted <3, like you I was iffy about it on cold but hearing it melts well has me excited. Benzoin smells a little like vanilla. I love the stuff. You have me wishing I had picked up Spring Fling. I hope your mom and sister enjoyed their tarts. They are perfect for gifting aren't they? I did that for Christmas this past year and the one before that too.


    1. Holy neroli! I honestly couldn’t stay near the open clam too long, hence the lack of an individual shot of that scent. Overpowered my senses in the worst way, but I knew it was a risk that might not work out. I’ve won more than I lost on scents I’m unsure of, so I’ll chalk it up to experience.
      Yes, yes, the golden egg IS special-I know almond isn’t your favorite note, but wow! That’s a risk that gorgeously paid off.


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