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This quote reminds me of the sentiment behind carrying out a random act of kindness. Spread a little happiness to the life of another person even though you may not be able to witness the enjoyment of your gesture. The theme for today is…RAOK; those simple little kindnesses bestowed, unbidden and unexpected, upon someone you may only meet for a moment or may never meet at all.

Although the above card is a thank-you for a charitable donation we

You can’t beat a handwritten note

make yearly to a summer camp for kids, it shows the impact that a small gesture can have. In the case of Camp Fitch, it can change the lives of the attendees who would never have afforded the opportunity to experience a great summer camp without the generosity of donations. Helping them build a more solid foundation to their young lives.

My RAOKs weren’t as impactful as donating money or devoting my time to a non-profit summer camp, but I hope they brought a smile to the faces of their recipients. I enjoyed putting these little wax gifts together because I knew that they would be much appreciated.

Firstly, I sent a small pack of fall melts and coffee k-cups to the guidance counselor at the high school where my husband teaches. Not only is it important to respect and rely on the school counselor if you’re a teacher, but this nice lady was my former coworker as well. She has a little wax melter in her office and I know that she tries to make it an inviting spot for students to visit.


I wished her a happy school year and fondly remembered that she saved my butt, literally. She recommended a quality acupuncturist to treat some health issues I was going through. I had a fractured sacrum due to radiation treatments a few years ago, and could barely sit on a soft bed without shooting tailbone pain. The acupuncture was a significant help and I’m grateful she pushed me to go.

Next I was excited to put together a wax package for our friend, Jessica, from The Meltdown Blog:) She has been so helpful over the last few months and was one of my first blog supporters. Sometimes, as a blogger you can feel like you’re writing in a vacuum and wonder if you are connecting to anyone…well, Jessica knows all she’s done, but I will publicly credit her with my Super Tarts addiction because she gave me notice for my first opening of ST!

Picking wax for Jess was a fun challenge because we have nearly opposite wax tastes!

Lastly, I will bestow these Yankee tarts and teas to a current co-worker who filled in at the library while my supervisor was on vacation. She and I had to deal with a few ridiculous patron incidents and I was once again thankful for the back-up. Also, she’s said that she loves Yankee tarts but rarely treats herself to any because she’s on a tight budget and can’t afford frivolity. (I believe wax is more of a necessity, but I understand her meaning:)


I suppose my acts aren’t truly random because I know these people, but in each case, I belive they were unexpected gifts for a forgotten about past, or present kindness.

If you are inspired, as I am, to continue the kindness, I recommend these books for ideas on ways to give.

Crafts & Hobbies: 100 Days of Kindness - Spreading Happiness, Joy, and Love with 100 Acts of Random Kindness! (Crafts, Crafts & Hobbies, Hobbies) by [Reimer, Jacob]    Make & Share Random Acts of Kindness: Simple Crafts and Recipes to Give and Spread Joy by [Provost, Mique]

My sister was on the receiving end of an RAOK recently when a neighbor decorated her front porch and those of the surrounding neighbors with corn stalks and a pumpkin from the person’s own garden. What a festive surprise!




9 thoughts on “Fall Fun-RAOK

  1. Don’t you put that addiction blame on me missy! :p lol lol!! Yeah.. I guess that was me.. But isn’t it a swell addiction? Least the house smells good! I can’t thank you enough for your kindness! Everything smells so great and I am soo appreciative! I’ll have to get you back in a fun swap soon!

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  2. What a cute post! And the packages you put together are so sweet!! 🙂
    I know just what you mean about blogging and not knowing if ANYONE even reads it. I love this little group because we all are here to support each other.

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  3. So much joy. I bet the recipients of your generosity really appreciated it. Your wax and tea/coffee gifts are perfect pick-me-ups. I want to do something fallish for my girls’ teachers but I think I will bake something. Thanks for those book recommendations.

    How sweet of your sister’s neighbor! Her home look beautiful! Last year the girls made Boo Boxes for the neighborhood kids and left them at their doors, anonymously. It was great fun. We will probably try and do that again this year.

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    1. Boo boxes are very fun to give and receive, I bet your neighbors love it! My sis’s home is very nice, I will have to capture the back yard sometime, that’s something to see.


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