Freshly Baked Goods

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my candle collecting experience, it’s that people really love their food scents. Although I do understand the appeal of dessert-like fragrances, I tend to find them too simple, too sweet, and too much. I tire of them quickly and forego repeat burning of the sweet ones, in favor of fresher ones. 

Now, everybody has their individual tastes, so it’s not very unusual to dislike a certain fragrance type. It’s just that I really do love the actual desserts these scents are based on. I can’t seem to turn those down the way I do their candle counterparts. Oh well, maybe if I burn more sweet scents, I’ll eat less sweets?

In choosing this month’s theme I’m challenging myself to explore ‘baked goods’ scents and give them a chance.  I’m definitely more of a ‘fresh scent’ kind of girl, preferring woodsy, nature-inspired candles, that I find soothing.  But, what better time of year than the chill of February to enjoy a comforting, baked goods scent?

Brandy Pear Tart

Growing up, I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with my little french grandma, Marie.  She was actually from a farm in Belgium, but spent her teen years as a nanny in France during WWII.  I learned a lot from her, including how to make the best ice cream sundaes, or parfaits.  Unfortunately, I never picked up her baking skills.  I will never forget the taste of her rhubarb pie or her legendary nut rolls.

My french grandma is the fitting inspiration for this baked goods review: Brandy Pear Tart.  Did I mention that she also made her own pear brandy? Man, I wish that I had that recipe!20160207_113531

Fragrance: The cold throw on this tart was nil, so I didn’t know what to expect. At first, I got a little note of baked pie dough. Then, I detected the spice: brown sugar, cardamom(yum), and a sort of all-spice. Lastly, the fruit, a real burst of pear became the lingering scent.

This tart surprised in two ways: One, a syrupy molasses-like scent developed (the brandy?) that I really enjoyed. Two, these fragrance notes didn’t really blend into one. It was more of a top note, then a separate middle one, then a lasting fruity note on bottom.

Performance: Sometimes, when you can’t detect much cold throw, you don’t get much warm throw, either. I think that’s true for most candles, but in tarts and scent cubes the plastic can get in the way.

It took awhile to get going, but BPT did deliver.  Upon entering the living room, my husband (one of those baked goods scent lovers) said, “Wow, it smells good in here and strong! What is it?”  The throw was fairly strong, but didn’t have much of a radius. It didn’t carry into the next room and I needed to be within twelve feet to enjoy it.

Recommendation: BPT was a late fall 2015 online exclusive, so it’s now hard to find.  My hope is that it was only seasonally retired by Yankee, and will be brought back next autumn.  I won’t really know until then, but I would definitely pick this up in a jar if I found it.*

*Update: Lucky for me, I just saw this scent is still available in jars online:)

My mom says that my grandma used to make a rustic pear galette that she simply loved. I found this easy recipe from Pillsbury that I’m inspired to try, in grandma’s honor.  So much for eating less sweets!




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