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Hello, dear friends, I’ve just joined a band! Let me ‘splain…as much as I’d like to announce it is a rock band, my lack of musical ability ended that dream long ago. The band I’ve joined is of a different sort~but the members are rock-stars in their own right. I’ve joined a band of bloggers. I’ve followed a few of these blogger’s sites for awhile, others are newer to me; some, I consider friends and others I’m excited to read about and get to know.
What is a Band of Bloggers? A group of harmonious bloggers who contribute to a monthly newsletter on a topic. Each member takes turns and starts the conversation, while the others respond in kind. It is the conversation that I’m looking forward to most. I hope you join me and follow the band.
We all here at the Band of Bloggers would like to welcome you to a brand new year. We hope it will be full of good health and much happiness, and of course a plethora of fragrance.
Let’s kick off the new year by asking what your fragrant plans are for 2017. Are you trying new vendors, going on a low-buy or no-buy, or planning on burning more candles? Do you dream of new wax blends, trying out incense or something entirely different? Are perfumes, indie bath and body or artisan body care on your list? Or do you plan on making your own home made brews?
 My adventures in vendor wax aren’t even a year-old, thus many vendors are still new to me, though I have a few favorites that I repurchase. I’m looking forward to trying newer brands this year and diversifying my blog accordingly. So far, so good. I’ve hauled and loved Wax Junkie Melts and have a Ten Digit Creations order waiting to be sifted through soon. I also have my eye on some small candle brands I’m tempted to test out. This week, I’ve been burning my winter faves so I’ll have less to pack away in February-I’ve only bought one SAS candle this year and am attempting to purge before buying more.
Every February (and July) I do a no-buy. My bank account needs a little recovery after the holiday bills, so Feb gives it some cooling off time. As much as I’d like to start a no-buy in January, I can’t resist the post-holiday deals. Sometimes, I splurge a little and buy myself an item that didn’t get crossed off my Christmas list. This year, it’s a purse. I’d like a spring-hued one, so I’m gonna have to get on the ball and find one before February.
Incense you say? I actually just found my incense burner in a drawer a short time ago and thought I’d burn it at night to relax. I still have two scents, peppermint and vanilla to use up. There’s a little shop in the Coventry section of Cleveland, City Buddha, that has tons of quality incense sticks to choose from. That would be fun to revisit sometime this year.
Indie body care is my newest foray into small business vendors. I’ve tried my first sugar scrub from The Bathing Garden, the divinely scented Ever Night, and am expecting my first Candy Panda scrub, it will be fun to compare. I’ve got a product review from the Dirty Goat waiting in the wings, too. Natural products will be on my watch list this year as alternatives to more chemically processed buys. If anyone has suggestions for a dark spot corrector or sun damage reversing miracle, my tired skin can use it.
 Thanks for reading, I’m excited to see what the Band of Bloggers will bring this year! And do tell us what your aromatic plans and goals for 2017 include!
We, sadly, have had a few bloggers lay down their pens. And they will be deeply missed. However, we are welcoming some new bloggers to this motley and aromatic group.
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5 thoughts on “I’m with the Band

  1. Excellent! SO excited to have join!!! I feel like we need shirts now. I love that you do a no buy in Feb. and int he summer. I could totally get down with that. We don’t have holiday bills but I love the idea of using up some older wax in February to get ready for new meltings in the spring and summer. TDC has some great great scents. I look forward to your review. And Dirty Goat too. Been meaning to try that one out. Have fun incense shopping. I will do that in a couple of months myself.


    1. You’ll likely be incense shopping before I will then unless I spot some closer to home. I don’t plan on hitting City Buddha until summer. I might take a peek for any wax vendors that sell some-surely Nag Champa would be nice.

      And though melting down my stash would be a noble goal, I have two preorders expected for February, so it’s ever expanding, no-buy or not. I likely won’t get around to melting my TDC for awhile, but might post in Feb. On cold throw, I’m slightly underwhelmed but I’ll give most of them a try.
      As for our band t-shirts, that would be classic! Sandra could design them…instead of groupies, our followers would be waxies…


  2. YAY! So excited to see you’ve joined us! Like Julie said – we need shirts.
    I’m in the same boat, trying to melt my winter scents before February and warmer weather creeps in. In a year I’ve managed to completely replace wax I threw out in a massive purge. On the bright side, this wax is of much higher quality. On the not-so-bright side, I still managed to replace all that wax. >_<
    Ever Night is a lovely scent, isn't it! I'm going to stock up when it comes around again this year.
    I'm going to have to watch yours and Julie's blog for incense. Not that I need something else to buy with my money, but you two have me intrigued about the incense-y possibilities…


    1. I know that I don’t need another item to start acquiring but I like the thought of the different fragrances available in incense. If/when I find a good one, I’ll post about it.

      Good for you for purging, especially for higher quality, but replacing a wax collection in a year is…impressive. I need to use up, give away, let go of a lot. I’ll definitely be focusing on that the next couple months, so good luck to us both.
      Ever Night is not the usual type of scent I’m into but it’s so luxurious in the scrub. I might make getting one a yearly treat.


      1. I was on track to use up more wax than I was bringing in… then that whole “moving forward” thing really kicked off with lots of social activity and before I knew it I was out of the house more often than I was home. It was awesome, but I had made purchases from places with long TATs based off of my wax consumption rate before all of the crazy activities. While I was out living my life, my wax stash multiplied on me.
        I’m going through wax much faster now, but I’m still maintaining a light hand when it comes to wax purchases.

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