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What is your deciding factor when selecting an online wax or body care brand? Being relatively new to the vendor wax game, I rely on word of mouth or reliable blog reviews. With no Facebook account, I am pretty reliant on Instagram and make most purchases to vendors with a presence there. Of course, when people I trust rave about a product, I’m likely to check it out. My sister is a big Etsy shop buyer, I learn about some unknown vendors through her, too.

I can’t explain the reason I ordered from Fresh Picked Scents, a new to me vendor. Their name showed up in my feed when they liked a photo of mine. In turn, I checked out their page when they happened to be promoting an upcoming restock. It showcased cleanly packaged, uniform wax melt shapes. What really kindled my interest were some of the multiple oil scent combinations. Two factors that I value in a wax brand are variety and complexity, with a 15% off coupon code listed on Instagram on restock day, I went for it. My order arrived within a few days* including a sample melt and approx 1/3 oz body butter sample.


Al Bundy– 4 wax cubes totaling 3 oz., $2.99. Raw honey, orange blossom, mountain floral and vanilla tied together with sweet country apple.

I do love a good honey scent and they aren’t abundant, so I scooped this one up hoping for the best. Al Bundy was peculiar and interesting.


There was a lot going on, maybe too much. Richness from the honey and vanilla mellowed the woody floral and fruitiness. The blossom notes were powdery and gave off a distinct soapy aroma. There’s a hint of apple peel but it’s overshadowed by the rest. The throw for 1 cube was powerfully strong, lasting about 6 hours in an electric warmer.


It’s Raining Men– 6 wax cubes totaling approx 4 oz., $4.50. After shave, pure rain, white sandalwood, and white jasmine. These notes should be a dream to a fresh scent lover like myself, but I could tell with one cold sniff this wasn’t for me.

When I worked at Yankee Candle, there was a scent called Wedding Day that reeked of aerosol hairspray. It sat on the shelves till someone needed a bridal shower gift, no one ever bought it for the scent. It’s Raining Men smells very similar to that. I suspect it’s the white jasmine blend, hopefully, not the after shave because it will put me off that scent for certain.

One cube had a medium-strong throw and the alcoholic aerosol quality thankfully settled down after 15 minutes.


I wouldn’t repurchase either, but I preferred the scent of Al Bundy. There’s a phrase I never thought I’d write, though I adore Ed O’Neil.

 My Clothes Smell, sample-described as pure, light and airy linen with a pop of fresh fruity tones. I considered ordering this one, and was happy to receive it as a sample. I quite enjoyed this impressive scent.


Juicy citrus is dominant, there could be a touch of something more exotic like mango, however, fresh orange comes to the foreground. I like the clarity of the orange note in this, it’s not syrupy or cleaner-like at all.

Like drinking a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice wrapped in a warm blanket. I haven’t had many orange blends since I discovered I don’t like Creamsicle scents, but it is certainly one of the best I’ve tried.

FPS carries sugar scrubs and body butters, which I inevitably started to dabble in, as many vendors provide both. I added a 4 oz. sugar scrub to my cart as well, so I could sample from each product range.

Whipped soap scrub-4 0z. $6.50 Dreams– lavender, marshmallows, pink sugar

20170210_085710Upon opening, I was disappointed to see the scrub’s volume was a good 1/2 to an inch below the top, there was plenty of room for more, with it’s domed lid.

Even more disappointing was the scent. I know and love lavender pink sugar mallow, it’s a favorite. Whatever Dreams is, its not that. I don’t smell any lavender, only a plummy syrup, with an unnatural quality to my nose.

One unique aspect was the gritty scrub texture felt extremely wet and saturated with oils compared to others. Ingredients per the website; emulsified scrubs: e wax (no btmd) steric acid, yellow organic bees wax, vitamin e, 100% organic essential oils, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil & phenonip as our preservative 3 kinds of sugars (organic brown cane, white cane &brown).

The sugars don’t dissolve into the skin, and need rinsed off. But, the good news is that it was the most polishing of the four brands I’ve tried thus far. My skin was as soft as a newborn’s after use.

Fruit loops body butter sample (left) whipped scrub (right)

It was so effective that I might repurchase this product, in a different fragrance. Currently, there is a 40% off flash sale on some scrubs on

Overall, I would only repurchase 2 of the 4 items. *The shipping method was an aberration, the scrub sent separately in a manila envelope. Costs could be lowered if mailed in one package.

An announcement on the Fresh Picked Scents Instagram page declares they’re changing their look and scent collections soon. I wish the owners, Alecia and Rachel, the best of luck on their business.

9 thoughts on “Vendor review-Fresh Picked Scents

  1. That is where we differ on scent likes is I am not big on honey scents at all.. though that one from Yankee, Honey Clementine was it? That one was nice! Ahh, I hate to hear that everything didn’t work out for you. The scrub did look like it was lacking and rather wet textured. Think it would have been too abrasive for me.


    1. The honey in this one really clashed with the soapy floral. Don’t worry, I won’t be sending you any honey! Lol, I do love it though, especially creamy honey blends. Wish I could find more. All I have are 1 or 2 HIWTK dupes. I have honey clementine tarts I still haven’t tried.
      I gambled on this order and lost, but the scrub was really skin smoothing. It’s not the most comfortable to use though cause the sugar crystals are kind of sharp. What really bothered me was the unnecessary shipping cost in two packages. That must be straightened out before reordering!

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  2. Oh yikes, I really don’t like it when a scent is just completely wrong from every other version of it you know. Makes you wonder if you got the wrong item, or did something go bad, or do they think X really smells like X? I make scented sugar scrubs at home all the time, and that’s a scrub drowning in oil and other additives. It also doesn’t look like it has any soap in it, unlike the guys from The Bathing Garden and others like them that have a touch I think for stability and function. Jeez, when did I become such an expert on sugar scrubs?!


    1. I figured I’d put the ingredients listed in the scrub up there because there is no label on the product. I know little about scrub ingredients, but could tell it was overly saturated and there was no whip in the whipped sugar. If it smelled better, I’d still recommend it, but the scent, no bueno!
      The irony is the scrub photos on IG are all completely overflowing out of the container, when I opened the jar I thought I heard the “wah-wah” sad trombone:)


      1. Oh, those pictures slay me – giant puffy clouds of scrub or what have you busting out the top like sudsy, pastel lava. And I’m over here all, “You’re never gonna get the lid on that thing.” 🙂

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  3. Thank you for the heads up. Sounds like there is a little tweaking to do over there. There are a ton of wax and bath and body vendors out there and I have had a few disappointing experiences. I try to post them even though I know it hurts to do so. It saves people time and money and hopefully the vendors can improve in those areas and go on to be successful. ❤

    I keep seeing this Dirty Goat stuff and I have browsed the site but I am having a hard time narrowing down. LOL!

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    1. Thank you for that. I could have not reviewed, but was pretty disappointed and figured it would help me learn and maybe they would see it and view it as constructive criticism. There are plenty of inconsistencies to work out. I’ve also gotten some pm’s from people letting me know they too received, how shall I say it? less than desirable scents and were grateful I was putting the word out there.

      As for the Dirty Goat, I just got 4 delicious scented products! If you can get hold of anything black chamomile, do it. I believe you’d love the Paint the Roses scent too, very authentic rosiness. My fave was the Paris in the Winter soap which I had to stop myself from smelling and put away bc it’s a gift. Good luck:)


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