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It’s been six months since I began blogging about my wax obsession, so it’s time for a mid-year recap!  Reflecting upon my reasons for writing, my goals were to share my passion for candles and to connect with others who share that wax obsession.  I have succeeded in both goals, so I want to express my heartfelt thanks.  Thank you to everyone who reads, to those who follow and comment, and those who drop by occasionally when they see something that draws their attention.

As demonstrated by my love of themes, it’s part of my inherent nature to categorize and label my interests. Fortunately, that’s what a recap review is all about!

6 months/6 themes:

Mid-year winning scent: Storm Watchevery time I light it, I think: Wow, I always forget how good this is!

Mid-year loser: Gotta be April Showers-its probably because I used a highly concentrated easy melt cup, but this one is just too much for me.

Best discovery: Vendor wax– I’m hooked!

Biggest disappointment*: Good Morningjust a lost cause candle because of its poor performance.  Too bad, it’s such a unique fragrance.

*Update – I tried this scent again (3rd time) and it blossomed into a full-blown scent throw which I love! No longer a disappointment.

Best throw/candle: Juicy Grapefruit – the scent reached far and wide, but be warned: it’s very perfumed.

Best throw/Vendor wax: Ballgame by Super Tarts- review to come!

Best scent/non-reviewed: Pink Peony by Yankee Candle

Looking forward to most/Yankee Candle: Wine pairings collection featuring Spiced Honey & Oak, Apple & Candied Walnut, Black Currant & Fig (also, a return to bigger, better jar labels)

Looking forward to most/Vendor wax: The arrival of my open wax orders! (also, the end of my shopping ban #nobuyjuly)

Favorite theme: My favorites month, of course!

Thanks again for reading! Blogging is not only a fun form of expression, it’s also been a positive and healing outlet for dealing with loss.  I featured the beautiful Spirit of America candle in honor of my brother, the biggest fireworks and 4th of July fan I knew😊


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