Tea and transformation

At the beginning of each yoga class, we are asked to set an intention for that day’s practice. It could be a phrase, a word, or a goal to focus on. At the end of the practice we offer that intention up, as if dedicating it out into the world. My intention should be to do more yoga because I’ve been a big slacker lately, but I mostly think of peace, patience, flexibility, etc.


Many also set an intention at the beginning of the new year. I have done so for the past few years and thought I’d share mine for the upcoming year. By sending it out into the world, I may achieve it in a greater sense. My intention is transformation. To complete a change, alter oneself, renew. All of the ways in which I’ll do so aren’t evident yet, however, I’ve started with a few. I’m approaching a big birthday this year, likely to cause me to reflect and reevaluate my goals in life. I’m excited for this, both the celebration and an increased eye towards what the future holds. My blog is transitioning too, from a narrower focus to one that’s more inclusive of my life and loves.

Nowhere in my life is there more evident a need for change than in our house. We’ve spent our tenth year living here and experienced the ten year curse, in which everything seems to fall apart. With projects large and small, we have to focus on home repairs. An upcoming one is replacing the flooring on both levels. I’ve mentioned the flood that occurred downstairs, but we also had a leaking refrigerator that wasn’t discovered until it lifted and cracked the kitchen tiles in some areas. They’re stable to walk on, but aren’t pretty and will only get worse.


There’s some general sprucing up occurring as well. In September, I spied a tea/coffee bar on a home decor blog and couldn’t get how perfect it would be off of my mind. At $59 from Hobby Lobby, it made my short Christmas list, and, lo and behold, Santa brought it. My husband installed my wished for coffee/tea bar last week.

Why is it so perfect? First of all, I’m in dire need of more kitchen shelf space and the mug hooks are a plus. Best of all the baskets are the ideal size for my favorite tea tins from the Republic of Tea. Not as slick and sleek as other coffee bar versions that I’ve seen decked out with chrome, Keurig makers and monochromatic mugs, but mine is eclectic and filled with my favorites.


My current tea rotation consists mostly of Republic of Tea in the Downton Estate blend, an earl grey with vanilla and the Downton Christmas blend, a mulling spice. I’m a notorious insomniac, so I occasionally use the Get Some Zzz’s chamomile. My favorite blend, the Milk Oolong has just returned to the line-up and will probably be my spring tea choice.

My husband prefers this cool Dept. of Tea breakfast blend. We both like classic PG tips, found at World Market. A new goodie is the discovery of Riddle’s Tea Shoppe, a partner with Adagio teas which makes fandom blends. The Loyalty house blend nod to Hufflepuff is a sweet refreshing apricot, vanilla, apple & cinnamon tea that was a fitting stocking stuffer for my Hufflepuff husband:)

The luxury to display my teas and keep additions, like local honey, within easy reach has already transformed the amount of tea I have drunk this year. I believe 2017 will be “the year of tea.”


Just in case I begin to think I’m getting overly sophisticated with intentions and tea bars, I bought this silly planner to help me track all of my plans and ideas. Everybody needs a little whimsy in their days, too.

Any yearly intentions or exciting plans on your horizon this year? Did a special Christmas present provide inspiration? Please share your tea recommendations too, I think that one can’t have too many cups of tea.

6 thoughts on “Tea and transformation

  1. Oh my, I love this post! I literally just published a post asking for tea recs so I’m taking notes. I had not heard of Republic of Tea before so thanks! I just love your new tea/coffee set up. Here’s hoping the year will bring much needed repairs for your home and the desired transformation for yourself.

    I am also seeking and blogging about transformation, although I didn’t think of it in such “zen” terms. Your yoga class sounds very relaxing; I have enjoyed it in the past but don’t live near to any classes and don’t even have enough room in my tiny living space to do it at home.
    I look forward to reading more about your adventures in transformation!

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    1. Thanks so much for the kind words Amanda. I will check out your blog tonight. It’s funny that today Julie posted about tea on IG, you asked for tea recs, as did Jessica from the meltdown blog AND when I gave her some I recommended your post about Harney &Sons. What a small blogging world!
      We’re certainly on the same page with seeking transformation. Change used to be so hard for me and now I find myself craving it. Good luck to you in your quest for transformation, maybe we can find ways to support each other:)
      I’m such a bad yoga student lately, I’ve tried to practice at home but can never get motivated. I have no excuse bc one of my friends teaches, too. I would be in real trouble if I didn’t have a studio nearby, I hope one moves in closer to you soon. Happy New Year.


  2. YAY FOR TEA!! I am thrilled with this post on so many levels: tea, Downton Abbey, Hufflepuff tea, planner and intentions. I want to fold myself up in this post and snuggle down. We too are in our ten year (11 1/2 really) home phase and have replaced flooring, the whole A/C unit, repainted, new toilets, so many things but there are more coming up too: new roof (oi!), repainting exterior, landscaping, new sinks, new fridge, new washer/dryer, new dishwasher. But not all this year. Just a little at a time. I hope your tiles can be replaced without too much headache. Do you see yourself moving soon or do you guys plan on staying put? This was built as our “first home” but will be our “only home” I think. No plans to go anywhere really. Unless Adam gets relocated. I wanted to do more yoga last year but it slipped out of my hands. Maybe I can turn that around this year. I have been good about bringing my tea to work as a midafternoon pick up (instead of chowing on the candy in the school candy basket). I need to swing by Target and pick up a new planner too. Thanks for the reminder!

    P.S. LOVE your tea caddy. I am going to shop around and see what I can find for my teas.


    1. Haha, I’ve never even wanted to snuggle down into one of my own posts, but I know what you mean:) Thank you!
      Yowza, you’ve done a lot already and still have a long improvement list, such are the joys of home ownership. Our home is small and was intended as a starter, but ended up fitting just the two of us well enough. If we put it on the market now, we’d lose tens of thousands. Someday I’d like to move out of state and have a little more property and a house with more character; however, that would mean double the work we have now which is more than we can afford. We have done replacement windows on half the house and are saving for the rest. Other than a new kitchen sink, we haven’t replaced much. I guess you’d say we’re more reactive than proactive when it comes to updates, but we can’t ignore the needs any longer. A little at a time will have to do.
      I’m sure you’ll find just the thing for tea storage that works for your house. My tea caddy is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Having my teas organized and on display has added to my enjoyment of a good cuppa even more.


  3. I’m glad/sad I’m in Korea right now. I can’t haul my husband out to Hobby Lobby to pick up that fantastic tea/coffee bar. It IS perfect!

    Planner, you say? Silly? Nonsense! I love that cover.

    If I had to say I have a yearly intention, it’s an extension of my thoughts from last year: move forward. So I shall keep moving forward in life, no matter how many hills or mountains I come across and no matter how hard they seem to climb.

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    1. What a great intention and attitude Liz. Ah, that tea caddy has changed my daily life for sure. I hope that I can continue transforming positively, but I know I’ll definitely drink more tea this year, than any other.
      Happy new year to you!


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