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Turkey time is almost here. Which means a much needed holiday break for us. The past week was affectionately known as ‘hell week’ due to no less than three fundraising obligations scheduled the same week as a high-stakes speech competition on Saturday. As an added bonus, my husband stayed late so many hours at practice that he was barely home and came down with a cold. After putting in a 15 hour day Saturday, I’m a mighty proud but very tired coach. Our team’s had 1 or 2 greater individual successes but we had our best team results, yet. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season, but my more immediate anticipation is in having a short week with a blissfully duty free weekend.

Now I can finalize Thanksgiving plans. For our large afternoon gathering at my husband’s family’s, desserts were requested. This wouldn’t be strange if it hadn’t been at least ten years since I’ve made any for a holiday. The problem, be it a yummy one, is that grandma and all of the aunts make so many main dishes and sides so well, that there are few unclaimed dishes left to bring. If I had my choice I’d make a baked vegetable side, my loaded twice-baked cauliflower, or brussel sprout gruyere mac and cheese. I believe they aren’t sure what signature dish I’d like to make and figure everyone likes desserts, so that’s what I got assigned. Honestly, my in-laws and extended family are the loveliest group of people who would generously give me the shirts off their backs, so I shouldn’t complain. It’s just that I’ve been a part of the family for 15 years, when will they learn that I don’t bake?


I’m tempted to bring this turkey cake from Baskin Robbins and call it a holiday! What I’m sure I’ll do instead is bring an assortment of pies and cookies; some I already have from fundraiser purchases, the rest I’ll be heading out into the fray to scrounge up on Wednesday. I did coax my holiday hosting sister into letting me bring whatever I wish to her evening gathering. A big batch of roasted veggies it is! With a little bit of chopping and only one dish to make, it should be a leisurely Thanksgiving morning.

My day will be filled with family, food, football, and fun. I hope yours will be too. Cheers to a happy Thanksgiving, friends!

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A little sneak peek of some of my favorite melts/vendors this season.



Join me Friday for the Fall Fun finale and top ten wax melt countdown:)


8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving week plans-Fall Fun melts

  1. At first I had no idea what to bring. Especially on my husbands side as his family has a lot of different allergies. Well then I discovered we are not going to be able to make it to that side and trying to decide which side of the family out of 4 gatherings that you are going to is kind of difficult.. and stressful. (Gotta love the first few years of Newly Wed life) lol so I decided on a simple pie recipe that will be quick to throw together at my moms house yet everyone should enjoy it. Love the cake idea though! You totally should!


    1. I remember those early days of stressing to impress for Thanksgiving, even more so with allergy restrictions; eventually you get it figured out and then people’s tastes change and they throw you a curve ball menu every 5 years!

      Attempting to make and enjoy multiple holiday visits can be stressful because you always feel as if you’re cheating someone. I’m much better at letting go than I used to be which has helped me enjoy the emotional, stress-filled holiday travels. I’m glad you’ll have an easy homemade pie to serve that people will like. I really would love to walk in to my relative’s carrying that turkey cake on a silver platter…I’d think it was funny!
      Hope you have a fun and relaxing visit with your fam, Happy Thanksgiving:)

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    1. I love cauliflower, but it looks too sophisticated for the simple palates of my teen nephews. I’m happy to bring my roasted veggies though. Happy Thanksgiving buddy:)


  2. Happy (early) Thanksgiving! It sounds like you’re definitely ready for a break. I vote YES on the turkey cake. I’d be thrilled if that walked into my kitchen, lol!


  3. Oh man. That does have to be hard to bring something you don’t feel comfortable making. That brussel sprout dish sounds fabulous. Would you share it with us? And I would totally eat that B&R ice cream turkey any day of the week. Does it have the chocolate cookie crunchies in it?! I love those things. Happy Thanksgiving and congrats on your speech team! Sounds like you and your husband have earned a well deserved rest.


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