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Okay, so, I have featured Super Tarts fairly recently and I’ll be reviewing a couple of different candle and wax vendors this month, but with all of the new releases and re-releases that Super Tarts has added this summer, I just had to promote one of my favorites before it’s no longer available. Not to mention Super Tarts is just incredibly good!20160809_100908-1August’s theme is masculine scents (I use that term loosely because of course any fragrance can appeal to anyone) and is one of my favorite scent types. I’ll start by easing into manly scents with Ballgame, a scent that doesn’t contain any masculine notes, but is based on what’s traditionally considered a manly pastime. Major League Baseball is a beloved game in my family and although my household is divided between Cleveland Indians and Pittsburgh Pirates allegiances, we never turn down an opportunity to attend a game for either team. 

When I placed my first order with Super Tarts’ May restock, I grabbed a half-bam bag of Ballgame in the hopes that my husband wouldn’t mind yet another wax order (it was my second one that day) if I ordered a scent based on his favorite pastime. Don’t judge, there is no shame in my wax game;) Turns out that I was right! He immediately forgot about my excessive wax habit once he opened the bag and took a whiff. He has been using it ever since and absolutely loves it!

Fragrance: The Super Tarts website description simply states “Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks” so one can expect sweet, salty popcorn and roasted peanuts. That meld of salty and sugary is exactly what Ballgame delivers. The wax cubes are white and red (like a baseball) and we noticed that the scent differs depending upon which side is placed in the warmer dish. When white is face down, the creamy sweet molasses note is richer and stronger. Red side down gives off the salty, toasted nuttiness. As the fragrance develops into buttery goodness, I can almost hear the stadium vendors call out “Pea-nuts! Get your pea-nuts, here!” or in the case of the Pirates’ vendors at PNC park, just emit a long whistle.

Performance: A world series wax champ! I tried out a single cube in a Scentsy wall warmer in our large basement family room. It lasted for nearly a week, one cube! My husband and I marveled at the longevity. I started to doubt whether it could still be going strong after a couple days and asked him if he added more wax to the warmer; he insisted he hadn’t. I don’t know if the reason it’s so strong is because it’s a paraffin wax blend, but it has performed consistently all summer long and that’s been a lot of ballgames.

Recommendation: Ballgame is a fragrance from the ‘Murica Melts release. If you have wondered about this one, but never tried it, consider me your wax team scout. According to “The CRACKER JACK® brand has been an American favorite for 120 years.” It’s been a ballpark classic since 1896, so you can’t go wrong with this choice. Fans of Bath and Body Works will find it smells similar to their Sea Salt Maple Popcorn candle, substituting caramel for the maple. In my case, it’s a warm, delicious almost bakery scent for someone who doesn’t like bakery.

Many Super Tarts buyers are planning their Harry Potter and Halloween melts purchases, or, like me, are planning on going back for more. I recommend adding a clamshell, or two, of this to your order. My half-bam bag will last awhile; it weighs about a 1/2 pound, but I’ll likely get a back-up because it reads just as much a fall scent to me as it does a summer one. Ballgame is such a classic, though, I hope it stays in the Super Tarts line-up for a long time.2016-08-09 10.15.07My most recent Super Tarts haul: starting with the top left, Remus, Groot and Draco are my favorites.

With more Halloween scents listed weekly, it will be hard to resist placing another order.  If you do decide to order, try to narrow your list to 10 clamshells so they have a better chance of staying secured in a small box. I received some broken ones because they slid around in the medium box required for eleven clamshells. Of course, it doesn’t affect the fragrance,  I just hate to see Brandy’s awesome wax artwork get broken.

P.S. My no-buy is over (finally), so which fall restocks should I know about? What upcoming scents/vendors are you excited to this month? Does your husband or partner support, or just tolerate, your wax habit??

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