Fall Fun-Spooky melts and decor

*If you’re just here for the decor pics, see below.

Hi there Fall Fun friends! If you’ve wondered where my Halloween decor post has been, know that I had the best intentions in going all out with displays for the Halloween prompt but alas, it wasn’t meant to be this year. I won’t get overly dramatic and say that the universe has conspired against my Halloween ambitions, but it sure seems that way.

As you know if you’ve read my recent fall fun post, the last week and a half was an emotional anniversary for me. So many memories left me mentally and emotionally drained and physically exhausted. I spent a much needed overnight with a good friend and celebrated my parents’ 45th anniversary over the weekend. Both happy occasions, but it meant I wasn’t at home for long so, any decorating plans were thwarted. By late this week, I was ready to finally get a start on my Halloween stash, but I somehow tweaked my back and spent a whole day on heating pads, even at work. No hauling totes and boxes out of storage possible in that condition. I wasn’t too stressed because I knew I had one obligation free weekend left before Halloween to get my decorations thrown together and planned to start this Friday…

That day I received a message from my husband, while at work, notifying me that after 24 hours of rain our basement was completely flooded and he couldn’t get our sump pump to work! Grrreat. I won’t lie, my decorations are stored in the basement and were one of the first things I thought of. Thankfully, 30 hours after the flood, a dispatch from a Roto Rooter operator and a sizable plumbing bill later and we’re mostly dried out.

If you’ve experienced this gem of home ownership, you know how badly it sucks. My Halloween spirit is so literally dampened this year that I didn’t have the heart to do much. I wanted to highlight something for this prompt, so what you get is a mish-mash of last year’s and this year’s decorations.

Follow the ghost of Halloween decor past and present with this peek inside…


I got this quirky mixed media wreath at a huge Oktoberfest craft show. The message on the sign is rather pointless, but I couldn’t resist the dangly-legged owl and graphic color scheme. I’m drawn to black and white year-round and it adds to my owlery!

My year with Yankee Candle led me to a Halloween obsession known as the Boney Bunch-collectible, over-priced ceramic skeleton figures that I absolutely love. They are typically dressed in top hats and tails and the best possess a Victorian-era vibe. The only must-have piece I’m missing is the little Boo coffin guy from 2009, if anybody sees him out there, let me know!

Last year’s graveyard window display, yes, that is a Pet Cemetery!

All Halloween lovers are loyal to their iconic creature of choice. Some collect traditional jack o’ lanterns, others, like my mom, posses an affinity for black cats and witches. I’m drawn to skeletons and skulls, so these bonies are hard to resist. Most are from the 2014-2015 releases, but I back-collected many as well.


I’m also a sucker for a haunted house; when combined with candle holders, I’m sold. You might recognize a few Bath and Body Works houses and a cool all-black Target piece from many years ago.


Lights out except for string lights and candlelight!



I’m into the Headless Horseman too.

After searching 3 different Home Goods, I snagged this dark, glowing Headless Horseman snow globe last August.

One of the silliest figures in my collection has to be this skeletal piano man. The back of his piano reads Boney Joel! Of course I had to create a piano scene with  this guy as the star.

Love my creepy witch hand, although the scale of these pieces is way off.

I waded around and pulled a few decorations out of basement storage this weekend, my husband was moving some to wet vacuum the water anyway, so I grabbed random pieces from tote bags and tubs and dug through one box to find my favorite Boney Bunch piece. It was from ebay for a steal and I would have probably paid double for him.

2016:My favorite piece, known as the Night Rider

This year, I used color-changing tealights to create a spooky forest for my HH to ride through. These accessories are an example of Yankee Candle design at it’s best. My love for “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” goes back to my childhood. I read Washington Irving’s short story every few years, if you haven’t, do so! If you’ve read it, I recommend the audio version narrated by Tom Mison. The book blurb states: “Best listened to while driving around windy New England roads around Halloween” Ah, perfection.


I couldn’t muster the bay window this year, but I managed to throw this set-up together in 10 minutes after a long day of cleaning. The candles are Yankee’s Witches Brew and Toxic Tonic, the jack o’lantern is an antique store blow-mold I got for $5! (I’ve also overpaid on some pieces so it all evens out.) A close-up detail below:

Obligatory Edgar Allen Poe display is a must for any librarian-I recommend the short story “The Black Cat.” It’s about an 8 of 10 on the creepy factor.


Some scary bits in the bathroom above, that’s Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte soap, and I even cooked up a few Halloween touches in the kitchen below.

The owl potholder and ridiculously cute skeleton bottle cover were gifts. I adore the skull spoon rest with his crooked smile.

Many, many melts for Halloween:


It’s probably Halloween madness and lack of sleep talking, but I plan to melt all of these by October 31st. Then I have a Save Your Scentses spooky sampler to get through! These are 13 melts by 7 different vendors and I’ll report back my likes and dislikes when I’m able to review some.

My colorful backdoor wreath always brings a welcome smile.

Thanks for taking my decor tour, hopefully, it was worth the wait! I’d love to hear about your halloween collectibles or which favorite creature you can’t resist. How have your decorations come out this year? Let me know in the comments below.



7 thoughts on “Fall Fun-Spooky melts and decor

  1. Wowza! Lots and lots of spoopiness! Fun fun! Way more than I did this year.. maybe next year though since we just moved into the apartment and I am still finding my way around everything. October just went way too fast for me!!
    I really don’t have any nice pieces like this to decorate with so I’ll have to start collecting! Very nice post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OCTOBER 24, 2016 AT 9:54 PM EDIT

      Thank you! I do go a little nuts for Halloween stuff, don’t I? Sadly, most of these items won’t see the light of day this year, but I’m happy with what I was able to display (the last 7 pics)
      I wish I could say I curated this collection over many years, but other than 1 or 2 items, all was bought during 3 seasons of frenzied Halloween shopping. I can proudly say I didn’t get any this year except the wax, 2 thrift store finds and the Wicked Good Yankee cookie jar for $10 w/candle purchase.
      You’ll get there with collecting, early August is a good time to start, then the after Halloween sales. I recommend Big Lots (bargain store) TJ Maxx or Marshalls and thrift shops!

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  2. This post os full of so much goodness!!! I read The Black Cat and it is pretty creepy. I felt bad for the sinister cat at first but well… he has his effect in the end. Your headless horseman in the haunting backlit woods is so cool. I love it. I enjoy Sleepy Hollow the movie but I have never read the story. I cannot ride in the New England countryside during Halloween but I can use my pretty spry imagination. Thanks for the rec! Hoping the basement flood wasn’t too bad to fix. Sorry to hear that.

    Oh! And that wreath on your front door is the bee’s knees. Totally cool.


    1. Thanks Julie and you’re welcome on the book recs. I have to restrain myself from making recommendations constantly, because I’m really not a big book reviewer. Turns out, I inspired myself to re-read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow because I found another audio version and am listening to it this week. The tales are so enchanting and I’m totally absorbed by the level of detail and the vocabulary is a marvel to listen to. Hope you have time to check it out, or file it away for when you need a good old-fashioned ghost story!
      P.S. I do love my little owl wreath, my goal is to find a fall one I love as much.


  3. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that your basement flooded – not gonna lie, that just totally sucks. But holy crow, if those decorations are you NOT at your best, then what the heck does your place look like when you’re on your A game? That’s totally nuts – everything looks so great. Super job. 🙂

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    1. THANK YOU! It’s true, this is only about 50% of the Halloween I own. As much as the flood mega-sucked (clean-up still ongoing) I admit it was freeing to not have to unpack, set up, photo, then take down + repack everything.
      Silver lining to flood: in a basement closet, I found my Kindle which was missing for 2 years and thought to be lost forever. It’s old-school but has 993 books on it! So, that was a score😊


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