Hello semi-sale!

It’s been a busy wax month around the candle enthusiast blog. I’ve purchased no less than three small vendor wax restocks in May, and I’m looking forward to plenty of wax melting and reviewing soon! It’s also an exciting time of year for Yankee Candle fans (aka Yankee fandles) because Memorial Day weekend in the states kicks off the summer semi-annual sale. See below for scent retirement lists and SAS info.

Moonlit Garden melt cup

20160528_165320Wrapping up the garden fresh theme with a new summer fragrance, Moonlit Garden.  Yankee just released this fragrance in April and it’s already on the retirement chopping block in May! That’s one of the quickest fragrance turnaround times that I’ve seen.  Is it worth picking up at the Yankee Candle semi-annual sale?

Fragrance: Freesia, lilac and citrus are listed in the scent description. There is a trace of a powdery note, but not perfumey. A sweet, floaty floral, which provides an intoxicating feeling of a garden at night. However, the lilac becomes dominant, turning it into a more generic floral scent.

Performance: Rather light for a melt cup, but so important for a floral scent. A floral fragrance paired with an intense throw=a guaranteed headache for me.  Other headache producers are too strong berry or orange scents. I’ve only experienced one fresh scent that I had to dispose of due to nausea, that was Yankee’s Treehouse Memories.

Considering fragrance intensity can be relative, I can see how this one probably didn’t overwhelm anyone with a great performance. It reached peak power about 1.5 hours after turning on the timer and went downhill from there.

Recommendation: Oh, Moonlit Garden, I hardly knew ye. It was a pleasant melt, but I won’t be buying this one in candle format, even at 50-60% off. I haven’t tried the new Midnight Lilac but I’m assuming it’s close enough that they didn’t need two similar scents on the market.

Without further ado, the Summer 2016 retiring scent list:*

For good:                        Seasonal:

Beachwood                  Bahama Breeze

Lavender                      Berrylicious

Lavender/Vanilla       Blue summer sky

Margarita Time          Choc layer cake 

Moonlit Garden         Juicy Watermelon

Ocean Star                   Line-dried cotton

Peach Cobbler             Meadow showers

Summer Wish             Pink peony

Summer Scoop           Turquoise sky

Sunset Breeze             Vanilla lime

Collegiate candles     White gardenia

                                        7 Pure Radiance 

*This list was provided by friends at my Yankee store.  I will update if I learn of more retirements.

I know many people who will be bummed about Lavender Vanilla going away.  I will certainly miss Margarita Time, it’s especially great in the melts and room sprays. I have already grabbed a few Collegiate candles for my family when they went 50% off recently.

I received an in-store coupon which stated SAS wasn’t starting until June 6th, but YC has been known to change the sales plan for the weekends. My guess is that they wanted to compete for Memorial Day shoppers and couldn’t stick to the later start date.

Returning favorites for SAS. I’ve featured 3 of these scents in previous posts:)

Up next:

Some all-time favorites coming up in June, including some non-Yankee fragrances!  A shout-out goes to the meltdown 15’s blog for including me in her #followfriday on Instagram yesterday. It was very sweet and unexpected. Check out the meltdownblog.wordpress.com for a wealth of waxy information.


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  1. Nooooo!!! Lavendar Vanilla! My all-time favorite! Stock me up for my Bday friend!!!
    And Happy Birthday to YOU!


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