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Welcome to the February edition of Band of
Bloggers!  You’re probably getting tired of winter already as we
start this new month.  Maybe your thoughts are already turning
towards spring, or maybe you’re all about Valentine’s at the moment.
Hearts and roses, chocolates and cards, and special someones making you
smile . . . With all that love floating around, our question
this month is quite simple.
What scent are you *loving* at the
It can be anything from wax to perfume to
body care to . . . whatever!
My scent love is singular at the moment. Enticing, but elusive. Difficult to describe, yet instantly recocgnizable. One can sniff it all day without capturing it’s true essence.
It’s cool. It’s tingly, creamy, dreamy. It’s rain, it’s sun all rolled into one…
I’m ecstatic to answer this question because like a lovestruck romantic, I want to shout it from the rooftops: I’M LOVING SHAVING CREAM BLENDS!
  Currently, our relationship is in the wax melting stage, but I forsee it developing into shower scrub/body lotion territory soon. Not to mention, you know, actual shave cream.
I realize I’m probably late to the shaving 
cream party, but its still a fun place to be. What’s not to love? It’s all golden amber, hand-whipped lather, sexy sandalwood and occasionally, invigorating bergamot. Mmm, total hunk of a scent.
Melts I’ve tried include:
Super Tarts:
Mystique-Pink sugar shaving cream (fave)
Hagrid-Shaving Cream and Tinsel (berries/nilla/peppermint/pomegranate)
Star Lord-Shaving cream, cream soda, lingonberry jam
L3 Waxy Wonders:
Deep Throat-1,000 Kisses and shave cream and Snooze Button Aftershave (so so good)
Vintage Chic Scents:
Bond, James Bond-Shaving cream and Burberry Brit
Sweeney’s Barber Shop-Shaving cream, mint, strawberries
I’ve missed out on, but am ISO; On the Waterfront-Shaving cream and sea air
Pour Girl’s Wax:
Barbershop Reconcile (new fave)
There are many more barbershop blends I’ve been scoping out too, I hear Sassy Girl Aroma and Scoopable Tart Wax have yummy ones. If you’ve tried a good brand that is a must, let me know.
To use as much Valentine-speak as possible; I’ve been crushing hard on this scent and to a lesser degree, its fellow fragrance, aftershave. This February there is no doubt, for me,
Shaving Cream is BAE.
We hope you’ll join the fun and leave your
own answer in the comments below.
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7 thoughts on “Band of Bloggers

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever tried a shaving cream scent. Your enthusiasm for it had me curious until you mentioned it involves amber and sandalwood. Ugh, those two are not for me. But your excitement made me smile!



    1. Thank you:) It’s a unique scent type that you must try! In fact, if you’ve ever pumped a dollop of shave cream into your palm, you have tried it. That’s what it smells like, crisp yet subtle. The scent notes that I listed are in some classic shaving creams, but not in all. SC is really its own category. But the blends Deb, the blends! I’ll squirrel away some blends I think you’d like, to send you sometime-minus the sandalwood.


  2. Yay, keeners! This morning I’ve also run the dishes and steam cleaned the floors! Then again, I did get up at 4:15 am, yikes.

    I’ve yet to even smell any shaving cream blends, but if they’re anything like Old Spice or those types of products and colognes, then I’m cool (ugh, except for that ex that was, like, 19 and wore Aqua Velva. I still can’t smell it without wanting to gag a bit.) I remember those Sweeney blends used to be super popular on IG. There’s a blueberry one I’m sort of curious about. Tinsel is a shaving cream blend, too, right, or is it just that I see it blended with shaving cream a lot?


    1. Whoa! Slow down with bringing in talk of cleaning at 4:15 am to this blog:) Actually, I’m a notorious insomniac but I never seem to do anything productive with my sleeplessness, unless you count reading, blogging or worrying.

      Maybe I’m not late to the shaving cream party bc it may be having a moment right now. I wouldn’t describe it as cologne, certainly not Aqua Velva. Maybe I’m not the best at capturing it bc I love it so much, I become a tongue-tied love struck prepubescent. Or it’s just hard to categorize. I’m gonna have to say that it’s so good it actually makes me want to punch a stranger in the face. That’s good!
      The only tinsel that I know of is in the Super Tarts blend and it’s amazing! I’ll probably pick up more and give you some w/the other scents, Lost Boys, etc:)


      1. Hey, something else we have in common – insomnia! I go through bouts, including night terrors for a little while (“terror” is the right word – my husband would tell you they were pretty terrifying.) Haven’t had many problems, though, since making a few changes to my overall life situation (also known as just plain old life!)

        And you are way too nice to think of me and my (our/nay, the UNIVERSE’S) Lost Boy obsession! But at least let me get out the package I have for you all semi-boxed up and sitting in the second bedroom, where my cat has probably licked it. Sorry.


        1. Night terrors I’ve never had. (Just waking ones😂) Don’t rush any boxes my way, I won’t be buying new wax for awhile so I’m aiming for end of spring/summerish before I send any more:)


  3. Ooooo yes! I enjoy a sexy man shaving cream too. It is so refreshing. I love your descriptions. Sweeney’s is pretty good and I liked Hagrid a lot too, very similar. I think I had a blueberry one too form the Sweeney sampler and for sure the Johanna (rosemary mint and shaving cream). Deep Throat?!! Racy racy!!! Sounds good though. I did try Barbershop 1920 and liked it. Hope you are doing well! ❤

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