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It’s about that time of the season when all I want to do is hibernate at home. I love the idea of snuggling up indoors against the keen bite of winter, the snow falling outside as a roaring fire crackles in the fireplace. Ruddy cheeks from the heat of the blaze, toasting my hands and feet, hypnotized as the flickering flames cast dancing shadows upon the glowing hearthstone. The only sounds…the crackle of logs, pop of sparks and perhaps the clink of ice cubes in a glass of warming spirits.

Unfortunately, we don’t use our gas stove fireplace anymore because it’s a soot-churning monster. How does one evoke this fireside feeling without it? Fortunately, the wax world has an answer for that.

In lieu of a real working fireplace, we use a Duraflame electric stove heater. It has all the bells + whistles, adds ambiance and heats our rec room nicely.

Though I no longer strictly adhere to a theme of one scent/one post, I occasionally like to spotlight a single fragrance category and compare a variety of wax from it. Being a natural analyzer and cataloger, I can’t help but comply to my nature.

Today is my one year blogiversary, a perfect time to return to a comparison style post from my early blogging days. With cozy firesides in mind, I gathered up my various hearth melts.

The Bathing GardenFaerie Bonfire A complex bonfire scent with notes of leaves, vanilla, sandalwood, and brown sugar.20170118_091911

This scent sounded too mesmerizing to pass up with my winter order, but upon receipt, I found there to be a strange note that sent it to the bottom of my box, forgotten. Something rotten with a tang to it, maybe the leaves, or bonfire aspect?

Starting with one cube, adding a second and ending up happy I decided to melt it. Whatever note didn’t jive on cold, melded harmoniously when warmed. A humble fireside scent made hazy by the crystalline sugar. Vanilla adds an almost cooling, creamy touch to the smokiness, before it takes a slight dark twist from the damp leaves.

Even as a lighter performing scent, I could see myself repurchasing. I’ve learned to trust in Shannon and her blending skills.

Handmade PrimFireside 3/4 oz. sample size, no scent description available.

Pure burley tobacco leaf combines with wispy smoke and sweet resins to create a lively fireplace scent. A multi-faceted aroma of charred embers, warmed cloth, and plumes of herbaceous woodsmoke mingled with exotic incense.

Consistent and fragrant throw that captured the toasty bonfire that I was after. I will purchase if it reappears in the etsy shop.

Candles from the Keeping RoomOld colonial hearth The aroma of a roaring fire burning old age wood…this is an earthy smokey type aroma.

CFTKR uses sweetly detailed molds that make me happy.

Put this in an electric warmer before taking our dog on a walk, and returned home to a scent that had completely changed the tone of our house. Interesting, but overwhelmed my senses quickly. An exhale of intense bitter smoke, as if from a cast-iron stove curled acridly through the room swallowing up the atmosphere. An authentic aroma to be sure, but that includes the sooty residue and lingering black ash when the coals have died down. We also got an off-putting note of burnt plastic.

Old Colonial Hearth achieved it’s purpose in recreating a fireplace fragrance, however, I think it would only work in a much larger open space. In my smallish rooms, it was akin to dwelling in an ashtray. Won’t repurchase or use the remaining melts.

Party LiteBy the Fire –The romantic, smoky scents of smoldering wood, warmed by a sweet touch of honey & sugared maple.

Partylite, that candle-selling/networking business has wax melts, who knew? I was gifted these by a friend and intrigued. Two chunky wedges were used in my Scenterpiece.

Once warmed, a floral tone emerged, then it fizzled. Charcoal, reminiscent of The Bathing Garden’s Bah Humbug settled into the background, but never became more prominent. Smoldering, but not catching fire. If there were honey and maple, I couldn’t tell. Such a shame that the best of the cold throws amounted to so little when warmed. Maybe one needs 3-4 wedges of the softer partylite melts, but I probably won’t be purchasing to find out.

Ten Digit Creations– Santa’s Pipe*

Part of my TDC clearance close-out order, I didn’t have high hopes for this one on cold sniff. Not helping matters was the waxident that occurred with my cute, but poorly designed Yankee tealight warmer. The bowl kept slipping off and spilling wax, before the sticky melt released any scent.20170119_203856Undaunted, I used the remaining half of my 2 oz. cup in my trusty owl warmer. Twenty minutes went by without much happening and I was ready to write this one off, when I noticed a faint fragrance drifting by. Sweet, almost sugary tobacco smoke wound it’s way through, filling up my living room.

Not really a fireside scent, it had the essence of a mild gentle heat. I enjoyed the soft fruity tobacco character for three days as a morning melt ritual that reassured my senses with comforting warmth. I would repurchase.

*Sandra, this could be the grandpa’s pipe scent you’re after. Let me know if you want me to pick some up:)20170118_090802-1The best, and by that I mean smokiest of the smoky melts: Handmade Prim’s Fireside. That little cup held a life-like substitute for the crackling embers and fragrant smoke of a welcoming fire in the hearth, straight out of a tale by Dickens.

6 thoughts on “Fireside Chat

  1. Oh goodness, that is a waxident indeed. Some of those Yankee warmers with the little hammock (at least that’s what I call it!) are oddly assembled, with the hanging bit dipping down on one side. Plus you have to be so careful not to overfill them! But things I probably don’t have to tell you. 😦

    Happy one year blogiversary! That’s so fantastic, congratulations. A super milestone. Something like 97 percent of blogs fail within the first three months? It has a success rate on par with that of opening a restaurant. So that you’ve made it out of the year is outstanding, way to go!

    Mmm, tobacco scent. I will absolutely try some, should you be placing an order or have any extras about – thanks for thinking of me. 🙂


    1. If I hadn’t gotten that warmer for a deep discount of $4 when I worked at the store, I’d be more upset about it. Now I’m wondering, should I clean it or just pitch the useless pain in the arse?
      I will pick up a tobacco scent for you the next time I order TDC, not sure when that will be, lol. I’m reaching wax ban status here.
      Thanks for the congrats and support. Because I began blogging for such a strong personal reason (distraction from grief) I kept at it, but a few times I felt ready to abandon it. Right before the FF series came along, I was about done. It rejuvenated my bloggy spirit however, and here we are.


      1. For that price and that level of mess (trying to clean up the wax all embedded in the coffee beans, for instance) I’d pitch it.

        That’s so awesome that the Fall Fun Series was your blogging savior! That sounds so cheesy, but whatever keeps the motivation going, which is, like, 97 percent of the difficulty with blogging. I’ve had a bit of a fire lit under my arse since the Fall as well – just wanted (and want) to try something different, see what makes me and other people happy.

        Thanks for keeping me in mind whenever you make your next order, but absolutely no pressure – I know the sting of reaching that place where you’re just completely out of money to burn (literally) or space to store this stuff.


  2. Happy Bloggiversary!! I am so happy for you! And this post is the perfect milestone feature. I love fireside scents so much. You are dead on point with the CFTKR Hearth one… shooooweeee. Way too acrid and smoky. TBG Magician’s Bonfire is one of my favorites. I will have to try Handmade Prim’s fireside. I have been meaning to order from them anyway. ❤


    1. Thanks for your support and blog love Julie😊

      I’m hoping Handmade Prim brings it back for spring/summer, it was such a welcoming fireside scent. The shop featured too much cinnamon bakery for my taste over Christmas.
      But that CFTKR! We nearly choked on it, I’m pretty objective when it comes to scents but I don’t see how anyone could do it. The best thing about getting that Colonial Hearth was that my niece opened my melts w/me and wanted to be the first to sniff the cute shapes-she fell off her chair in disgust with that one, we all thought it was hilarious. At least I’ll have a fond memory tied to it. Good luck in the sale tomorrow, I’ll be excited to see it all!


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