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Happy New Year, wax friends! What could be better than starting off 2017 with a fun and funky wax melt haul?

This year, I’m featuring newer, less established small business wax vendors. I’ll occasionally order from the larger, tried and true makers, they became so for a reason, but I’m making an effort to highlight the up and comers, the hustlers, the millennial waxies. There’s a lot of innovation and playfulness occurring with these newer vendors and I’m happy to indulge my curiosity, sample and support them.

I’ve been following Wax Junkie Melts’ shop owner, Sierra, for awhile now. She is one of the funniest and most positive wax posting persons on Instagram. Always celebrating other vendors while often going on long digressions about life, her family and whatever else occurs to her at the time. I laughed out loud at the post she made about ice cream scoop bread and how it’s accepted as a scent note while questioning it’s legitimate existence. She makes a valid point. Though she makes me smile most often, without a regular restock schedule, I’ve missed a few opportunities to purchase and hadn’t tried her stuff until this past month.

What spurred me most into making an order were the unique scent combinations. Sierra conceives interesting fragrances. Bakery concoctions like lavender chocolate chip cookie dough with buttercream, and a scent called Netflix and chilled strawberries – a complex blend of cozy hemp blanket, strawberry and warm musk. Wax Junkie Melts specializes in BBW and Lush blends like Minty Misrule. But the ones that caught my eye were the fresh fragrances. I ordered six scents at $1.25 per cup and received them quickly with a friendly card, no samples, but honestly you can’t beat the price.


I was most excited to try Balsam, Red berries, Peppermint, and vanilla lace. Peppermint has turned my head this winter and when blended into an interesting combination, I can’t resist.

Fragrance: I love the touch of vanilla in this, and the snowy peppermint came through but I wished for more balsam and berries to increase the complexity to my nose.

Performance: Three hours in the low and slow melt of my Scenterpiece warmer and the scent was too faint to make much of a presence in the room at first. Eventually, the peppermint wafted in cleanly and clearly, and provided a refreshing background fragrance. I tried the other melts in my tart warmers which have better throw with para-soy blends.


Santa’s Sheets was a scent I was unsure of on cold throw but ended up adoring. Pine, clean 20161217_152623sheets, vanilla and a touch of sea salt create an invigorating fragrance. I popped it into my electric tart warmer early on new year’s eve day as I cleaned and my husband worked on some projects around the house. The freshness provided enough motivation for me to clean some closets and dust, my least favorite chores.

Fragrance: Fresh scent lover that I am doesn’t mean that I’m into strong laundry or gain type melts. If it’s overly bracing, or smells of detergent I just cannot do it.

These clean sheets though! I don’t know what oil ratio was used but it’s the first fresh scent I’ve had with major spiciness to it. The pine needles lent a little zip, but the sea salt, a note I thought would be inconsequential created a spicy brew that, tempered with the vanilla, became a savory sensation.

Performance: Very impressive, with long lasting throw for at least five hours. I need more of this scent in order to clean the rest of my house with as much gusto. A melt as magical as Santa, himself.


My new year’s day required a relaxing scent and there’s nothing better than nag champa to perfume the air with it’s powdery essence. Becca is a complex scent of Nag champa, B&BW type Pearberry, and Oakmoss.

Fragrance: The Pearberry rises to the forefront with a lofty fruitiness. As it subsides, the scent of heady incense calms the senses and is grounded by damp and earthy base note of oakmoss. Fragrant oakmoss has become another scent I’ve grown to enjoy lately and the only way this scent could be better is to contain more of it.

Performance: This uplifting aroma is perfuming my room as I write this post. It’s filling the air with a calming blanket of scent. A perfect new year’s day melt.

Sierra, I must request more nag champa blends as well. It will help me fulfill a resolution I have to get back into meditating.


I’m saving the Coconut, Mahogany Woods, Lavender & Toasted Marshmallow melt for later. On cold throw it’s true to Mahogany Coconut by Bath & Body Works. If you like that or Coconut Sandalwood, you’ll enjoy this, made even yummier by the addition of marshmallows.

The other scent I haven’t tried is Blue Hawaiian, Warm Vanilla Sugar & Marshmallow. The Blue Hawaiian cocktail used to be my drink way back in the day. The melt version conjures the tropical liquor realistically. Nowadays, my cocktails are much less fruity, so I will gift this.


White Pumpkin, Cinnamon Crème and lilac flowers-is what I’m talking about when I declare Wax Junkie creates funky and somewhat risky blends.

Fragrance: Often paired with pumpkin, to lilacs the addition of cinnamon creme is inspired. I’m enchanted by the warm, comforting creaminess but also the brightness of the floral which elevates the blend into a unique aroma.

Performance: A lovely experience and one I can sniff all day, both warm and cold.

Recommendation: I’m excited to feature small businesses like Wax Junkie Melts whenever possible. As a sweetheart and a self-proclaimed “blending bean” I’m tickled to promote Sierra’s shop. But as a wax junkie myself, I know it’s important to feel your money is well spent on quality products. I stand behind these melts and recommend them wholeheartedly. I can’t wait to see what Wax Junkie Melts has in store this year.


2 thoughts on “Vendor review-Wax junkie Melts

  1. How exciting! I love that you are willing to try new vendors, especially after being such a tried and true Yankee fan. It is not always an easy transition to make. I look forward to reading your reviews on up and coming vendors. It is such a challenge to hit all the spots and check all the boxes when starting a wax business. It takes a talented and dedicated person to do it and do it well. I adore Nag Champa and am always on the look out for brilliant blends with it. Happy New Year!


    1. I understand exactly what you’re saying. If I were to create a wax brand it would be all over the place as I tried to put in too many ideas and check too many boxes.
      I was in communication with Sierra all morning yesterday, before and after I posted. She confided a few things she struggles with as a new vendor and I assured her she was doing a good job. Without evidence of that dedication, talent and precision needed to create quality, I couldn’t give a favorable review.
      I’ve gotten a few hauls on a whim that weren’t well done, so I didn’t review them.
      I was happy that Sierra said I helped to inspire and improve her brand, she’s a great person, but the main reason I post is because I want to share what I’m excited about.
      Which brings me to Yankee…I do still get excited to see their new scent list, or which treasures are returning. However I’m not nearly as infatuated as I was and partly because as a former employee and friend to current manager, I think they’re experiencing major mismanagement and brand identity crises. I have enough Yankee loves I could share them for a year, and may do so occasionally, but my current excitement is with the small vendor world.
      Thank you so much for your feedback, support and friendship, Julie. You are a constant source of inspiration.


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