Mini melting series- Alpine Martini

Part 2 in the 2016 Festive mini melting series is Alpine Martini. I rarely order a martini these days, but I have imbibed a few cosmos in my time; therefore, I was intrigued and excited by this combination of fruity berries and woods, especially around the holidays. Yankee Candle has done this type well in the past with Red Berry & Cedar and I was hoping for a fresh version of that, maybe with an added sophistication of a cocktail vibe. Unfortunately, this scent wasn’t at all what I was hoping it would be…


Fragrance: Yankee Candle’s official description, “Celebrate with a tart concoction spiked with mountain berries and a sprig of fresh-snipped pine.” Well, they did get the concoction part right. This wax tart smelled of a beverage, but not a martini. The overriding scent was a concoction of poorly mixed Kool-Aid or Hawaiian Punch.

I personally don’t like any uber-fake fruity smells, such as, fruit loops cereal blends or any of the cranberry or cherry syrup scents, but even if I did, Alpine Martini would be a disappointment. What might have been a sophisticated cocktail blend of ripened fruit muddled with herbaceous pine and frosty spirits turned out to be a one-note dupe of a kiddie drink pouch. Not even that good, honestly. By the way Yankee, where is the pine?

I’ve read that people have tried mixing with vanilla to soften the tartness, but I don’t like vanilla in my powdery drink-mixes so I probably wouldn’t care for it in blended wax form. This scent would have been much improved by adding woody notes or fresh outdoorsy essence. I plan to try to salvage it by mixing in Magical Frosted Forest, or some other cool evergreen.

Performance: Alpine Martini was a super strong melt, which always seems to be the case with scents I cannot stand. The fragrance released full power after 10 minutes and flowed for 3 hours with the same tartness, until I had to turn it off. Usually I melt twice for a review, but once was enough for me.

Recommendation: If you’re into sweet beverage scents, like Yankee’s Cherries on Snow, then Alpine Martini is probably the potion you’d pick. Although this new version didn’t make me as nauseous as the cough syrupy oils of Cherries on Snow, it’s one I wouldn’t repurchase or recommend. (There’s also a Pure Radiance line version of this called Cherry Gin Fizz, that I won’t be trying either.)

Although this fragrance was released in a variety of products, it will have to compete for shelf space with another fruity cocktail scent released this season. Stay tuned for that review in the next installment of the 2016 Festive mini melting series.


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  1. Oh, yuck, that sounds kind of unpleasant. I’ve yet to find a cocktail-type scent I can abide – ditto cherry scents of all descriptions (sour, sweet, black, Rainier, whatever.) It’s all cherry cough syrup to me! Thanks for the heads-up.


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