Fall fun-Pumpkin Patch

20161008_163333No way I was going to start a pumpkin post without showing off my sweet new crocheted drink cozie. Fall Fun readers will recognize this lovely piece from Amanda’s craft post on her Thrifty Polished blog. My effusive admiration of her craftiness resulted in Amanda generously offering to send me an extra one along with a handmade card by her mom. Needless to say, there wasn’t much arm twisting involved in my acceptance.

It’s such a cute fall accessory and perfect for carrying my London Fog lattes, my favorite comforting drink this time of year. Thank you so very much Amanda! By the way, if you consider making/selling these I will totally buy them as presents and a pineapple design, too, if you take requests:)

Monroe’s Orchard and Farm Market

A gift certificate given to my husband by a student provided an opportunity for us to head to the Ohio countryside and visit an apple orchard and farm this past Saturday. Monroe’s Orchard also has a pick your own pumpkin patch and farm market, so it meant enjoying two quintessential fall activities in one!

A picture-perfect sunny fall day


Piles of pastel pumpkins




What was especially nice about this visit was that we got to spend a beautiful afternoon together selecting some fall goodies at a leisurely pace. Our lives and schedules get super hectic beginning in late October because my husband and I are speech and debate coaches, which means all of our Saturdays will be spent traveling to various high school meets with our team. Enjoying a carefree day picking out our pumpkins, tasting some freshly pressed apple cider and taking a scenic country drive was a quiet autumn afternoon well-spent.

I forgot just how good Our Own Candle Company fragrances are, some of those scent names, though Lol! I didn’t pick up any candles but did get apples, preserves, a fruity barbecue sauce, pumpkins and gourds.

Made friends with some cute pygmy goats, too.


Pumpkin melts:


L3 Waxy WondersPumpkin Caramel Latte-This wax chunk exactly matches my pumpkin tablecloth!

Fragrance: I’m not the biggest PSL fan so this scent wouldn’t be a go-to favorite for me. I received it in L3’s mystery chunk bag sale at the end of summer. The coffee note, while not bitter, had a burnt edge to it that didn’t agree with my nose. The caramel was not overpowering but didn’t sweeten the spice/coffee combo enough. The pumpkin aspect was pleasing and nicely presented itself throughout.

Performance: mild strength that faded on the second night of a 3-4 hour melt in my Scentsy warmer. I’d recommend a half a chunk in a hotter warmer for a better throw.

Harvest Welcome – Yankee Candle, retired

Fragrance: Scent description- a blend of cinnamon, cloves and musk with a hint of sweet apples and pumpkin butter. What you get–heavy spice mixed with fresh pumpkin puree. If you don’t like ginger, you will not like this, it’s the stand out note. The reason that I enjoy this retired scent is that it boasts a fresh pumpkin fragrance rather than the typical baked or pumpkin pie scent.

Performance: strong, especially on the spice note. I wish the fresh pumpkin was a larger presence. It would elevate Harvest Welcome from good to great.

Pumpkin Wreath– Yankee Candle, retired

Fragrance: One of my all-time favorite fragrances, not just for fall. The description reads: This nature-inspired scent contains apple, resinous spice, and wood notes that blend beautifully with pumpkin. I love the middle and bottom notes in it which flow through the fragrance creating the most warming scent experience. Middle notes of buttermilk, cinnamon bark, clove and caramel. Bottom notes of sandalwood, oakwood, golden amber, Tonka bean and vanilla.

Performance: I’ve tried this fragrance in tarts, melt cups and candles. It performs well in all 3 formats, creating a warmth within the room. A really unique blend that I wish Yankee would bring back because it’s too underrated.

Glorious autumn days like these will have to sustain me through the upcoming midwest winter…


All decked out for fall!


9 thoughts on “Fall fun-Pumpkin Patch

  1. I cannot wait to go to a pumpkin patch! One of my favorite things about fall! So much fun and looks like you also had a great time! Great post and lots of fun waxy goodies. I’m not sure how I would like the PCL either unless it was done correctly like B&BW Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte, since coffee isn’t my favorite, maybe mixed with marshmallow to sweeten it up a bit.


    1. Ya just gotta do a pumpkin patch if possible. I have the MPL soap I’ll be using soon, but I’ve also heard the candle was weak. I really don’t need another candle, unless you know I REALLY need it!


  2. So glad you are enjoying your pumpkin cozy! I shall have to figure out how to crochet a pineapple, haha!

    Your pumpkin patch photos are absolutely fabulous! I love the first one with the blue sky and field of pumpkins especially; perfect fall photo!

    I would have been all over those candles; so cute in their mason jar mugs!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was tough to resist the candles, Mulled Cider was so good. Maybe if they had the little versions…I tried to be generous and let my husband spend most of his gift card;)


  3. Beautiful photos! Glad you and your husband had a chance to enjoy some quality time together. All this talk of freshly pressed apple cider has me longing for some. Is that something one can make? I will have to look into that one day. I must tell you how much I adore your mum/pumpkin/owl display outside. So lovely and well done. Thank you for the beautiful fall eye candy! I hope the rest of your busy October goes by smoothly and your debate kiddos do fabulously! ❤


    1. Ooh that cider was so good, but I believe you need a very large apple press to produce some😊
      And thanks for the well wishes and compliments. I can pretty much guarantee that the rest of October won’t be going by smoothly, such is life.


  4. Ha, you did exactly what my husband and I did last weekend – head out to the country for a bit, do the farmer’s market thing, check out the pumpkins…no naughty candles at our farmer’s market, though, just some cute beeswax shapes (seriously, though, that name is so crass, and I can swear a blue streak that would put a sailor crossed with Samantha Jones to shame!)


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