Mini melting series-Bubbly Pomegranate

Up next for review from the 2016 festive collection is the third cocktail-inspired fragrance in a row, Bubbly Pomegranate. With it, I’m beginning to think that Yankee Candle has a drinking problem this year😉 This scent is sort of a combination of the two previously reviewed festive scents in the series: it has the fizzy champagne of All is Bright and the sweet fruit of Alpine Martini. How does it stack up against those two?


Fragrance: Yankee Candle’s official description; “A festive mix of juicy berries and pomegranate on top of effervescent citrus.” I was hesitant to even try this one because I thought the pomegranate would be a cloying syrup note that I usually can’t stomach. Surprisingly, it wasn’t!

The sweet luscious pomegranate fruit has a sparkling undertone due the effervescence. I wish the fizzy note was even bolder because it would have tempered the fruitiness more to my liking. There wasn’t any identifiable citrus either, but I bet this would be great blended with a spicy clementine peel note. This scent reminds me of a Chambord liquer champagne my husband and I had at a fancy restaurant many years ago. Not quite as special as a handcrafted cocktail would be, but better than the average berry.

Performance: Pretty potent performer. I’d call it a 3-room filler, from the living room to the bedroom. Fortunately the scent was enjoyable without being overpowering. It went right up to the edge of emitting too much sticky sweetness, but not over it. I found it to be kind of refreshing.

Upon second melt, this faded quickly, however. You may only get 6 hours of throw out of it.

Recommendation: You can always tell which new scents are the breakout stars at Yankee by which are featured in the advertising and emails. With the autumn release, it was Crisp Autumn Night, a big U.S, but also international hit. Bubbly Pomegranate seems to be the early favorite because it has shown up in all the ads. A quick check on the website confirms it’s already listed as a “best seller.”

It’s easy to see why this is a crowd pleaser. I probably wouldn’t buy it in candle form, but if I wanted a different festive scent from my usual wintry pine mixes, I’d repurchase this one in tarts. Bubbly Pomegranate would make a good gift scent too because its less Christmas-y and more celebratory, which extends it beyond a seasonal candle.

One more installment in the mini melting series-then it’s officially holiday fragrance go time!


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