A Year in Wax

Time to reflect on the past year, in life and on the blog…this happens to be my 60th post and a good way to wrap up the year highlighting a clearly documented wax addiction.


There’s been a shake-up in my best and worst candles since July’s mid-year recap post.


Best tried and true candle remains Storm Watch. A misty, spa-like experience that uplifted my spirits all spring.


2016’s Best candle discovery, albeit four years late, as it’s been around since at least 2012; Cranberry Woods by Bath and Body Works. It’s megawatt throw is impressive for a mason jar candle and the scent is akin to a deep woodland hike while munching on a snack of tangy dried berries on the forest trail.

Best candle performance goes to another B&BW’s classicFlannel. It’s no surprise that once I began regularly burning Bath and Body Works, no Yankee Candle was going to retain the best throw title. Though Juicy Grapefruit was powerful, Flannel boasts the kind of strength that allows one to throw open the windows and let the neighborhood enjoy it. I do recommend letting a little fresh air in to diffuse some of its potency.

2016-08-27 19.54.16

Worst performing in all of 2016 was much anticipated Mountain Lake. The decent cold throw gave no indication of the waste of wax that this would become. A burned return would be completely justified.

Highs and lows:

20161003_082949-12016 held modest peaks and plummeting valleys. An entire year spent in mourning and grief, made it a long one. At times, the grief felt immediate and others, endless. I can honestly say that I haven’t taken a day for granted. But I learned that I need diversions and small pleasures to provide a way to cope and escape the stress. 

Relying on good friends helped. A handful of short trips and visits with some of our best friends were much needed. Through the turmoil, relying on each other helped my family somehow make it through this year, too.

One highlight was joining several other bloggers in the Fall Fun series blog share. The best part of participating, besides immersing myself in autumnal everything, was getting to know a sweet and sassy group of kindred blogging spirits. You can locate many of their sites on my Favorites page.

Chicago trip:


The architecture, the museums, the shopping, the food, the baseball, the bean! My generous sister treated me to a lovely hotel stay in Chi-town back in May and we enjoyed it so heartily that we can’t wait to go back soon.

20160514_113731-collageThe Driehaus Museum’s Downton Abbey costume exhibition granted a special fandom opportunity and the Art Institute of Chicago offered treasures beyond measure.

screenshot_2016-09-25-13-14-14This fall, the Cleveland Indians didn’t win the World Series. However, I’m grateful to have seen them in action several times this season, they were something special. It’s not often that a Cleveland sports fan has reason to cheer in October.


Vendor Wax:


Being a Yankee Candle connoisseur kept me from entering the vendor wax world until this spring, but once I tried it, I jumped in with both feet. An unofficial count puts my total number of vendors purchased around 28. With several others gifted or giveaway prize winnings. I’m a fan of variety and would absolutely love to try all the wax!

20161126_133238-1Best performing wax melt goes to Radiant Red Maple made by the first vendor that I tried this year, Wild Vine Soapery. Part of the recent fall collection, the only word I’ve found to adequately describe this ultra-sweet marshmallow is-Wow. It has lasted for weeks in my electric warmer. 


I’ve received a few poor throwers from vendor purchases, from some of my first clams of The Bathing Garden to one Zeep Bath more recently, but the title of most disappointing melt has to belong to Vintage Chic Scents. Woodstock comes to mind as a dud in fragrance and throw, but I’ve had some that barely performed, were inconsistent, or didn’t last. Admittedly, the intensity of hovering over the refresh button during restock day adds to the letdown of a subpar melt, compared to an always open vendor.

Best non-reviewed vendor wax fragrance also belongs to Vintage Chic Scents. This rather proves the inconsistency, but means I’ll still attempt to get in on a restock now and again. Beehive was a rich, and spicy lemon combo that threw beautifully. The scent notes, Lemon Coconut Cream Butter Cake Zucchini Bread blended into a blissful concoction in which a little went a long, strong way.

20161228_133442-collageExperiencing a large quantity of vendors in a relatively short time frame allowed me to determine my scent preferences and aversions. I’ve delighted in fragrant combinations that I could never have dreamt into existence. With countless winning scents and excellent vendors of whom I’ve become a happy repeat customer.

Narrowing it down to one is seemingly impossible, however, wax patronage is a personal affair. A recent discovery of Pour Girl’s wax, whose products I particularly love, deserves a mention. Pour Girl’s next restock is planned for January 22nd at 8 pm, central.

Even with many notable hauls, it was surprisingly easy to choose a favorite: House of Phoebe Wax appeals to my senses more than any other vendor, thus far. The melts, sold in 1.5 oz cups, are affordably luxurious. There’s an indefinable quality to each scent that piques my interest and keeps me returning for more. A few favorites are shown above; including Asha, Better Call Saul, Brienne, and Melisandre. The vendor is reopening her shop in January, look for more in-depth scent reviews to come.

As 2016 winds to a close, I’m reminded of the departing words from the series finale of beloved Downton Abbey. “It makes me smile, the way we drink every year to what the future may bring.”  –Lady Violet, the Dowager Countess

The future is always uncertain, but hope springs eternal, and it makes me smile too. Here’s to a happy and hopeful, New Year!

2 thoughts on “A Year in Wax

  1. Putting House of Phoebe on my to try list for sure! And I love Radiant Red Maple so much on cold. I put it in my next melting basket. Excited to try it. Wow! Over 28 vendors! That is really cool! I am sure I have sampled that many but not bought from that many on my own. I don’t think. I should go back and count. That would be a fun statistic. I hope next year will be full of more crests and that you and yours stay hale and happy. ❤ I also look forward to growing our friendship.


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    1. I think you might like HoP, they stand out as unique to me. Ah, RRM was very intense. I prob could have used it as a perpetual room freshener and never melted it! Yes, I think 28 was correct and that’s 28 different vendors (not including repeats):0
      I also received another 8-10 vendors as gifts, including Candy Panda and Rosegirls.
      Now that I have a sense of what’s out there, I’ll cut my buying in half this year. My goal is to read a larger amount of books than my number of wax purchases:)
      Thank you for the well wishes, my family can surely use them. All the best to you and yours as well.


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