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In the world of fragrance families, what’s the manliest, most macho scent you can think of? Patchouli, Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Bay, Cypress, Ginger, Black Pepper, Vanilla, Vetiver, and the citrus oils are the essential oils that are the most strongly favored by men, according to  Then there are the cologne counterparts of Aquatic, Oriental, Rustic, Spicy and Woody accords found in men’s personal fragrance.

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The description on the candle reads, “Although we do not necessarily support killing trees, we do support the scent of a burly, broad-shouldered man working with an axe or a chainsaw. This scent boasts masculinity through whiffs of wood, a fresh-cut tree, and the local lumberyard hunk eager to help you with your weekend DIY (that is, if you don’t actually encounter real lumberjacks in your locale).”

Somewhere in between these earthy, natural outdoorsy notes and the crisp, fresh and clean masculine aromas is right in my fragrance wheelhouse.  It isn’t so easy to capture this fragrance type, (I’m thinking of you, Yankee Candle, with the novelty On Tap beer scent) but I’m always on the lookout for a well-done masculine candle.  Consequently, when Boyfriend Candle reached out to some candle fans, like me, on social media as they were prepping their product launch, I took notice.  I also thought their fragrance list was simultaneously down-to-earth and hilarious.  Honestly, you just can’t get manlier than a lumberjack! 

As the Boyfriend Candle previewed their products on Instagram back in March, my curiosity was peaked.  With an all masculine fragrance line-up, clean black and white graphics and tongue-in-cheek scent descriptions, I was intrigued by their concept.  A 25% off coupon timed around their April release sealed the deal for me.  I ordered The Lumberjack and The Landscaper.

Hand-poured in Scottsdale, AZ, the candles are 8.5 oz tumblers of 100% dye-free soy wax, regularly priced at $21.00 and presented in a sueded black cloth string bag.  They tout a fragrance list of “real-life, classic scents of everyday men” such as, The Bearded Musk, The Morning Chef and The Lifeguard.  I enjoyed  The Landscaper, it smelled fresh and grassy, but I sent that one off to a friend and kept The Lumberjack for myself.

Fragrance: On cold throw, there was some resinous wood sap and an almost smoky tone to this scent, not strong, but definitely there.  I admit, I stored this one away in a cabinet for 3 months until deciding to burn it recently.  I was surprised when I took it out of its bag and couldn’t pick up much scent at all.

I detected a slight sandalwood fragrance, which is one of my favorite scents, but didn’t get a bit of pine, fresh cut wood, or anything else I was hoping for after 3 hours of burning.  I snuffed the candle out, disappointed, but willing to give it another try.  I burned for a longer period the next day, with the wax reaching a complete liquid pool.  Even standing directly over it, I couldn’t detect anything.

Performance: This was a pretty weak lumberjack.  Lately, I’ve been having strong results with my lighter Yankee Candles on the third burn, so I’ll see if this holds true for the Boyfriend Candle as well.  I’m not expecting much; however, because this throw is lighter than the lightest candle I have.

Recommendation: I wouldn’t recommend The Lumberjack, but I would be willing to try other Boyfriend Candle scents, such as, The Barber (shaving cream!) or The Popped Collar (preppy sandalwood and musk combo).

I wish the Boyfriend Candle company the best with their business because I think they have a really clever, well-designed concept.  Hopefully, they can use their customers’ feedback to improve the product performance and notch up the strength for a better candle throw.

Meanwhile, my search for the ultimate manly-man scented wax continues.  I’m always open to suggestions in the comments.



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  1. Next time you come to visit, we will have to burn The Landscaper so you can critique it! Thanks again!


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