Halloween Hello!

This “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” still shot has such vibrant ’60s color and I enjoy how sneakily Snoopy is peeking around the curtain, devising a way to spoil Lucy’s apple bobbing dictatorship.

I hope everybody had a fun time celebrating this Halloweekend, mine was quite busy so I naturally combined a couple fall fun posts into one Halloween greeting.

’tis All Hallow’s Eve,

From the sunset, till the morn.

When the shroud that veils the nether realm

Is twisted, frayed and worn.

– Celtic rhyme

I skew towards eerie, only slightly spooky Halloween moods rather than all-out fright fests. This quote precedes a spellbinding animation that delivers just the right magical tone, chock full of iconic Halloween imagery that swells with musical excerpts from Hans Zimmer and James Howard’s “Batman Begins.” Enjoy!

 After a tiring week of getting ready for the first speech tournament of the season and dealing with our basement flood clean-up and claim, we didn’t have time for Halloween activities this weekend. However, the local speech tournament we attended did feature a wicked scary theme!

I’d be too afraid to get any punch from that bowl!


They also had a Halloween bake sale and a sundae bar; I couldn’t resist those holiday sprinkles. Our team had a successful first tournament, and the decorations and desserts lent a festive atmosphere to the day.

With World Series fever sweeping through, an exciting game 4 win for my beloved, beleaguered Cleveland Indians on Saturday night made a perfect night cap. A soggy Sunday dampened any outdoor excursions, so there wasn’t much Halloween happening either, (unless eating Reese’s Cups counts?) I did get to spend a brief time with the nephews, niece and friend, and sneaked in some glow-in-the-dark pedicures!

Halloween melts:

In an attempt to burn through most of my Halloween melts I was furiously changing wax the last few days. I didn’t even get close to using all of them, but I’ve ranked those I tried, from least to greatest:

LeastAmityville by Super Tarts.20161023_200209The throw was pretty good on cold, calming lavender paired with a fruity base. Once warmed, the strawberries took over and gave a weird, almost metallic odor. I turned it off. I can only do strawberries if they are subtle within a blend, these were strange and fake smelling.

Fright Night by House of Usher Wax Museum-the orange soda note was headache-inducing to me, but my husband really liked it.

All Hallow’s Eve by Moonbeams Wax-very much a common cologne scent, though it did make the basement smell better.

Hocus Pocus 


Graveyard Garden 20161030_192857Haunted Hayride -so fresh!

Ghost Ship-all by Save Your Scentses, “Just Tricks” spooky sampler

Ghostly Treats by Yankee – yummy toasted marshmallows

Best-The Pumpkin King by House of Usher Wax Museum-so pleasantly surprised by this! A perfect treat of pumpkins, spices, sugary caramel and musky woods. 

This is the first time in years I’ve had to work on Halloween night and miss trick-or-treating, but it’s my late night at the library, so my husband has candy duty by himself. Afterward, I plan to check out a classic scary movie, make some popcorn, melt a little Witches Brew and relax before the craziness of November kicks in. Wishing a Happy Halloween to all, whatever your plans may be…make sure to visit all of the Fall Fun bloggers and view the bewitching Halloween tidings they’re bound to be brewing.


3 thoughts on “Halloween Hello!

  1. I will be working as well. Then off to sit at home by my lonesome until the hubs gets off work and maybe I can talk him into watching Hocus Pocus or another Halloween themed movie, We have been watching the Hobbit here recently. I wish we had trick or treating where we lived but not many in our neighborhood!

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  2. Sorry you had to work and had the basement issues. It sounded like you were able to still make some sweet memories. That Pumpkin King scent is right up my alley. Pumpkin, spice, caramel and woods? Mmmmmmm…. I will have to look out for that.


    1. Pumpkin King is a front runner for my fave fall wax melt…thanks about the basement, it was such a pooptastic week. But-silver lining-I found my Kindle in the clean-up (just needed recharging) that I thought I lost 2 years ago!


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