Juicy Grapefruit

In my ongoing pursuit of positivity, I’ve been gravitating to all things grapefruit.  From checking out the benefits of grapefruit essential oils, using beauty

Yes to grapefruit products

products with grapefruit extracts, to eating them, sliced and sweetened; the tangy fruit has become my flavor of choice.

Needless to say, I sure was excited to see that Yankee re-released Juicy Grapefruit recently.  And when this return coincided with the “Employee shop sale” a couple of weeks ago, you better believe I was on it.  Customers get employee discounts during the sale and I usually stock up.  Too bad the employee shop prices were changed this year, from the 60% off any 6, to the standard 50% off all fragrance that employees get to enjoy anytime.  Oh well, the change meant I only bought two jars rather than six, so I guess it’s a good thing.  I’m certainly running out of candle storage.  I will have to share a picture of my stash sometime.  As I said before, it’s an addiction!

Fragrance: Not what I expected.  I tried juicy grapefruit years ago and remember liking it, but I didn’t realize it has such a floral feel to it.  It’s a layered fragrance, with some pinkish flower note, possibly hibiscus, up front. Ahh, then the sweetness of grapefruit, and lastly a powdery perfume note lingers.

Performance: One of the strongest throws I’ve experienced.  The smell permeated the room before a complete wax pool formed, rare for a jar-style Yankee!  It’s strength filled up both my kitchen and downstairs family room when I tried each spot.

Recommendation: Certainly a great re-release decision by YC, 20160326_182319especially due to the popularity of the UK only release of Pink Grapefruit last year.  I scored a couple UK -exclusive votives of Pink Grapefruit at an outlet, and although I can’t do a jar-to-jar comparison, I prefer the scent of the UK version.  It’s zestier, tangier and despite the name reversal, juicier than Juicy Grapefruit.  

I absolutely recommend Juicy Grapefruit for its powerful throw and sweet perfume notes.  I only wish that I could get a jar of the simpler, but truer scent of Pink Grapefruit.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and find one someday!

Happy Easter!

Pysanky dyed easter eggs from my great Aunt:)



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