Fall Fun-New Etsy vendor

An Etsy vendor highlight is on the agenda today. In my search for a new-to-me vendor I found several that caught my eye, but I wanted to try a business that checked a few boxes. Scent variety, value and ingredients were the top three criteria in my selection.

20161110_093354MaryColette Candles is a small vendor, established in 2015, out of Indianapolis, Indiana and I like the idea of supporting a fellow mid-westerner. MaryColette boasts a nice variety of scents, with 50+ choices in the shop. The cost is a reasonable $3.75-3.95 per individual clamshell, although I’m not sure why the .20 difference for certain scents. The best part of this order was the Pick 5 sampler option, in which I selected 5 scents from the shop for a discounted price of $16.95. Score!

I received a response to an email question about shipping within two minutes of submitting it, on a Sunday. I’d rate the customer service supremely high in this regard. The shipping time wasn’t as fast or accurate as expected based on reviews, so I queried the company. The immediate response was a delay in the receipt of the order from Etsy.

The ingredients: poured in small batches with all natural soy wax and are dye and phthalate free. I couldn’t find weight in ounces in the product info but compared to other clamshells I own, these are filled smoothly and uniformly to the top, with deep wells. The wax slides out of the container ultra-smoothly too.


Ginger saffron- MaryColette’s description: Fresh saffron, ginger, and cardamom combine with notes of cedarwood, geranium and patchouli. My personal favorite! I feel that if a vendor puts a favorite house blend out there, it’s worth a try. 20161113_134930

Fragrance: In a word, invigorating. I’m partial to ginger but it can be too much of a good thing. An intense gingery cold throw warmed to a pleasant fresh ginger root with added depth from the patchouli. Not a sweet candied ginger, a bright spicy one. I have plans for mixology  with this scent.

Performance: Two cubes in a Scenterpiece melt cup warmer wafted through our entire first floor. A robust throw without being overwhelming.

20161113_141410.jpgKentucky bourbona lighter, sweeter version of our Whiskey scent with notes of bourbon, rum, rose and cedar that combine for a sweet aroma with a background of alcohol. I ordered this one for my husband, the bourbon enthusiast!

Fragrance: In a word, boozy. I’d call it a foreground of alcohol. I’m not surprised that I didn’t care for it because I don’t like bourbon, either. This scent cloaks the room in a rich molasses liquor. Too besotted for me, like a bourbon straight up.

Performance:  One cube was medium strength in my bedroom Scentsy wall warmer. I’ll try combining this with the Caramel tobacco below, and concoct a bourbon and cream, more my taste.

Caramel tobacco– This melt got rave reviews, so I thought I’d give it a chance; however, it bothers me that caramel is misspelled on the label! Usually, I skip past caramel anyway for fear of too much sweetness, but the description didn’t specify actual caramel in the fragrance notes. Warm, oaky tobacco and vanilla tones combine with hints of orange, lavender and musk sounded too lovely to pass up, even a spelling mistake couldn’t deter me from giving it a shot.


Fragrance: In a word, creamy. My favorite on cold turned out to be mighty similar to my recent ScentSationals wax in Cashmere Cream. I may not have placed the fragrance had I not melted Cashmere Cream the day prior, but they are pretty much a match. If you’ve tried it, you’d recognize the soft vanilla cream that swirls into an airy sigh of comforting scent. Caramel tobacco may be slightly fresher. I wish there was a hint of the oaky tobacco mentioned in the description, however, because I didn’t pick up on it and it was the reason I chose this fragrance.

At least this wax is dye-free, so it won’t stain my melt warmers like the ScentSationals brand already has, value lesson learned.

Performance: Unfortunately, Caramel tobacco falls victim to a common vanilla scent issue: too light. Vanilla creams always leave me yearning for a stronger throw. I think I’ll try using 3 wax cubes in my larger warmer to see if the performance improves.


Fireside- Fireside blends smoke, wood, cloves, amber and sandalwood notes for a spicy, masculine scent. Smoky and masculine unceasingly catches my attention, a must try.

Fragrance: In a word, marshmallows? After melting, I double-checked the description but didn’t find mention of mallow. I have a weakness for marshmallow scents, so it was a welcome discovery. The unmistakable intoxicating aroma of sugary marshmallow curled with light woodsmoke is always beguiling.

Performance: A delicate airiness of marshmallows prevails, but dissipates quickly. Melted one cube in the Scentsy wall warmer but it wasn’t enough. Two-three cubes are required for the maximum toasty campfire scent.


Pomegranate cider- Fresh summery pomegranate combines with fall cider to blend notes of apple, sugar, and cloves for a scent that is tart, tangy and sweet. Perpetually on the search for a wax substitute to Yankee Candle’s hard to find, retired Pomegranate Cider, I scooped this up.

Fragrance: In a word, tangy. In another word, yummy. MaryColette’s description perfectly depicts this fragrance. Layers of juicy sweetness come forth blending with delicately spiced fresh cider. I just delight in a blend that pulls off several scent categories, I think I’ve found my Yankee substitute.

Performance: 2 cubes in a tealight warmer resulted in a medium strength throw in my kitchen. *I may have lost track using so many different waxes in separate warmers but I believe I got 5 hours of fragrance from these melts.


Final thoughts: I would repurchase Pomegranate cider and Ginger saffron. These were all well-balanced blends created by a vendor who knows what she’s doing. Not the most distinctive types, but something appealing for everyone.

I appreciated the quick reply to my email contact, the available sampler options, the 2-cube sample I received (sugar cookie) and a ten percent discount coupon for my next order. I extol the quality of the ingredients, especially the dye-free wax. The only drawback being the lighter throw of the milder scents. Try MaryColette candles if you’re looking for comforting new combinations.





8 thoughts on “Fall Fun-New Etsy vendor

  1. YAY!!! New vendors!!! The customer service does sound awesome. And I love your photos. They look fabulous. I am a sucker for Marshmallow Fireside scents but so many are way too light. I need massive throw on my MF tarts. I may have to check this vendor out. Make sure that I pick scents that I know are normally strong throwers. I tell ya… you know a vendor has some magic if their vanilla is a beast. Love a knock out vanilla. Thank you for the review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the compliment, it means a lot coming from you. Occasionally it’s fun to play with pics, but with my simple camera phone its usually frustrating.

      Yes! A good quality vanilla is so welcome but seemingly hard to come by. Please share if you find em. Funnily enough I have a vanilla melt series planned, which sounds kinda boring but will hopefully have some winners.


  2. Oh, that mis-spelling is so aggravating! That’s one of those things that makes me frown a bit – it’s right there on the front of your product; take some care and spell it correctly.

    I’d love to find a tobacco scent like the pipe tobacco I used to buy for my grandfather at Christmas. You’d think it should be easy enough to replicate that scent, but everything smells so phony. You know, like a cherry tobacco scent (which never actually smelled like cherries, or at least not that cherry cough syrup scent that seems to be so prevalent.) Does this one seem close to real (if you know)?


    1. I’d say I got no tobacco scent from this whatsoever:( Disappointing because I also like that scent. The only ones I know of are retired Yankee scents(of course, not very helpful) Autumn Lodge, grandpa in a jar! and Santa’s Pipe.
      I can’t do cherry much so if the pipe scent has cherry listed I stay away. I’ll let you know if I find anything else that’s similar:)


        1. Doesn’t look like they have a pipe one this year, it’s all cookies and fruit punch!
          I agree with you on the vendor product spelling. I don’t believe spelling prowess is an intellectual issue, more of a processing one. My sis has a successful supervisory career and is an atrocious speller. That said, if you are putting a product out, use spell check!


          1. Oh, my husband is a terrible speller and he’s intimidatingly smart in a techie way. But everyone in tech seems to be a crap speller? I guess it’s just not something that matters terribly in some areas. In retail right on the front of your product, YES!


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