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Here at the Candle Enthusiast, I naturally focus on reviewing candles, but I haven’t been burning them as much lately. My evening candle habits have been on the back burner for many reasons including: two weeks of 90 degree weather=too hot to light them, I’ve been experiencing some major personal stress so I haven’t changed out my soothing spring candles, Storm Watch and Napa Valley Sun. But the biggest reason being, I’ve been preoccupied melting so much wax for the July wax chat melting challenge.

When my beautiful Bathing Garden wax haul arrived last week; however, I had to share my love and awe as soon as I had the chance.  I ordered 6 clamshells, 3 shaped wax melts and received 6 samples. For this review I will focus on my clamshells from the Take Me To the Sea Collection, which are perfect for my “To the Sea” theme!

First, I’ll briefly introduce the four clamshells from Shannon’s Summer Picks Collection and the Taste of Summer Collection.


From left to right, I’ve placed them in descending order of how much I like them.  On the left is 100% Sunshine –Lemon sugar, black summer tea, and hints of ginger. I love having a wax melt option in a lemon tea scent, the ginger adds an exotic note and on cold throw this one is mine and my husband’s favorite. Next is Cleopatra’s Cream Bath-Butter, golden honey, clotted cream, rosewood and a hint of musk.  The buttery cream stands out to me most on cold, but I love all those notes and together they smell divne!

Second from the right is Honeyed Toffee- the description reads a Delicious baked blend of honey and soft toffee. Although, I do think this is very good, I prefer other versions of the Honey I Washed the Kids Lush dupe that I’ve tried. I found this to be less sweet and just slightly too soapy. Lastly, is Tea with Mango and Mint-Freshly brewed white tea leaves are rounded out with mint and ripe mango. It’s way too minty for me and I can’t smell any white tea on cold. I’m not in love with the spearmint, so I’ll probably destash this one.


Now for the stars of the show, on the left is, Take Me to the Sea-Lemon, grapefruit, sea salt, and windy sea air blend with beach wood and light floral. Fragrance: On cold it smelled like a nice suntan lotion, after warming, the citrus brightened it up and the floral notes created a pleasing accent to the blend.

The prettiest clamshell award goes to Mermaid Tears- sparkling spa-like scent of essential citrus oils, tropical greens, and salty tears. Fragrance: it hit all the right watery tones for me, so mellow and relaxing. Similar to Finnick but more complex and less in-your-face. I didn’t pick up any citrus oils yet though.

cubesPerformance: I melted the two scents, both separately and together.  They both had a lighter impression than I hoped for, but my nose is pretty good at detecting the light scents too. Mermaid Tears was the stronger of the two and hid Take Me to the Sea completely when blended. I’d suggest one-two cubes for smaller rooms and two-three cubes for larger spaces and more impact.**

**I did not cure the wax for long, so it may get stronger with time. I’m going to wait a while on the other clamshells to see if I can get more throw.

Recommendation: The Bathing Garden creates really special wax and I recommend trying them out. The blends are layered and more sophisticated than other wax I’ve tried and the products are really artistic (you just have to be brave enough to break apart the beauty and melt them!) A huge plus is the price. Clamshells are average-sized and only cost $3.75 which is on the lower end of the scale compared to a lot of less-detailed $5.00 clamshells out there.

The only negatives are the six-week turn-around time after you place an order (although I’d forgotten what I’d ordered so opening the package was a sweet surprise) and the glitter you accidentally inhale while sniffing and breaking them:)

Winner of the “To The Sea” theme goes to The Bathing Garden, these melts were the relaxing experience that I’d been craving this month. Even the name, The Bathing Garden is comforting to say out loud. Kudos to Shannon and team for their special products. Get them before they’re gone, but keep an eye out for ordering those fall blends so you can enjoy them during peak fall season!


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