Fresh Cut Roses

This Saturday was the 142nd annual “run for the roses” with the Kentucky Derby. Every year, my family has a small get-together to celebrate.  We indulge in some bourbon infused recipes, play a “Hold your Horses” classic-style board game with the kids, and place some friendly bets on the race.  My losing streak remained intact this year, but hey, I did get to wear a flowered straw hat.  So, it’s all in good fun and tradition.


May is a lovely time for a garden fresh theme, and between the Derby and Mother’s day, perfect for the scent of Fresh Cut Roses.  For the party, we lit my mom’s large jar in the kitchen and a wax melt in the living room.

Fragrance: I’ve personally never melted this scent because I have an aversion to strong, perfumed florals.  The cold throw smelled slightly bitter and not very rose-like to me.

As it turned out, I was pleasantly surprised! It did not smell heady, like walking into a florist shop.  With notes of rose and geranium, FCR is definitely floral, but there’s also a clean undertone to it.  It is the clean, musky base note that keeps it from becoming too flowery for the senses.

Performance: The candle was light-medium strength for the kitchen and family room combo.  It did the job creating a rosy atmosphere and it dispersed the fragrance evenly, but not potently.

The wax tart’s throw was contained in one room, but because the tarts are more concentrated, I noticed more of the clean, fresh floral in that space.

Recommendation: It might have been the bourbon, but I think I’ve been converted into a Fresh Cut Roses fan. Not only the fragrance, but the shade of pink will always remind me of my mom’s and  

Jardin Botanique de Montréal 2015

grandma’s love for roses.  Pink roses are my mom’s signature and were my grandma’s as well, so I imagine that I’ll always think fondly of this scent, for that reason.

It’s a popular one with Yankee fans as well. The tarts are currently sold out online, but should be available in stores till the end of the season.

Happy May!


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