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20160630_101926For the finale of my favorite fragrances theme, I’m featuring my small, but growing, collection of UK exclusive finds.  (I could not fit any more f’s into that sentence, I tried)  The best part of collecting is finding that rare, retired, or exclusive item to add to your collection. That’s true for any collector, be it of fine works of art, or Yankee candles.  I consider myself a casual collector, my husband would say hoarder, but I disagree.  I search for variety and rarity of scents, not quantity.  I do know a lovely lady with over 2,000 Yankee candles! There are probably a few rare ones in her stash, but they are mostly duplicates of her favorite scents and I guarantee she’s forgotten half of what she owns.

If I absolutely love a scent, I only get one candle to burn and may buy one as a back-up, unless I come upon some great sale in which I can get a favorite for under $10.  If one of my current favorites were to retire forever, then I might get a third, but because I’m a seasonal burner, I can draw the same candle out for years.  I’m not sure how many candles I currently have, I’m guessing around 48 in various sizes, so I haven’t reached hoarder status, yet.  Now, wax melts are another story…

You might be asking just how am I able to get these scents if they are UK exclusives, meaning unavailable to the U.S.?  Ah, the Yankee outlet stores are a candle collector’s best friend; sometimes my actual best friends pick up some exclusives for me too.  Because Yankee candles are produced in the United States, all fragrances are made here, and small test batches go out to the outlet before they are shipped across the pond.

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Timing is the only issue when buying from an outlet. Yankee doesn’t preview or market the products that the various stores will be getting, they just get what they get.  Unlike European exclusives, they can’t be purchased online.  So, if I see a UK exclusive, I grab it.  These are usually only available in small sizes, typically votives, tarts and small jars.  Sometimes outlets can be a bust, but I like the thrill of the hunt and never knowing what I’m going to find.

I have burned a few of the above scents when I’ve gotten more than one of them.  The Aloe Water was a nice surprise, very strong for a small jar, with a cucumber water, spa-like feel.  Shea Butter is one of my favorites from the Pure Essence line, also spa-like, with a rich, cool, creaminess similar to a luxurious lotion or shaving cream.  I am kicking myself for not getting a rare medium jar of it that I saw about a year ago.  Fireside Treats is great too, because it’s the British version of Campfire Treats!

One of the reasons I enjoy getting the UK versions is because they tend to focus on more exotic ingredients that represent the natural resources of a location, similar to the World Journeys candle line, also found at the outlets.  I’m on the hunt for more of the Grand Bazaar collection, especially Frankincense because it’s rare to a lot of U.S. blends and it’s so beautifully done.  Of course, the ultimate addition to my UK exclusives would be the Union Jack candle done for the United Kingdom, like the God Bless America and Spirit of America ones, exclusive to the U.S.  If any UK Yankee fandles out there want to trade, let me know!😊

Because I’ve indulged myself with a month of favorite scents, there is no fragrance wrap-up for June.  I just can’t pick a favorite from my favorites, so they’re all winners this month.  I recommend every brand and fragrance that I’ve featured for this fun theme.  I also have many more favorites to share.  Thanks for reading!



Thanks for the Verbena votives, buddy!  I’m going to try those next.



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