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The day the Candle Enthusiast has eagerly awaited is here, a Fall Fun prompt all about candles:)


Brief highlights and low lights of my seasonal candles below:

Amber Moon– a Yankee Candle, UK exclusive. I’m in love with amber fragrance. To the lavender fanatics out there, amber is my lavender. So now you know. I can’t explain the reasons for my intense amber addiction, but it must be in part due to it’s ancient, timeless perfume quality. I know there’s no actual gemstone essence in a modern interpretation of amber but it is the richest – smelling scent to my palate.

It may have been the perfume of royalty, but I’m in the minority with my love for this type of fragrance. Not surprisingly,  Amber Moon is on the retirement list this year. That means because Yankee’s no longer making it as a UK exclusive it’s unlikely to show up in the outlets where I found this med-size, a baby jar and some tarts. I’ve decided to save it for special autumn burns. Times when I need a little extra touch of golden grace in my evening. (This has been a perfect week for it) The scent notes are sublime:

Top: Sugared Mandarin, Bergamot, Orange
Mid: Vanilla Petals, Jasmine Satin, Violet

Base: Golden Amber, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla

There have been other amber candles by Yankee, Amber Sunset and Amber Glow, but they are overly sweet or too harsh compared to the smoothness of Amber Moon. It has a clarity and purity that makes me want to drape myself in it (much like George Costanza with velvet!) With a soothing medium strength performance, it will be tough to find a replacement for this gem. I’ll just have to get my powdery, leathery, honey-like golden goodness elsewhere. I hear B&BW’s has an Amber candle…


Pumpkin Fireside- One of my few B&BW candle purchases. Most people are drawn in with the pumpkin, but I purchased for the fireside. I must have liked this scent on cold throw to have bought it, but my hopes of feeling as though sitting round a cozy fire were mistaken.

Quite disappointed in this; according to the scent notes of pumpkin, nutmeg, vanilla bean and smoky cinnamon, I should love it, but when burning I get a weird graham cracker, nearly chocolate scent. I don’t like chocolate fragrance unless it’s well blended in peppermint. I think the nutmeg is where it went wrong. Just as too much nutmeg overpowers a dish or dessert, it kills a fragrance if overdone.

It possesses a strong 3-wick throw and was part of the popular early fall ‘pumpkin everything under the sun’ release, but I’m not sure if Bath & Body Works will bring this back. If it’s graham crackers you want, go with the super sugary Toasted Graham Latte White Barn candle. I’ll be watching for a truer cozy fireside fragrance to come along.

Nature’s Paintbrush – Yankee Candle treasure/returning favorite large jar. Scent notes:
Top: fresh notes, aromatics, citrus
Middle: green moss, thyme, sandalwoood

Base: blonde woods, amber, musk

My favorite photo label
This candle is intensively scented, it’s camphorous aroma builds from a pleasantly stimulating tone to a wall of verdant green potency. Some may find it too forceful upon the senses because its the type of scent that doesn’t just fill the nose, it lingers in the back of the throat. I relish the clean air, tinged with a healthy dose of musky masculine aroma. I also appreciate that it isn’t a typical outdoorsy cologne fragrance, but it’s grounded by the mossy woodsy accords and amber bottom notes.
My love for Nature’s Paintbrush first bloomed upon its release in 2011, and I’m happy for its return this fall. I just checked my local store’s stock to see if I can hold out for semi-sale prices. For a candle of this rare beauty I’d be willing to pay a little bit more if I had to, though.
Cranberry Woods- B&BWs single-wick mason jar. This was my freebie with purchase from two other candles and it’s my favorite new fall scent this year!
I believe my thoughts on syrupy berry scents are well-documented but this is all cran and nearly no berry, and just how I like it. Scent notes of: tart cranberry, cinnamon bark, forest cedar and golden amber make it reminiscent of my beloved Red Berry & Cedar by Yankee but less sweet. Similar in tone to Scentsationals Crimson wax but less woodsy and complex. Cranberry Woods is simple, uplifting and oh so tart. Walking up to this fragrance makes my lips pucker and my mouth water in the best way.
A lighter throw’s expected for these mason jars, but Cran Woods has done well in my spare bedroom and bathroom. The wallflower plug-in was highly potent in my bathroom and hallway too, the woodsy notes seem to dominate more in that format than in the wax. This fragrance makes me happy so I know I’ll be happy to see it return next year when I can stock up.
Autumn Air-Yankee Pure Radiance crackling wick medium vase. Did you know that Yankee has a marshmallow candle again? Of course not, hardly anyone knows of the Pure Radiance line. One reason for this is because most of the scents are dupes or repackages of the house warmer jars, another reason is due to YC’s laughable marketing of the PR line. In my opinion it would serve them to market these better because they’re the only exclusive product left to the company stores. One can find everything else from YC anywhere from Hallmark to a grocery store. My apologies for the tangent, I suppose the company has bigger problems* to worry about nowadays.
Now then, is Autumn Air the toasty marshmallow blend my nose has been seeking? Probably not. It’s a decent substitute for the retired Campfire Treats, a side-by-side reveals more pink sugar notes of Cotton Candy blended in. Too bad the performance is too underwhelming to get excited about. The only time I experienced this cool airy sweetness was when my heater kicked on across the room, sending a sugary blast of warm candle air my way.
*A bit of interesting news for Yankee fandles: Jarden corp, the previous owners of Yankee Candle since 2014, sold the company to Newell Rubbermaid Brands for 13.2 billion in cash/stock, according to the Associated Press. The change went into effect this past summer. Will this switch help resolve the current identify crisis or more likely add to the spiral? Time will tell in 2017.
P.S. Did I say brief highlights? Ah well, you know I do go on about candles. Can’t believe there’s only one week left of the fall fun blogshare. Join us next week for Thanksgiving dreams and goodies!

6 thoughts on “Fall Fun-Fall candles feature

  1. I used to love BB&Ws Amber Romance. I miss it so. I do love my lavendar but in the fall and winter i love amber scents. May have to look for this one! Great entry!


    1. Thanks, Sparkling Amber is one to try from White Barn. The Redolent Mermaid, a fellow amber lover, reviewed it this week. Did you find any woodsy winter amber wax to order this weekend?


  2. Amber!!!!! I hope I can find that diamond in the rough that is Amber Moon. Wish me luck! You know I adore amber too. I find it funny that it is an accord of scents rather than an actual real fragrance note too, but I love it no matter. Labdanum is a dark more rich version of amber if you ever want to experiment with it too. I believe it comes form the rock rose/cistus. I swoon over it.

    Great candles!! Cranberry Woods was my first BBW candle love. I have not had it in eons. I will have to pick one up and see if the old flame still burns…. candle puns. Mom blogger jokes.

    I had no idea about the Yankee buy outs. Thanks for the info! I will be eyeing Yankee to see how it pans out. Hoping for the best.


    1. You really melted me with those wick-ed puns, no one holds a candle to you!<3

      I read somewhere that labdanum is actually used as an ingredient to create the essence we know and love as amber. Makes sense, probably wouldn't sell too many Labdanum Romance or Sparkling Labdanum candles at B&BW.


  3. Nature’s Paintbrush sounds awesome! I’m not sure why but I tend to neglect Yankee’s candles during the fall season. I was mainly drawn to their spring/Easter scents this year. I may have made a mistake. Great candle post!


    1. Nature’s Paintbrush is rather special I think, and based on some scents you’ve reviewed, I think you’d like it. I liked so many of their spring release too! My favs were Line-dried Cotton, Carefree and Pink Peony, what were yours?


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