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The hallmark of a great wax haul is when you love every scent and wish you ordered two of each. My exact feelings for this order, which demand a Valentine’s Day post to express my love. Pouring wax since 2015, I introduced Pour Girl’s Wax in my year-end recap post as one of my new favorite vendor discoveries. 

Laura, PG’s creator, hadn’t had a restock since October but when asking for scent requests for a January opening on Instagram, you better believe I was ready. The greatest number of requests were for her Creamy Cotton scent, so smart lady that she is, she created a sampler around it.20170201_124710Creamy Cotton Sampler: I always make an effort to try a brand’s signature scent when they have one. This was a 7 scent sampler of 1.5 oz. cups for 10.00 based on PG’s much loved creamy cotton.

20170201_144435Creamy Cotton– An uncommon blend of fluffy cotton with vanilla orchid and warm musk undertones.

I have an aversion to those powerful detergent strength cotton scents. This is the opposite of those. It has a pure, soft and dreamy quality to it. Shimmering to the eye and the nose as it tickles the senses with powder, blooms with airy floral, and finishes with a puff of gauzy cotton.

Halved this one to use for a blend with another Pour Girl’s scent I had from October*, so not the full amount of throw. From half, Creamy Cotton provided moderate scent, just enough for an ambient mood in my living room.

* What did I blend it with? Fig, a “floral lemon-lime blend enhanced by coconut and bergamot w/a dry musky background.” Not sure if this is a candle dupe but I saw this combo recommended online and know a loaf of this mix was available last Fall.

What a beautiful blend. Fig’s description is slightly misleading because no citrus notes come out, but what does is a dusty, spicy floral and stunning musk tone. A potent scent on it’s own, but when accompanied by the Creamy Cotton, a lovely coolness takes the edge off the floral. I’ll be getting this blend in larger amounts if re-offered.

20170201_144310Creamy Paix– Creamy cotton mixed with paix (baja cactus blossom). A blend of fresh flowers, coconut and rich vanilla; which is my kind of pie. It took a little while to notice the throw; however, I’ve learned not to doubt Pour Girl’s Wax. Even when on the subtler side, they still deliver.

After 30 minutes, the bright aroma of cactus blossom skimmed across the room creating refreshing ripples. My favorite on cold ended up too fleeting once warmed, however. It is a beautiful scent that I might buy again to melt in smaller spaces,


Cotton Oasis– Creamy cotton blended with guava and fig.

Likely my favorite of the bunch, I wouldn’t have put these 3 notes together, and now I’m obsessed. I’ve tried other guavas that were too sweet for my palate, this reads more like a yummy sherbet punch because of the creamy note, heightened by that gorgeous fig. Very vibrant throw from half, I didn’t want to use it all just yet, but the 3/4 oz. was the perfect amount.


Sleepy Cotton– creamy cotton + marshmallow + a touch of lavender


Another winning combination with the versatile Creamy Cotton. The marshmallow is not phony smelling or overpowering, but elevates the sweetness while the whisper of lavender perfumes the mix. I only wish the lavender was punched up a few notches to subdue the sugar.

A light to moderate throw in my bedroom, I can see this scent being popular if released on it’s own.



20170201_112323Cold throw reviews:

Candy Cotton – Creamy cotton + cotton candy. The ultimate sugar-coated confection spun together with fresh cream, lightened by a caress of cotton. I shouldn’t adore a scent that’s this sweet, but oh, how I do…

Cotton Dreams – Creamy cotton + bergamot + bedtime bath. Three harmonious notes that create an ultra-fresh fragrance. Snappier than the others due to the citrusy bergamot, it’s such a cheerful scent. Just waiting to celebrate the first sunny spring day with this melt.

Vintage Cotton – Creamy cotton + vanilla lace + peppermint. Leaning exotic from the oriental woods of vanilla lace. A cooling breeze of mint grounded by the posies of creamy cotton make a perfectly bold blend.

Barbershop Reconcile– an extremely popular blend of shaving cream chunks and olive branch type overpour. A $6.75 5 oz. wax cake.


I thought that I only liked a few Lush dupes: American Cream, Twilight; I guess I’ve been missing out on this Olive Branch fragrance gem. Lush’s description “warm citrus perfume of mandarin oil and orange flower absolute.”

If you caught my Band of Blogger’s post, you’ll know I wrote an ode to shaving cream scents. They are my silky smooth tonic of choice lately.

20170201_112051Jam-packed with shaving cream chunks, it is the dominant scent when melted. The talcum combines with amber and rum into a dapper, masculine spirit. Softened by the feminine touch of green vines and fragrant orange blossoms, a lovely and well-balanced elixir emerges.


Either my hands are too small, or this wax is too large, but you get the idea. Barbershop is my heartthrob. 

These samples♡


A sweet rosette in Baby Bath, which I surmise is recognizable if you have children, I don’t, thus it’s new to me. Tangy to the nose with relaxing aquatic tones. I would definitely purchase this.

Bad Romance– shaving cream + vanilla lace. Love shaving cream, love vanilla lace, love this combo.

The only downside to this order is that it is now the supreme yardstick by which I’ll compare all future hauls. Hoping for a restock soon and most ardently for larger batches. I’m kicking myself for not grabbing 2 samplers. It’s the valentine I much prefer to hearts and flowers.

Happy Valentine’s day, friends☺

8 thoughts on “Wax haul- Pour Girl’s Wax

  1. Happy Valentines Day Girly! My oh my sounds like you won big with this sampler! It seems like a perfect blend of comforting scents. Cotton Candy and creamy cotton..who would have known! I bet it is amazing!! Shaving cream blends.. oh you know shaving cream blends are swoon worthy!


    1. Happy Valentine’s day buddy:) These scents are truly comforting and uplifting at the same time. Simple blends done so well. I believe you sent me PG’s Crocchini milk, which I know is not your thing, but I loved that too! She’s quickly becoming one of my fave vendors that I don’t want to miss an opening for. Do you have vendor on that level these days?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah not big on milk blends for some reason.. but so glad you enjoyed it!! Ahh, I have actually had that thought here recently of which vendor is really high up there for me and really I’m not sure as of here late. I haven’t been exactly floored by a fragrance here recently but I also haven’t made a lot of new purchases so a lot of what I have left of my wax (except what I got for Christmas) is scents I’ve had around and just need to get through instead of being super excited about anything. SOO with that being said I need to explore and revisit scents that I have and maybe fall for them again and also it wouldn’t hurt for me to make a few small purchases soon. I have been eyeing super tarts recently as I do not have a lot of ST wax. I can say that the last melt worth mentioning again and to try more of their product was Blank Label’s Dark Paradise. That was actually a great one, not too strong on the Rose Jam.

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  2. These photos are so beautiful! I love them. Happy Valentine’s Day hot mama. You have sold me on the Creamy Cotton and marshmallow lavender one. I need to find that one. I am off to check out Pour Girl’s right now. ❤


    1. Aw thanks! I just went for it with the little pom-poms bc unlike Finger Candy, I have zero Valentine’s flora and accessories, not even any from my Yankee days. Fun fact: those pom-poms ended up as little googly-eyed little love-bugs my sis made with our niece. Unfortunately I missed out on the craft but had fun playing with them for these pics.
      Oops, sorry. Should have made it more clear. Laura only restocks every few months and the sampler sold out in about 2 hours. I tried to throw in a few hints and nudges about making your Sleepy Cotton available for individual and larger batches. I’ll hope for the best and request it if she asks.
      Thanks for spreading the Valentine’s love my way❤


  3. Cotton, man – who the heck knew? These all sound lovely, and I love the little display you nestled them in – those little balls look like evil unicorn sea anenomes! Or possibly good unicorn sea anenomes – how am I supposed to know if they’re good or evil?!


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