Bakery Air?!

When I heard that one of Yankee’s new spring scents was called Bakery Air, I thought it might be a joke.  What kind of a silly name is that anyway?  Since then, I’ve discovered not only the sweet scent, but the possible inspiration for its title:

In “The Book of Awesome,” the scent of Bakery Air is included among other awesome phenomena such as, Snow Days, Finding Money in Your Pocket, and Popping Bubble Wrap. Might Yankee’s fragrance developers have been reading Neil Pasricha’s book, or the 1000 Awesome things blog that the book was based upon?



Fragrance: This tart surprised me! I gave it to my mom and as I walked into her living room, I was hit with a wave of chocolate aroma.  I guess I expected more of a buttery pastry, cookie type scent. Along with the chocolaty goodness, there was a milky creaminess to it. Some sugary notes as well, but not too sweet or artificial. I would not have been able to handle this scent if it was purely sweet chocolate.

Performance: A solid throw that filled up a medium sized-room. After the initial wave of fragrance, this tart faded into the background fairly quickly. Not as much staying power as I had hoped.20160210_194939

Recommendation: For some reason, this is an online exclusive scent, but it can be found at Yankee wholesalers. This one was purchased at a craft store.  I predict it will be popular, but I don’t think it has the strength to make it into the full line-up. Compared to the much sweeter scent, Vanilla Cupcake, I prefer the Bakery Air.

As for the “The Book of Awesome” itself, it is a fun quick read. Nothing life-changing; however, like the Bakery Air fragrance, it provides a short, but sweet feel-good experience. Come to think of it, that’s pretty awesome!



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