Splash of Rain

After reviewing three new scents in a row, I thought it was time to feature a throwback scent.  Way back!

09 indicates 2009

You can tell the age of a Yankee candle by checking the date code on the bottom of the label.  The first two numbers on the bottom right, listed vertically, show the date the candle was produced.  Splash of Rain was created in 2009.  I haven’t been holding on to this one for 7 years; this candle was returned to a store, I saw it on the shelf last summer and scooped it up in my quest to find retired scents.

Fragrance: On cold throw this is a little off-putting.  I get a sharp alcohol-tinged smell, rather like hairspray.  

When lit, it develops into a perfumed blend of floral notes.  It reminds me of jasmine and daffodils.  There is a gentle freshness to it, possibly some amber notes (which is a favorite of mine) but it lacks the cool, watery note I enjoy in a fresh scent.  It also has a uniquely clean aroma to it that was too fleeting to identify.

Performance: Too weak for my smallish living room.  It never became more than a background scent.  After awhile, I moved it to the bathroom.

The 2009 label highlights the candle name not the picture

Recommendation: With a name like Splash of Rain, I was hoping for a refreshing “just after a spring rain” scent.  Instead, I got an unnatural, slightly chemical fragrance. Maybe it had to do with the age of the oils in the wax, could it have gone bad?  I’ve used jar candles year after year that smelled as good as the first day, so I think they have a long shelf life.  Whatever the reason, this promising retired candle did not deliver in performance or fragrance profile.

Yankee Candle re-released Splash of Rain this past January as a large jar treasure.  It was in and out of the stores and online quickly.  I must be missing the reason for this candle’s appeal.  If you enjoy a light, different type of clean scent, I’d say at least Splash of Rain is unique.  It’s just not for me.

Jar label changes=Brand identity crisis?

There has been growing negative sentiment about the upcoming changes to Yankee Candles’ labels across social media.  I gave my opinion of the branding change in my April Showers post.  This 2009 candle is a good example of a previous label design, smaller-sized with the candle name right in the middle.  It is visually more pleasing to have the name on the bottom, therefore not obscuring the label artwork.

I think the number one complaint I have with the new 2017 label design is the orientation.  A vertical orientation doesn’t suit the jars nor the artwork the way the current layout does. Whether or not Yankee plans to test out the new labels, or go forth with the changes across all of the products remains to be seen.  Feel free to weigh in here, or on Yankee Candle’s website feedback page.

Next up, Stormy Weather fragrance wrap-up…



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