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Small confession time- A couple of months ago, I posted here that I only had approximately 48 candles, in which case I didn’t consider myself to be a hoarder.  I determined this number by figuring I had 2 candle crates for each season with 6 candles in each crate, so 12 candles times 4 seasons is….apparently a gross underestimate of the candles that I actually own! Neglecting the 10 or so around my upstairs level alone and completely forgetting about a basket of 16 small tumblers I had nestled away, a few more here and there, oh, and counting the bathroom, it’s: 103.  I own a combination of small, medium, large, holiday and everyday candles totaling 103!  So now that we’re all aware of this appalling number, let’s move on!

2016-08-27 19.54.16
Loving that pristine lake photo label and serene periwinkle blue wax pool

The hardest piece for a candle hoard- ahem…collector to resist, is a long sought after candle that is re-released from retirement, or found while searching the secondary market.  I try to stay away from the price-gouged retired candles listed on ebay, the shipping cost alone can be ridiculous.  I will indulge in some hard-to-find wax tarts occasionally, though.

My fellow Yankee Candle collectors and I are always on the lookout for these retired gems to be brought back into the store rotation.  These former scents, previously known as “treasures” but for some reason are now being called, “returning favorites-limited time,” were yanked from the lineup for one reason or another.  Those deemed popular enough are given a brief, albeit glorious, limited seasonal run in the large jar format, only.  One never knows how long they will last in store, or if they will ever be seen again.  And a bonus is that they continue to feature the larger labels, prior to the updated version.  Collector’s gold, right?

How I wish that was true for the Mountain Lake treasure that I was so excited to try.  After ogling this retired candle on scent lists for years, and recently experiencing it, I’m not sure why they bothered to bring it back.

Fragrance: Sniffing the lid, one gets a smooth, masculine acqua di gio type scent.  Although I like the cologne, it can be overwhelming in wax, this smells more like an acqua di gio soap rather than the powerful cologne aroma.  Fresh and sensual; so far, so good.

Top notes are: ozone (a favorite) and bergamot; middle notes contain some strong florals: violets, lily of the valley, pine, lavender, sage; bottom notes of: amber, musk, sandalwood and cedar; again, pretty good stuff.

Performance: First burn of 3 hours and…nothing.  I like to burn/melt twice before reviewing, so a second burn of 3.5 hours=nada, zip, zero.  I’ve had a few experiences with the large jars when I couldn’t get a throw until the third time, then wham!, there it is.  Unfortunately, not the case for Mountain Lake.

Third burn of 5 hours in my small bathroom and the only way I got anything was to wave my hands from the flame to my nose in constant motion, while hovering directly above the jar opening and burning myself.  Not ideal.  How is it a candle with such a great cold throw can provide no scent on warm, I’ll never know!

Recommendation: I’ve gotten more scent throw from an UNSCENTED candle, so nope.  I can’t recommend this one.  I just wish I hadn’t given it so many chances, or else I would exchange it at the store (I’ve only returned a used candle once and it was because the scent was too strong, also, it was Sage and Citrus, yuck).

Ah well, when you have 103 candles one of them is bound to be a dud.  Or does this make number 104, I’m not sure??  One more manly scent coming up in my monthly wrap-up and it’s a surprising favorite…

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