Fall leaves


Fall foliage is the focus of the blog series today and I was lucky enough to take an out-of-town excursion to beautiful Hocking Hills state park in Logan, Ohio this past weekend. Unfortunately, we visited before peak season so there wasn’t as much fall color as I wanted, but the scenery is something to behold any time of year.


It may be early in the season, but Autumn is alighting all around if you look for it.

A little fall color emerging across the lake



The highlight of the natural formations in Hocking Hills is Old Man’s Cave, a massive recessed cave surrounded by a forested gorge. My friends, husband and I traversed approximately 6 miles of hiking trails through this area.










There were plenty of funky finds in the undergrowth.







Wonders both small…

Photo credit- M.H.

and large…

20161001_134018-1A favorite feature were these huge chunks of rock called slump blocks, which slid from their original position in the hills over time.


And the numerous waterfalls trickling throughout the broken rocks. Although the hike may have taken a toll on the body, time exploring the natural wonders was soothing to the soul.

We stayed in a cushy cabin on a semi-secluded property, but somehow these are the only cabin photos I captured. Ah well, the best thing about camping, besides experiencing nature of course, is the beer and bonfires. It helped us recover from the hike;)



I have a few different leaf-themed waxes from tried and true Autumn Leaves by Yankee Candle, and Leaves by BBW, to new-to-me scents like The Addams Family by VCS and Hello October by House of Usher Wax Museum. I will melt those soon; however, I’m more excited to share this Ladies of Ice and Fire mini-haul by House of Phoebe Wax than I am anything else right now. My buddy shared her Game of Thrones sampler with me this weekend, so now my HOP wax set is complete:)

I can’t rave enough about these fragrances, even liking the Dragon’s Blood blend of Daenerys, and I usually don’t like Dragon’s Blood at all. My favorites are Asha-Driftwood, sage, aquatic florals, sea moss, and rum, Margaery-Crisp summer fruits over a bed of roses and Melisandre– Firewood, amber, currant, patchouli. This brand is becoming one of my favorite vendors. The blends are just my taste, sophisticated but not overbearing. I also think Casey, the wax crafter, makes some of the prettiest wax melts and her prices are the best around. I will update on the scent performance of my Ladies of Ice and Fire blends, soon.

The next few Fall Fun prompts will be combined into one post, so look for that next week. Until then, thanks for stopping by and a happy fall to all.


7 thoughts on “Fall leaves

  1. great pics! Happy Fall! Looking forward to seeing lots of fall color in a couple weeks! Maybe we can do a guest blog together with a couple hand picked melts at my house? 🙂

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  2. Thank you for the beautiful photos!! Brings fall right into my grasp. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Those melts seem to be right up my alley, the ones from House of Phoebe, I need more earthy wax options. I will look into that.


    1. You should absolutely look into House of Phoebe! Casey’s wax blends are special, I haven’t had any disappointments.
      It was nice to get away briefly,enjoy the beautiful weather and slow down and relax a bit. It’s about to get very busy and crazy for us this time of year, so it made me appreciate the outdoors even more. As I was looking through my pics I thought, the Redolent Mermaid would appreciate some of these bits, especially the fungus photos!😉


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