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If I asked those people that I’m closest to (some of whom read this little blog) to describe my personality in two words–“bright and cheery” would probably not be the first to come to mind.  I’ve never been known for my sunny disposition and have often described myself as a pessimist, or a realist, at best.  When told by a well-meaning friend to “look on the bright side,” even just a few years ago, I would have rolled my eyes at the trite expression. 

I began changing my outlook over the last five years or so.  It started when I’d been given a scary, life-changing medical diagnosis.  Assuming it to be a death sentence, along came loads of self-pity, right on cue.  As I faced the treatment process, I began clinging to hope.  Then I read about the benefits of positive thinking.  I didn’t choose my situation but I did have a choice in how to handle it.  It was time to either accept my fate, or actually start “looking on the bright side.” Both were scary options for me.  Gradually, I realized the only way to go was toward life, toward my future, and to a more positive outlook.  With support from my family and friends, along with quality medical treatment, I recovered.  In fact, I just reached a five-year treatment milestone:)

I wish I could say that it’s been all positive since then, but there have been a lot of ups and downs.  Sadly, just a few months ago, my family faced the tragic sudden loss of a loved one.  A rather dark and difficult time followed.  Staying positive has been a daily, even hourly struggle.

One of my few comforts during this time is enjoying the little things; a cuppa tea with friends, curling up on the couch with a good book and my dog, having an unexpected laugh with my husband.

I’ve found that I must actively push myself to focus on the positive aspects of life.


He’s the best snuggler. 

According to, the idiom ‘the bright side’ means “a favorable or hopeful aspect…used in the sense of gladness or hope.” And since this is really a light-hearted candle blog, I’m focusing on “bright and cheery” scents for this month.  I think I need as much as I can get right now.

Good Morning

This is a fun retired fragrance that I was excited to try. 20160219_091556

Fragrance: As the photo of the crumbly muffin on the label indicates, this is a breakfast themed scent. Cold throw on this smells amazing, like sweet and slightly tangy orange juice!

The warm throw is more disappointing because its very light.  After leaving it for awhile, I began to pick up the tang of the citrus.  Leaving it for awhile longer, I walked back into the room and was hit by the surprising sweet scent of pears. The spicy note is barely noticeable, not cinnamon, maybe nutmeg and cardamom?

Performance: Too subtle.  It’s a great kitchen-themed candle that added a real warmth to the space.  However, the fragrance was really elusive.  I could only smell it if I left for some time and came back into the room.

Recommendation: I love the unique scent of this candle, but I can’t recommend it based on its performance. I’m going to think positively and move it to a smaller room, maybe my office, to see how it does.

On the bright side, I can appreciate this scent just by picking up the lid and taking a whiff.  It really is that much of a pick-me-up.

Look for more bright scents to come soon, and if you have a suggestion for a go-to fragrance to cheer you up, I’d love to know!



2 thoughts on “Bright & cheery

  1. Citrus scents are mood lifters in the essential oils world so I can see how the cols niff is good. Might be real nice in a smaller room (even bathroom maybe?). I hope so because it’s a nice idea to have a “Good Morning”.

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    1. I’m going to keep trying with it, hopefully, the scent permeates somewhere. I also plan on getting some grapefruit essential oils for diffusing as a mood lifter;) Thanks!


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