Summer Storm

A new month is upon us, which means a new fragrance theme!  Stormy weather seems like an appropriate theme for the crazy roller coaster spring weather we’ve been experiencing around this part of the country.  I have to chuckle at my daily weather app alerts which read, “The temperature will drop 20 degrees tomorrow, or the temperature will rise 19 degrees tomorrow.  Please note the change in temperature!”


Yankee Candle releases their summer line-up into the stores in April, so I’ve been looking forward to trying out some new scents, too.  Summer Storm has been sighted at Bed, Bath and Beyond since January, but I don’t have a BB&B close enough to make it worth the drive.  When it finally reached the retail shop, I was planning on getting a few, but the cold throw made me hesitate.  It seemed really strong and too much like cologne, rather than the fresh scent I was expecting.

I ended up buying just one to test it out.   I couldn’t resist the graphic label art and the fact that a summer storm is my absolute favorite weather phenomenon.  When my siblings and I were little, we would relish summer thunderstorms because we would pile up our sleeping bags and pillows and camp out on the floor of my parents’ bedroom.  From the security of their room we would count the seconds between the lightning strikes and the thunder claps until we fell asleep.  I still get nostalgic for those summer nights from childhood; there was no safer feeling in the world.

Fragrance: Yankee has begun to release their fragrance notes online starting with this summer collection.  The website description reads: “Top: Citrus, Ozonic, Rosemary.  Middle: Eucalyptus oil.  Bottom: Patchouli.”

I’m only picking up two fragrance notes: patchouli and men’s cologne.  I don’t know if it’s cedar wood, the Eucalyptus, or possibly vetiver, but it’s a familiar note typical in masculine products, like aftershave. 

Performance: Lighter than the cold throw indicated, but still room-filling.  If it was even slightly stronger, it would have been headache-inducing.  I’d call it a medium throw that stayed present and didn’t fade into the background.

2016-04-07 19.11.24

Recommendation: If you like Yankee’s masculine signature scent, Midsummer’s Night, or the retired Over the River, you will probably like Summer Storm.  It’s too over-the-top for me, not unpleasant, but nothing to do with the crisp, airy scent of a summer storm.  This may be nice to try in other products, such as the scent plug-ins.  It would actually make a decent cologne, too.



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