Bonjour Wax Co.- Mini wax haul

A mini-haul because the order was split with my sister, who made me proud by successfully purchasing from her first timed restock (noon EST restocks don’t work for me). She got the “Paris is Always a Good Idea” sampler and received a yummy Gaston melt cup sample too.


Who is Bonjour Wax Co, if you don’t already know? A small business operated from Florida by a young mom striving to generate a way to stay at home with her little daughter while creating innovative home fragrance with palm wax.* Mandi, the business owner, has such talent; I’m one of many who’s happy to enjoy her products.

Julie over at The Redolent Mermaid featured Mandi’s melts awhile back. But I’d first heard the name (love the inspiration from a Paris trip) when one of my friends introduced me to Bonjour last fall, after purchasing a Create-Your-Own sampler. I was used to introducing her to wax vendors instead, so when I sniffed the earthy, spicy melts from a company I hadn’t heard of, I immediately searched out Bonjour and placed an order shortly afterward.

What Bonjour does best, in my opinion, is create fun, pop-culture inspired samplers. Culled from binge-watched shows on Netflix such as Stranger Things and television icons, like Bob Ross, Mandi is humorously in tune with the masses. Currently featuring a Dr. Who sampler, still available when I last checked.


Easter Bunny Cakes– 2 oz. 2-pack, $3.75. Another Bonjour strength is the care put into the wax decoration, these bunnies being a sweet example. Toasted coconut, vanilla bean buttercream, sugar & cream cheese frosting make a decadent spring bakery blend.

I don’t always enjoy bakery, but when accented with coconut, it’s usually a hit. The truly stand-out note is the buttercream. It’s rich, creamy layers evoke a confectionery showpiece worthy of the most prestigious Parisienne bakery.


I suspect I may have enjoyed this scent more than other bakery types because instead of a cake base, it’s all frosting-glorious gourmand frosting. The cream cheese is delicate and fluffy, not at all curdled, like some cream cheese scents. And, seriously, that’s one delicious buttercream oil. The bunny threw a light-medium in my living room.


3 single melt cups, approx 1.4 oz., $2.25 each:


Peonies-Peony, orange blossom, musk & vanilla. I recently lamented to some blogger friends that it can be difficult to find non-offensive, non-allergy inducing floral blends in wax. Enter Bonjour Co., offering an impressive list of true to life florals and varieties mixed with fresh, spice, sweet, etc.

Peonies is a straightforward flowery scent. Softer than a pungent rose, yet brighter and greener than violets. As Peonies bloomed upon warming, the floral notes perfumed my home with vines of powdery musk and lush, sunny blossoms. As I opened the windows, I could remember my French grandma’s garden as the air wafted in to mingle with the scent of fragrant petals. A medium-strong thrower that permeated two rooms.

20170409_101602 (1)

Electric Loveviolets, vanilla, patchouli & pink sugar. I can’t seem to get enough pink sugar scents lately, but I’d yet to try it with patchouli.

On cold throw, Electric Love is hands-down my favorite Bonjour scent, including the “Bromance” sampler I got in November. Sultry patchouli, cozy pink sugar, comforting vanilla accented by lightly sweetened violets makes a perfectly balanced combination.

Unfortunately, I experienced little warm throw at all. Trying 2 separate rooms, scooping out and retrying 3 different warmers and only capturing fleeting edges of pink sugar and hints of vanilla for my efforts. Disappointed, yet still obsessing over the scent, I’m willing to try it in the wax snaps version Mandi does to see if I can add more oz. and increase throw.

My pickle wax dream has come true!

Doug’s Dill Fries– part of the Bob’s Burgers sampler, I got excited to see this cup was also offered separately. Described as crispy french fries, dusted with dill seasoning (innovative, or what?). Those who know me, know my love for pickles, especially the garlicky dill variety. A jar of pickles is a standing order on my grocery list and I always get extra on my sandwich, but how would it be in fragrance form?

The dusting of dill is rather light, but does come through. Oddly, so does a hint of coconut, perhaps these taters were fried in coconut oil? I’m keen on this herbaceous, savory scent which could have gone horribly wrong and overly sour. Instead it’s refreshing and somewhat tropical. Again, I wish it were stronger.

*A note on palm wax from Bonjour’s site: “I use sustainably sourced palm wax, phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils, and non-toxic dye. Palm wax is a natural wax free from paraffin and other petroleum by products. It creates beautiful crystallization patterns, holds scent well…”

I know of some Bonjour Wax lovers; what are your thoughts on palm wax and have you had poor performers too? Any strong scents I should be aware of, as I normally don’t have issues with throw? Have you tried her gorgeous wax snaps, or missed out during restocks?

7 thoughts on “Bonjour Wax Co.- Mini wax haul

  1. Very interesting! I can see what she means about the sort of shattered effect to the wax – super cool. I like wax vendors that are doing something a little out of the box. I can’t support this pickle wax business, however (not a pickle fan here.) Although I gave serious thought to a tomato/basil blend I saw one time – what are the odds that it would actually smell like tomato and basil, though? I’m always so afraid of what somebody else thinks X smells like!

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    1. The crystalline effect is pretty flippin cool, even when resolidified. I’d say Bonjour does things differently, yet with consistency. If only Mandi’s restocks weren’t in the middle of my work day:(

      Alas, we were bound to differ on some aspect of life, apparently it’s pickles. Guess the honeymoon’s over😉


    1. It really did. So popular Mandi’s doing a 2nd Bob’s sampler, but I was just in it for the pickle! I did get a bit of French fry, but it smelled more like the oil the fries dropped into, not unpleasant, but NOT as good as the real deal😀

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  2. Love this review! I did get some super light, almost no scent fragrances from her and then some really strong throwing. It was weird. Almost like palm wax won’t accept certain FOs. What I found really hard with palm wax is that I read a few articles and one in particular from a candle company that was huge on ethics state that even the companies that claim to be sustainably sourced, in fact, are not. :-/ And this really bums me out (poor orangutans). Obviously one cannot believe everything on the internet one reads but I feel like I need to err on the side of caution for my personal peace of mind.

    And french fries with dill?!?! How crazy cool is that blend?? I love dill. But I don’t think I could be brave enough to melt a dill french fry scent. You totally get props for that!! ❤


    1. No wax product comes without concerns it seems, from the petroleum industry to the over reliance and overabundance on soybeans. Well, I havent looked into the effects of beeswax, maybe the bees hate it? But palm deforestation is a serious ecological issue. I’d appreciate if you could point me to that article sometime.
      I believe Mandi does what she thinks is best for her customers and daughter, but the palm issue gives me pause.
      Also, I’m glad to know it wasn’t just me with the throw on some of them.
      This gal does love her dill though, any which way she can!


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