Mini melting series-Christmas Thyme

The finale of the four in-store festive collection scents is Christmas Thyme. This punny scent is not alcohol or beverage related, so it’s a bit of an outlier to the collection, in more ways than one. Upon smelling this one in store, my initial reaction was; ooh! that’s nice, but then I thought, wait why is this a Christmas scent?


A knowledgeable friend informed me that when lemon is combined with certain herbs, it creates the effect of a pine smell. I think that may be what Yankee was going for with this. It’s pretty far off from a true pine though. The lemon thyme herb is actually perennial and evergreen in certain climates, but it would be a stretch to call it a winter herb. So where did the idea behind this scent come from?

Fragrance: “Uplifting thyme and lemongrass mingle with heady sandalwood and musk in this festive holiday celebration.” Maybe it could be considered festive in the way herbs were historically used during the winter months to season foods when fresh produce wasn’t available? Thyme also has a history of medicinal and ornamental use, two aspects of the holidays likely to occur-decorating a tree and catching a cold. I don’t really know the reason, but I know what I like and this is indeed a unique blend that I prefer and that Yankee Candle executes so well. Fragrance Notes:

  • Top: Lemongrass, Thyme, Orange
  • Mid: Violet, Verbena
  • Bottom: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musk

The lemongrass is sharp, but not obtrusive in a lemon cleaner way. It’s crisp, fresh and by far the dominant note. After the vibrant lemongrass dissipates, a mellower green note glides in, softening into a lovely botanical aroma.

Performance: Hits that sweet spot between not too strong, which can go wrong in a lemony scent, and not too soft. The scent radius wafts through a medium room and really picks up within a few feet. The natural intensity of the fragrant oils of lemongrass and thyme make it a dynamite thrower.

Recommendation: I love this herbaceous beauty! Of course, it’s in stores for a limited time because its a seasonal release, but that means it will be at least half off during the semi-sale. I can see myself stocking up on this for a few reasons. First of all, it would be a perfect spring cleaning melt or post holiday refresher. I’m still a seasonal melter most of the year and this just doesn’t exude a Christmasy essence, except for the packaging.  Another reason I might want to buy in multiples is because I’m afraid it won’t make it back to stores again. Unlike the other scents in this year’s festive collection, Christmas Thyme doesn’t contain crowd pleasing fruity or bakery appeal. I predict it will be a love it or hate it type.

There are two other new fragrances in the festive release, Spiced White Cocoa and Shimmering Pine , but they’re online only scents (a concept that always confuses me when it comes to a candle store.) Yankee also released a limited edition Christmas Cookie Swap collection (in easy melt cups too!) that I’m sure I’ll try out. I don’t forsee getting any large candles in these scents, however, at least not until the semi-annual sale after Christmas.

Which scents are your traditional holiday go-tos? Any newness you must have? Let me know!



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  1. I definitely want to try this one! Your scent profile description is spot on for something I would like. I did like it cold.


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