Woodlands wrap-up

Apple & Pine Needle 

I visited my nearest Yankee outlet before the semi-annual sale ended and picked up some great deals. One of which was this medium tumbler of Apple & Pine Needle for only $6.00!  Prediction: I like pine scents and I like apple scents, this could be a winner…

Not loving that fake fruit photo label.

Conclusion: sort of? The name was a tad misleading. It’s surprisingly sweet and I couldn’t detect any pine, at all.

Fragrance: Melted caramel is the overwhelming scent. A hint of sweet, juicy apple is present some of the time. The name ‘Caramel Apple’ would have been spot on.

Performance: Very strong.  Room-filling for a medium-sized space and nearly filling our large basement family room, while drifting upstairs to the kitchen.

Recommendation: If you want a simple, sugary scent, this fragrance may be the one.  It wasn’t unpleasant; however, it bordered on too cloying in its sweetness for me.  Also, I was expecting at least a hint of pine mixed in.  It’s a retired scent, but I probably wouldn’t get it again anyway.  Although, I am inspired to try mixing an apple scent with a true pine and seeing how that blend works out.

Wrapping up the woodlands theme, I’d declare In a Winter Wonderland to be the best and Winter Woods, easily, the worst.  Winter themed scents are some of my favorites, but I’ve had my fill.  I am hoping that the groundhog’s prediction is correct, because I’m truly looking forward to an early spring!

Now, a hint at the upcoming month’s theme: there’s something warming in the oven…



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