Carefree? Yes please!

Meet my new love…it’s name is Carefree and it smells amazing.  I rarely buy brand new scents in candle form, preferring to test them out in the wax tarts.  However, this is a Yankee Pure Radiance which isn’t available in tarts, so I committed to the candle with a free medium jar with $25 purchase coupon.


First of all, the color stood out as it is the most serene aqua blue.  Then, the cold throw was so bold that it surprised me. Here was a super fresh fragrance that was just singing out to be the ultimate spring candle.

The name Carefree is quite an ironic scent selection, as it could not be farther away from my current stress-filled reality.  Ah well, a girl can light a candle and dream…

Fragrance: Don’t let the daisies on the lid fool you, this scent is more fresh than floral.  The cold throw has a clean laundry scent, but doesn’t smell soapy or detergent-like when lit.

It has a soft floral tone, but I don’t get daisies as much as gardenias or something more tropical.  It may even have grassy notes.  There is also a bright fruit that I can’t put my finger on.  For a candle I enjoy so much, it’s actually difficult to describe.  The best I can do is this: imagine the cleanest, most powdery fresh laundry scent, add in some watery notes and that’s pretty close to it.

Performance: This is the fourth Pure Radiance candle I’ve tried and so far, 4 for 4 have a strong throw.  I think I’m on to something here.

This time the hubby exclaimed that he could smell it walking up the stairs, through the kitchen, and into the living room.  (He also described the crackling wick as the sound of air escaping!) Carefree certainly filled up two rooms without any problem.

Recommendation: see below

Bright & Cheery wrap-up:

It turns out that I have a lot of uplifting scents in my collection, enough that I will likely revisit this theme again.

Winner: does it even need to be said? Yes!  I love it that much, it’s Carefree. The scent is like a pick-me-up in a glass jar, people!  I don’t know if this is the type of scent everyone would love, but if you’re into fresh scents…or clean scents…or good scents in general, you can’t go wrong.

Another bright and cheery winner, albeit not a scent: Eric Hutchinson.  His music never fails to uplift and make me feel better.  I’m listening to a televised studio session he did for a regional radio show as I write this post.  So, as the song goes, “Tell the World”:)

Loser: Sadly, the Good Morning candle that I was so excited to get was a disappointment.  I wonder if a Pure Radiance scent equivalent exists?

New April fragrance theme coming soon. Brace yourself, there might be a storm on the horizon…


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  1. The Hutch always makes me happy and Tell the World in particular is so happy. I will def look for this carefree scent! Stay happy!


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