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The iconic man-shaped cookie, spicy cousin to the beloved sugar cookie (which you can have anytime) gets its due for one brief month of the year. Though I may not enjoy cake and cookie bakery blends most of the time, I do crave the richer, more exotic sweetness of ginger spice around the holidays. I don’t know why it’s as if, only in December, my palate can handle the pungent character of this festive scent, I just go with it. I may have gotten carried away…

Of course, I didn’t bake any little ginger boys and girls, because of my sorely limited baking skills. If I did, I’d be tempted to create no ordinary gingerbread men- but these incredible Ninjabread men! Honestly, how cool are these dudes? I was gifted a set of yoga posture cookie cutters from a friend awhile ago, but they lack the same butt-kicking panache.

Find ’em at

Gingerbread Melts:

20161207_101708Gingerbread – Medium jar candle, Christmas in July outlet find for $6! My first holiday love from Yankee Candle. Their description: “A delicious childhood memory, spicy warm gingerbread, rich with nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar.”

Fragrance: This is gingerbread with a kick! The spiciest of the gingerbread scents I’ve tried; the aroma is mostly ginger and not much bread. Cinnamon and sugar help mellow the ginger’s grittiness, making it a very satisfying scent, somewhat fruity scent. A warming essence with just a dash of bakery blended in means this is a yearly candle tradition in my home.

Performance: Generous throw, I’ve had non-foodie scent lovers comment on the impressive performance of this candle. Fills up my kitchen nicely and has stamina. Pick one up in store and online now, or grab one during the semi-sale that starts the day after Christmas.

20161207_212339Iced Gingerbread– Scenterpiece easy melt cup, from Yankee Candle’s 2016 Limited Edition “Cookie Swap” Collection.

Fragrance: A different character than the above scent. Iced Gingerbread is lighter, and fluffier. The icing note sweetens the pot with, dare I say, marshmallows? Powdery confectioner’s sugar, thinned with cream, flavored with vanilla and drizzled over savory spiced cookies fresh from the oven. The fragrance does conjure up the real deal.

Performance: On the lighter end of the spectrum for a Scenterpiece melt cup. They are known for their powerful throws, but the Gingerbread candle outperformed the melt cup in this case. It wasn’t unnoticeable, just mild for a cookie or spicy scent.

I appreciate the idea of a toned down, creamy g-bread fragrance, yet, Iced Gingerbread just didn’t deliver the piquant punch that I desire in my seasonal quest for spiced goods.

The Bathing Garden snowflake left, The Scented Squirrel scent shot, right.

Gingerbread House- The Bathing Garden, winter collection, large sample shape. This was a surprise sample melt with my winter order, that feels like a 1.5 oz. weight. It doesn’t seem to be part of Shannon’s winter collection, so I couldn’t find any precise fragrance notes.

Fragrance: I adore this take on gingerbread! Not only is the design of this wax elegant and elevated (all of TBG’s melts are), but so is the blend. My take on Shannon’s take: there is more than gingerbread at play here. The buttery bread provides the fragrant backbone, but it’s been laced with fondant frosting, ginger sugar syrup glaze, with subtle hints of plummy gum drops and luscious licorice finish. Truly, the entire house of gingerbread was recreated, the only flavor profile missing is the peppermint candies which line the roof.

Performance: One of the best throws I’ve gotten from The Bathing Garden, thus far. Though I cringed to cut into it, only half a melt wafted through my main floor beautifully. I’m not sure when my sample was created, but I received it about three weeks ago.

Oh, how I wish this scent was released as part of the collection. On second thought, maybe I don’t, because I’m attempting to allocate my pennies for Christmas presents rather than wax splurges. If only I didn’t love winter fragrances so much!

Sierra– The Scented Squirrel 2 oz.scent shot. Named for the owner of Wax Junkie melts. Pumpkin Spice and gingersnaps.

Fragrance: Okay, I believe gingerbread can show up before the Christmas season. One may find a gingerbread pie crust, latte, or Dairy Queen blizzard during the fall too, yum. I think that’s what The Scented Squirrel is going for by mixing it with pumpkin spice.

On cold throw, I detected a hint of pumpkin pie spices, but upon warming, ginger dominated the blend with a realistic gingersnap cookie aroma. I challenge anyone to a blind sniff test between this melt and a box of gingersnaps. Sierra smells just like the crisp cookie.

With an enjoyable rustic, homemade quality to it, this scent delivers the spice. There is something missing to my nose, I can’t quite figure it out though. Sierra could be enhanced with more pumpkin spice or some other variant to balance the ginger.

Performance: To be fair, I also used only half of this 2 oz shot. It melted into a lovely coppery wax pool, but was the first Scented Squirrel melt I’ve tried with less than stellar throw. I had to hover a bit to experience the gingersnap, but if increased to the entire cup, it should perform well.

Battle Royale:

Which ginger reigned supreme? Whether bold, creamy, layered or rustic, I enjoyed all of the variations. But, the one that provided the best gingerbread fix had to be The Bathing Garden’s Gingerbread House. It is sublime.


Heightening the festive factor, I indulged in the ginger beer I’d been craving since my Fall Fun series drink recipe. I’m saving some for a Moscow Mule cocktail this weekend. Another delicious indulgence are the Spekulatins Schokolade cookies I found. World Market has an entire gingerbread section and I was weak. Not too much remorse over sampling some gingery fare, for the sake of the blog.

Besides gingerbread sampling, I’ve been plugging away at my holiday to-do list. This week I focused on Christmas cards, endeavoring to compose personal messages for each one.20161207_122204

How is your holiday list faring? Any Christmas scent cravings that you fulfilled lately? I hope to hear about it.


6 thoughts on “Gingerbread throw down

  1. Ooh, gingerbread wax! So nice. I like the sound of the first Yankee gingerbread candle – sounds delicious. But did you hear about a potential Yankee recall? Not on their main glass jar candles, I don’t think, but another line. Apparently the decorative containers (I think they look like crackled glass) are prone to explosion? Yikes! Also, Ninjabread men – delightful!


    1. I’m really enjoying my gingerfest this week! I just read about those overpriced glass bombs that Yankee produced. I’m not surprised about it because the chunks of glass though huge and thick, had really sharp corners which had to be a weak point. Thankfully, the round jars and lids are more durable, trust me, I dropped many as an employee even on my foot, ouch!


      1. Oh ouch, yes, I guess that would be an occupational hazard in a candle shop. Were the recalled candles very pricey? I recall the regular glass jar candles were on the higher end of the spectrum back when I used to buy them, but now I’m more of a tart person. Aargh, expensive and lethal – bad combination!

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        1. They were outrageously priced at 34.00 for something like 15 oz., at least the large jars are 22 oz, overpriced as they are. I was going to post about those recalled illuminations candles before the recall, but figured I’d keep my holiday candle karma on the positive side:p


          1. Holy woah, that’s expensive. I already find (some) candles to be enough of a ripoff – don’t need ’em exploding in my face after they’ve already bankrupted me! (I’m just being saucy because a Twisted Peppermint from BBW I’ve burnt just four times has already swamped its wicks. I shoved it in the closet where my cat’s litter box lives, I was so grumpy – that’s where it can live out the rest of its life, blasted thing! 🙂

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  2. I love your fox measuring bowls. Adorable! I enjoyed my foxy wrapping paper so much this year that I made sure to buy more for next year. Just in a different design. Your gingerbread smack down was fan-tabulous! Once I saw TBG Gingerbread House in there I was praying it would win. I am so stoked you got a huge snowflake in it. I got that scent in a teeny weeny gingerbread man about 1/2 inch tall. Tears. I will just pet him and sniff him into non-existence.

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