Fall Fun Finale

Top 10 melts of the Fall Fun series:

10.Autumn Soda FloatSweetwagon Scents. From the Autumn macaron sampler: pomegranate soda with a heaping scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.


I thought I didn’t like fizzy soda scents so I melted this downstairs in my husband’s hangout. Turned out incredible–creamy and frothy with a pleasing amount of fruity sweetness. More of a cream soda than a sharp fizzy cocktail. I have plans to recreate this scent with some single-oil wax I’m expecting, but I hope Sweetwagon offers this surprise hit again next year.

9.Pomegranate Cider-MaryColette Candles, Fresh summery pomegranate combines with fall cider to blend notes of apple, sugar, and cloves for a scent that is tart, tangy and sweet. You can find my scent review here.

8.Crackling Fire-The Scented Squirrel scent shot: pine, balsam, bergamot, white flowers, sandalwoood, patchouli and violet. 


This is just my style-fresh, woodsy and fragrant right to the thorny edge of sharpness without going over. I haven’t been disappointed in the throw from this brand yet. I met the owner/creator at a craft show and got to sample a lot of her scents, good stuff. Currently releasing revolving stock twice a month, Crackling Fire may not come round again for awhile. I know that I grabbed the last one in early November so I’ll be on the lookout for a restock of it in the new year. It has definite year-round appeal.

7. Ghost Ship- Save Your Scentses, small scent shot from the Halloween “Just Tricks” sampler: Lavender & chamomile give way to myrrh & olibanum finished with a touch of sweet sugar [Inspired by Lush’s The Black Pearl] 20161028_194411

My favorite of the sampler, this scent was popular enough to be re-released after Halloween as an individual scent shot, but has since sold out. Save Your Scentses kills it with the Lush dupes so I’m sure Denise will bring it back under a repackaged melt. The cups may be smaller than average but this had a whopping throw that I enjoyed for 3 days.

6.Crimson-ScentSationals wax cube, Cranberry & Oak. My foray into Wal-Mart wax did result in a winner. Crimson is as potent as a masculine fragrance should be but not overbearing. I love that only one cube is needed to fragrance my living room, but hate that the dye imparted ugly brown stains on my white warmer. It’s darker warmers or empty melt cups for the rest of this wax.

While you can find a multitude of reviews for this scent online, it’s safe to say if you like Cranberry Woods by Bath and Body Works, you’ll love Crimson. Woodsy, musky perfection.

5.Fall Fireside-Pour Girl’s, 5 pack scent shot. Roasted Marshmallows + Warm Vanilla Sugar.


Hallelujah! A toasted marshmallow that throws. Luscious, creamy mallow for days. I typically don’t purchase 5 packs of untested scents because I like variety and don’t want to get stuck with unlikeables. Now I regret that I only ordered one set of this comforting fall treasure. I’m impressed with this brand, and you can bet you’ll see more of them from me in the near future.

4.Homemade Cranberry Bars- a sample melt from Sugar Blossom Candles. A unique, delicately spiced fragrance with a hint of bakery I reviewed in September. By melting this wax, one could surely trick her household into thinking there’s some homemade goodness baking in the oven. It’s that realistic, use wisely. Check out Sugar Blossom’s 50% off sale at the Etsy shop right now through Sunday, Nov. 28th. I’ve tried several scents and I’d recommend this brand wholeheartedly.


3.Pumpkin Wreath-Yankee Candle: Oh, Pumpkin Wreath you’ll always be my first fall love. Is it the warmth, the comfort, the Tonka bean? Whatever essence this scent provides, I can’t imagine not wanting it in my home. Retired in 2014, this medium strength fragrance is perfect for me; whenever I find it, I buy back-ups. Originally reviewed here.

2.Ygritte- House of Phoebe Wax soy melt cup. Damn, I love this scent. This brand’s entire line-up has me enamored; while Ygritte is currently available I’m patiently awaiting a restock for more beloved blends. Inspired by a Game of Thrones character, this scent nearly has it all: Earth and foliage, spruce, and a hint of crackling firewood. Like walking in a forest on a winter day. 

A quintessential outdoorsy fragrance. There’s a natural quality to it but also an in-your-face throw that’s front and center in the room. I melted the entire scent shot just fine, but a friend thought half a shot was slightly too strong. I believe most people would find using an entire melt agreeable, especially in a larger space. And that vivid wax pool…


Ygritte was close, but there can only be one best of fall melt, so I chose the most well-rounded scent experience:

1.The Pumpkin King –by House of Usher Wax Museum. It’s fitting that this wax was the king of my melts this season, and that’s coming from someone who isn’t crazy about the pumpkin scent category.


The cold throw of this huge wax shape didn’t hint at anything special, so I was happily surprised when this big boy released its wondrous aroma. Top notes-apple cinnamon, clove Middle-caramel, rum, barley  Bottom-woody, musk, vanilla, pumpkin pie and spiced apple cider. Delicious blend in which one note doesn’t overpower the others. Not too spicy, or overly sweet, it’s the baby bear of fall scents. It had a great long lasting throw, though I admittedly used half a pumpkin, probably 1.5 oz. of wax in my Scenterpiece warmer. The rest of it is squirreled away till next fall. Looking forward to the treat of melting it, too.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday and got to connect with friends and loved ones in some way. My black Friday plans involve going to work, hopefully recovering from a cold, a little bit of online shopping and a lot of leftovers eating once my taste buds return.

That’s a wrap on the Fall Fun blog sharing series. Thank you to my lovely fellow bloggers. It’s been cool getting to know you over the last three months and I hope our relationships continue. Don’t hesitate to reach out or comment, I get way too much of a kick out of your responses.

To my new readers and followers, thank you and welcome! I’ve linked to my top three favorite fall fun posts which provide insight into what I’ve been up to this season. I’ve also updated my fall fail-craft post and beauty feature.

Fall Leaves

Reflections in Nature

Color collage

What were your favorite fall activities this year? Any scents I missed out on? Please share those fab black Friday deals too!

– jaybird






11 thoughts on “Fall Fun Finale

  1. Awww I hope you get to feeling better! Hate to hear you aren’t well. Great post! Went out with a bang! Yes stay in touch for sure and hope to keep reading blogs. I hate that the series is ending, it is very bitter sweet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, what a fun series:) I’ll surely stay in touch through our blogs and insta. We still need to do that wax swap one of these days! Did you get any black Friday wax deals? I splurged on Ramble On’s sale. Now I’m done till January.


      1. Yes we do! I’ll have to start going through my wax soon. No so far I haven’t bought any Black Friday wax, I’ve been buying up gifts for everyone else lol. Plus when I try to buy anything my family gets upset and tells me not to buy since I can’t give them any ideas of what I want for Christmas so when I find something they want to buy it or have already got it.


  2. Those are some yummy fall scents picks; I also love The Scented Squirrel’s Crackling Fire too and I would definitely love to try all the others. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts!


    1. Thank you Amanda, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you through your posts as well. The Scented Squirrel always has interesting combos and some good sales too. I even like their bakery which I can say about very few vendors.


  3. You have an amazing list of wax here! I want to try all these vendors now, but that Ygritte really pulls me in. “You know nothing Jon Snow.” I loved reading that series. Not the show but the books. I fear it will never get finished. Le sigh. I love your scent choices. We definitely have that woodsy amber thing in common. You have offered incredible posts and wonderful photos. I love reading your blog. Thank you for joining and making it a fabulous experience. I have enjoyed getting to know you and hope we can collaborate again the future! Anytime you want to swap or anything let me know! xoxo


    1. Oh all of the GOT versions for me, love it!
      Julie, you have become my blogging guru guide. Thanks for everything and yes to collaborations and swaps and for you, anything! ❤


  4. Fun! Those little Sweetwagon macaroons (?) are so darn cute. It’s been great getting to know you (and your blog) through the series – I absolutely hope we keep in touch. 🙂 Like I said to Jaybird, I can’t believe I hadn’t stumbled across your blog on my journeys around WordPress before now.

    I’ve really enjoyed dropping by your blog, too – you’re a very good writer, and I love that when it comes to the waxy stuff, you check out vendors other than the usuals. Calls to attention some brands I’m not familiar with, which is awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, those macarons (French sp?) would look darling on one of your wax dessert platestands!
      Wow, thank you so much for the compliments. I’m getting verklempt! I have such googly eyes for your blog too (and I’m not really even into nail art, but its too good not to check out.) I know that the fall fun series helped bring me out of my wordpress bubble and a general fall funk. I’m so grateful to have met you and everybody through it.

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