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It’s leap day and I’m taking advantage of this bonus day of the year to write a bonus post!  Okay, it’s mostly because I wanted to wrap up my monthly theme and provide some sneak peek pics of a few scents that I’m very excited about.

Cinnamon Scone

In my hunt for baked goods scents to try from my personal stash, I came across this small pure radiance* jar that I got on the cheap during the SAS and forgot about.

20160228_201053Fragrance: On cold throw, I was nervous.  It seemed a bit too much on the ooey-gooey sweet side for my taste.  Upon lighting, I was relieved. Definitely a buttery note, with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.  I believe the #1 ingredient in a scone is butter, so this scent nailed it.

Performance: On the lighter side, better for a small room, especially in the small jar.  It’s a just-right amount of scent for me.

*One note on Yankee’s Pure Radiance line.  They are soy with a crackling wick. I enjoy the crackling ambiance within a larger setting; however, I’m currently burning this right next to me, and it’s as if someone is holding a sparkler next to my ear.  All that crackling and sparking is kind of freaking me out!

Recommendation: I’m enjoying this fragrance more than expected.  I’m just gonna move it over there…

Freshly Baked Goods wrap-up

First place goes to: Brandy Pear Tart 

Worst place goes to: Sugar and Spice 

Now for these goodies…


I can’t wait to use Fresh Cut Herbs!

Just received these retired gems:)

Legendary Rainbow’s End, pretty little Rose and Ivy, and mysterious Mountain Lake.

I just might hoard these!


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  1. Hubby hates the crackling wicks. LOL. I love them but this one sounds a bit over the top. I look foward to the wax burner reviews coming up. I love spring scents!

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