Mini melting series-All is Bright

If the state of my email inbox is any indication, the holidays are right around the corner. Being in early October makes no difference to retail store marketers and their daily bombardment of holiday sneak-peeks and Christmas shopping countdowns. While still enjoying the fading rays of summer sunlight in my heart, I suppose the holiday season is approaching whether I like it or not

Try as I might to put off thinking about the plans, preparations and emotional anxiety that comes with the festivities, the fact is, it’s such a hectic time of year that it usually goes by in a blur without my stopping to enjoy it. I will admit that, however slowly, with each new post of the Fall Fun blog series I’m getting more into an autumnal mood this month. I’ve even melted through some fall scents already. Being the wax hoarder that I am, that is a pretty good start.


It is with this same spirit that I decided to gear myself up for the holiday season by buying and trying the 4 new fragrance offerings from Yankee Candle. The bonus for me is, because I’m such a seasonal melter I end up with way too many Christmas scents to use up during the short season; reviewing these will force me to melt them. The bonus for Yankee fandles is to get the lowdown on the new festive fragrances with plenty of time to get a hold of them before the Christmas shopping frenzy.

All Is Bright

Fragrance: I described this scent as citrus champagne when I was gifted a tester tart of this one back in August. Reading the official description, “a blend of sparkling citrus scents drifting on warm musk” I was pretty spot on. The brightness of the fruit kicks off top notes of tart grapefruit and sweet orange. When those dissipate, the lingering note is effervescent musk. I’ve read there is supposed to be a blackcurrant in there too, but I didn’t get any from this melt. It’s quite straightforward for a Yankee blend, consisting of three main scents, but such a good combo.

Performance: I was lazy and used my Scenterpiece warmer because I didn’t want to clean out my tart burner. Therefore, it took nearly 40 minutes for the harder tart wax to melt down and throw. Once it did though, what staying power! I thought it was going to be in the light range, but ended up a medium to strong throw. After stepping away to our lower level for a bit, the sparkly fragrance greeted me on the stairs, I love it when that happens.

Recommendation: If you are a strict holiday traditionalist, and I understand if that’s the case, you may question how this qualifies as holiday fragrance. It depends, the scent notes taken separately could be spring or summer too. I think the fruitiness has a candied citrus to it, the sweet musk carries the pop of a sparkling beverage and it would be a crowd pleasing scent at a New Year’s eve party. If it doesn’t get you ready for the holidays, it might get you in the mood for a glass of champagne.

Sadly, the gorgeous label pictured above can only be found in the outlets in the US, due to the maligned label change. The All Is Bright fragrance was released in nearly every product in stores, though.

 Check back next week for part 2 of the holiday mini melting series.



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