Sugar & Spice and my ultimate Yankee wishlist

What a week! I’ve transferred to a new job within the same company, I work for a library:) Now I have a different schedule, a longer commute, and much more responsibility.  I’m still trying to fit in some relaxing candle time.  Until then, I’ve made good use of my Scenterpiece warmer.  I set the timer while I’m getting ready for work, cooking dinner, or stopping home between appointments.  I enjoy having the ability to turn it on, leave for a bit and be greeted by the scent when I return home.

  I love this pottery style warmer!

Continuing my “freshly baked goods” scent challenge, I’ve been using the Sugar & Spice melt cup.  So far, with mixed results.

Fragrance: Very warm and inviting. Also, most importantly for me, not too sweet!  The official Yankee website description is “a mouthwatering swirl of cinnamon, buttery vanilla and sugar crystals.”  The scent that rises to the top is the sugar crystals.  Oddly, although I detected a hint of spice, I didn’t get the sharpness of cinnamon.  It’s a rather mellow blend of baked dough, sugar and light spice.

Performance: Quite a disappointment. This seemed to take longer than usual to release any throw after it liquefied. After 30-40 minutes, I finally picked up the fragrance, but it remained a light background scent.  I actually couldn’t smell it in the next room, which is rare for a Scenterpiece melt cup.  I’ve tried it a few times and occasionally, the throw seems to get stronger, but very briefly. One of the weakest melt cup experiences I’ve had.

Recommendation: This scent could have been a classic; a year-round fragrance that’s not overly sweet or spicy, but still fulfills the dessert category that people seem to love.  Unfortunately, due to its poor performance Sugar & Spice ends up as a rather bland background scent.  I would not purchase this in candle form and would only recommend the tart or melt cup for people who are bothered by strong scents, or who want just a hint of fragrance.

My YC Wishlist:

If you asked me a week ago, which 3 retired candles would I wish for Yankee to bring back?, I’d have said:

  • Farmhouse Apple– I have wanted to try this classic apple scent since hearing others rave about it.
  • Frankincense and MyrhhI love frankincense oil and think this would be a great re-release around the holiday of the Epiphany.
  • Fresh Cut Herbs – a highly sought after scent that Yankee hasn’t been able to replace with anything else like it.

Today, I’ve heard the exciting news that one of these classic scents has been brought back as a limited release!  An upcoming shopping trip and review will surely follow:)

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